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Policy-making consolidated as COAG replaced

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) will be scrapped and replaced by “a completely new system” led by the COVID-19 National Cabinet, Scott Morrison has announced.

The move will not only consolidate further power to centralised channels, but it will also sideline local government and working groups from influencing national decision-making.


Thousands remain displaced after bushfires

An international report estimates over 18,000 individuals remain displaced and in need of assistance after significant bushfires tore through the east coast of Australia earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the same charities that withheld tens of millions of dollars from vulnerable Australians will come together to advise a new group focused on COVID-19 recovery programs.


Discussion: Fake News and Population Control

As the CoronaHoax narrative continues to develop, further evidence has emerged showing doctored images, empty hospitals, drops in normal conditions and more inconsistencies.

Informed individuals are exposing the false metanarrative and now attention is being turned to the ‘solutions’ being developed, such as mass spying and population control.


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‘Pandemic drones’: Creating a police state?

As COVID-19 restrictions tighten across the world, governments are harnessing the potential of drones. From delivering medical supplies, to helping keep people indoors — drones can do a lot in a pandemic.

Like all technologies, the question with drones should be about how they are used. But embedding systems of control that can be turned against civilians is its own disaster in the making.