December 5, 2023

2 thoughts on “CSIRO report reveals eerie future of solar energy

  1. WOW! Just because THE C.S.I.R.O is ‘Australian’ (Apparently), DOESN’T mean that ‘They’ are deVOID of the SWINDLE DRONE CIRCUS!!
    I have noticed ALL the ‘Tree Fuggin’ Huggin’ Greenies’, CONveniently wear Broad spectrum blinkers, whilst SERIOUSLY TOXIC POLLUTANTS are Created during Manufacturing/Deployment & Maintenance of these Green Swindle ‘AppLIEances’ – AND, what about the ‘MASSIVE Carbon CONtributions’ of this ‘RARIFIED ‘Science’, & ALL ‘Energies CONsumed during ALL phases of said NON alternative Technologies. WITHOUT ‘PUBLIC Subsidies’ Thru ALL phases- Disguised as Government ‘Monies’, This E CRAP, couldn’t make it off the Drawing Board!
    CSIRO – ‘At CSIRO, we solve the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology’.
    Didn’t these Science Jokers, have ‘Interactions’ more than a few times with Wuhan Institute of Virology & Gain of Function ‘Enhancements’!?! & it wasn’t about making a Better carton of Corn Flakes!
    Other HIGH TECH ‘Science’ that THE CSIRO might have Missed, but ‘Kids’ know;
    ‘OUR’ Earth’s Atmospheric makeup = Nitrogen = 78% (Shit! Better ‘Ban’ it out of Fertilizers) Oxygen -Approx 21%. ALL OTHER GASES = 1%. The ‘MARAUDING CO2’ – An ‘Inert Gas’. NEEDED for Plant & most animal life on this Planet (Humans Inclusive, UNLESS the CSIRO /WEF/U.N./IMF & a raft of ‘Green Political Muppets’ are Collectively NOT living on THIS Planet). The Wretched CO2 Comes in at a WHOPPING 408 parts per Million, That’s 0.0408 of 1% – TOTAL = OMG!!!! Previous ‘Science’ via ice cores & Tree matter have measured DOUBLE this value, during historical Global forest ‘Growth Boosting’. For the same Numpty Boffins @NotMyCsiro, it is Expected that at 0.0195 of 1% CO2 in our atmosphere, THIS is an ‘Extinction Level’ of ALL of the same Species ‘Requiring’ CO2 for ‘LIFE’!! = Last time I looked – WE are included!
    Solutions; NO MORE Aerated water/ Beer/ Wine/ Soft drinks for Govt or CSIRO Morons, Nor their ‘Green’ Idiots or ‘Supporters’ as well! Fire Suppression Systems will have to go back to using ‘Safe & Friendly’ Ozone depleting Halon Crap (Though this has Been improved)for their collective Computer/Server Installations/ Data Centres protection. Guess we’ll have to stick with TWIT Musk & Space X Destroying our Ozone layer Via Comms Satellite Deployment platforms, with DARPA & HAARP friends ‘Lending an IRI Hand’!
    SHIT ME CSIRO, With ALL of that ‘Science & ‘Embedded’ Scientists'(Backed up by the OECD & ABC Hacks), I hope it’s NOT all going to Waste – ‘Treatment Plants’ or Not! AND, ALL of those Public Funded inventions over the Years!
    Well, NOT going by the CSIRO’s Involvements with different Global Groups & Controversies over the Years on GMO-CRISPR (CSIRO Digital Genome Engineering)/WiFi, Carbon Trading & ON! The CSIRO manages most of NASA’s activities in Australia.
    So with ALL of that Science & ‘Money’, who else is ‘Interested’ in THE Science’, Saildrones aside?
    COME ON DOWN Bill, Less ‘Melinda’ Gates Foundation – Again!; Grant; Nov /2020 to CSIRO. For; To enable crop breeders to improve productivity of rice and sorghum in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by developing disease resistance qualities that reduce losses caused by a range of pathogens. = A lazy $3,009,309 (What? Did ‘they’ calculate GST, or that’s our ongoing Pathetic ‘Exchange Rate’ to a BANKRUPT U.S. Economy?) Grant is over 5 Years.
    Moving on; RayGen’s 50 MW – Solar/Hydro Plant N.E. Victopia. ARENA – Australian Renewable Energy Agency. I wonder if ARENA has a ‘Handle’ on POLLUTANTS created via RayGen’s Wunderbar ‘Tech’? Perhaps, CoOperatively, the Partners can bury their ‘CONvenient’ heads in the Sand, just like the OZ Federal Govt’s ‘Future Fund’ (Valued @ AU$ 0.25 TRILLION – Conveniently, same cost as ‘Future Submarines’ – LOL), investing in Trustworthy groups such as Adani (Carmichael Coal Mine [Helped along by QLD ‘Blinkered Govt’, suffering from collective Global Ignorance & $ Trance tricksies] – Oh So Clean & Renewable). In keeping with ALL that is Renewable & Science researched based & RAND D, -apologies, that IS R And D (Research & Development – RAD, & not the RAND Corp, or Sth African Corp Currency investments), Folks can check out for themselves, near 21st Century ‘Investments’ like the AFF (Aust Future Fund) – ‘That Draws on an investment Philosophy from the ‘Hedge Fund World’, adaption is locally called ‘Economic mercenaries R Us’. – Apologies again – An uninvited Economic realists observations on Hedge Funds! Back to THE Science realm. Folks wanting to know how THE or ANY Science is ‘Funded’ in Australia, CONsult the Australian Academy of Science P.R. Machine. Here’s some of the ‘Fluff’;
    In Australia, the costs of scientific research are mainly supported by businesses, governments and universities, with business and government often funding the research conducted in universities – (& ‘Elsewhere’!).
    The Australian Government supports science-based research and development (R&D) by funding universities, research organisations (like CSIRO, Rural R&D Corporations or ‘Defence Science and Technology’) or via competitive research grants (such as those distributed through the Australian Research Council or the National Health and Medical Research Council).
    Based on expenditure, Australian research is heavily focused on the medical and health sciences, information and computing sciences, and engineering. (Along with some Convenient Military & Bio warfare ‘Products’).
    Australia’s spend on science-based R&D, as a percentage of GDP, has decreased over the past 10 years, although over the past three decades it has increased despite falling government support.(Thank God for BAMGF/Google & Google SMC/Banking Sector/Resource Corporations /AeroSpace & Military Corporate ‘Connects’ = COMIC)
    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on R&D funding across the system is currently unknown ( & here was I thinking that the Govt., actually ‘Knew’ how highly Inflationary & NON cost effectiveness their ‘Strategic Inputs’ into CONJAB-19 ‘Programmed PLANdemic’ were ‘Realistically’, (So that they Could ‘Bash’ the opposition Politic, when they changed ‘Seat warming Sides’ As ‘Winners’ last PreOrganised P.R./Angst reduction OZ Election – The NEW ‘Treasurer, A Mr Isn’t James A Charmer, WOULD know the CONJAB ‘Project’ Costs, Give or take AU$10 Billion! = Just a ‘Number’ on a screen! LOL. NOW, ‘They’, the Govt, want their ‘Monopoly Money’ Back! – So they can hand it Directly to the 4 x 1 ‘SAME Bank’ Cabal!).
    The Final Fluff from AoS; ‘Returning to an old, broken model of funding science is no way to prepare for and safeguard the community from the vagaries of the future’. Gee, this philosophy has worked SOOOo Well for the New generation of Economics! – Vagaries? Stop drinking the Flouridated water Mate!
    & who ‘Pays’? – Their Schpiel continues; The research and development (R&D) process requires significant investment, and *Universities, *Governments (Which ones?), *Businesses (Corporates), Not-for-profit organisations (These EntiTIES are everywhere!!) and Individuals (PhillMyTroughic with Coin folks) all contribute in Australia.
    Mmm CSP= another Corporate Swindle Program. As with Batteries in the Swindle E vehicle programs, what’s the REAL, TANGIBLE costings of this ‘Shiny Crap’??
    Q; What do you call a Positive Cost benefit Ratio device on Automatic interactive Carbon/ Oxygen/ Heat negating Cooling/ Transpirational/ Inspirational/ Air Filtration balancing & a Multi Spectrum Fauna abode, Not requiring A.I. or a Gen 5 ‘Logic Processor’?
    A; A FUGGIN’ TREE! (I’m sure some Boffin in the CSIRO, on this Old Science, IS currently preparing a complete Wall & a Crate of Whiteboard markers, to ‘Prove’ this ‘Theory’, by an overly Complicated Math formula!)
    Meanwhile @ RayGen’s Warped Car facility – N.E. Victopia – Nice flat plain – Thermal & Evap ‘Losses’ in Dams, & I hope it doesn’t rain – for access? AND – NO BLOODY TREES!
    Wellness from the Hamster wheel.

  2. I find it ironic the CSIRO want to harness solar from the sun, yet at the same time they are actively geo engineering our skies and dulling the effects of the sun.
    Maybe with the biggest haarp array nearing completion soon, it will be able to target solar farms and keep the storms onto the east coast whilst the rest of the continent remains dry.
    All the while the issue of nuclear power is ignored.

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