September 27, 2023

5 thoughts on “BlackRock raises $500 million to build Australia’s largest battery

  1. Going off grid seems to be the answer, oh but you still need those batteries. Strange how not long ago there was not much talk about renewable energy now it has become urgent. Are Government politicians going to get a big bonus payment if they meet their “targets”, what was the pact?

    1. I agree that distributed energy collection or “off grid” sounds like the way to go, we have been seduced into relying on grid electricity as cheap, convenient power delivered to our doors, however without alternative means of power supply, we are at the mercy of the big conglomerates and basically held to ransom. Anything that uses an electric motor could (in theory at least) be powered by an alternative supply of mechanical energy e.g. wind, compressed air, steam etc. The main issue is that so much of the technology we now take for granted requires electrical technology, things like phones, computers, lighting etc.the question is, can we replace them with low cost alternatives that allow us to use these devices without enormous investments in infrastructure because of our reliance on the status quo?

  2. Power is lost though transmission and storage in large batteries due to EMR and heat.
    The most efficient use of batteries is to have them in every home to keep the power on during blackouts because when you try to use unreliable solar and wind to keep your grid going you will always have peaks and troughs that translate to higher than normal voltage, brownouts (low voltage) and blackouts (not enough power to supply everyone).
    If each home has its own solar panels to charge the battery that reduces the need for power from the grid and the losses through transmission.

    1. That is what I have done. Solar panels hidden from air-routes and with only off-road/off-grid access. If Deagel is accurate, in 18 months the clever vaxxers will be dead or dying from their PEG and Graphene oxide shots, which means the 15% survivalist intelligentsia will expand proportionately and outnumber the normies. My only worry is that the survivors continue to fall for the globalist-propagated mantra of “peaceful non-violent protest”. Few seem to realise we have left civilisation behind, we are now three years into in WWIII, and it is kill or be killed. I struggle to see the logic of appealing to the compassion and empathy of psychopaths, but if people want to die for their beliefs, so be it.

  3. Nothing like putting ALL of your eggs in 1 basket. Especially when NO locals have CONtrol of said Basket! Tired of referencing locals, about ;ILLegality of CONsecutive Govts., (Same Labor/Liberal/GreenThings party Cabal = Really just like Banks – ONE Govt, by 2.5 Different names), selling off ”COMMON- WEALTH” assets, with ZERO Oversight via SUB CONtractor king Cherles’s Foreman – The Gov General & Staff – M.I.A (monkeys In Action, Missing- maybe), STILL!
    As for Cheap/ free Energy, The Allies of The Willing for the Globalist Cabal’s WW2 ‘NAZI Experimental Tour of Duty’, at ‘War’s end’ (LOL), Captured 10’s of Thousands of Tonnes of Documentation – PLUS working devices on a HUGE range of Technologies AND their ‘Intact Bases’, per units such as the SS E1V (Plus their ‘Commanders’ CONveniently ‘Redacted/ MIS-DI;SSapeared’, such as SS General Hans Kammler) , Apparently 80 YEARS on – These ‘Technologies’, including certain U-Boat designs, Thermo Dynamics, Zero point energy, Mercury energy, Kohler power generators, Synthetic Fuels/ lubriCan’ts/ Oil/ Coolants, & Hannabu projects, ARE STILL National Security!! AMAZING!
    Next; Germany; Ending same period WW2. Victor Schauberger, known as the ‘Water Wizard’, inputs into Cold Fusion drive systems & other Observations of Nature manifested as Design, lured into USer of A post WW2, Via; to ‘Produce his inventions for Common GOOD, To/FOR the Masses’. Nett result; After 2 years of ‘Hostage’, ailing for his homeland of Austria, ‘Relinquished’ his right to Ownership of his devices TO’ The Texas instrument Company Circa 1947/ 48 for ‘Exit’ of USer of A = BURIED DEVICES – AS USUAL! – Rest Sir, Naivety, is NOT a Sin!
    Current day; Apart from the Blinkered ‘RÚS.Global SlaveMereKats.HamstirWheel.Toxic.AtlantisREvisiTed,, THE Remote NON emPATHETIC Child slavery Cobalt USers & National Socialist Aryan Boy Schwabbery, with YourNO Ferrari druggo A.I. (- Arrogant Ignoramus)cheer squad holding his skirt pleats, (Phew! Please, NO Flouride, Nor Alumina, Nor Illumina involved), THE current ‘ReKnewables’, ARE CRAP, BY EVERY METRIC!! = RIDICULOUS Design, limited ‘Çapture Rates’ – ACROSS THE BOARD, Material MIS/DISadvantages, INPUTS/ Outputs, Complexity in Engineering, Maintenance, NON recycle ‘Abilities’, EXCESSIVE COSTINGS, Limited CONtrollers of AppaRENT Tech, AND, like ALL Good SWINDLES, requires the Masses to do NOTHING – but acceptance!
    ‘Things’, on MANY fronts, are about to Change! – THE CONtrollers, have CONtributed to their Own, & their ‘Supporters’ Failings/ DeMise! Now then, where’s that length of Fail safe nylon chord, from Davos Direct (Ironic)?
    Last; Some simplified/ cheap tech, ( 1 of ) is in plain sight, even without Huge tech knowledge. Consider an Automotive alternator. Current Alternators (Not Exclusive) produce 3 Ph A.C power @ 100 Amps PLUS, this via rectifier is changed to D.C. = 2 x currents in ONE Unit. The array of lighting & ‘Other”, available in 6/12/24/36 V DC, Plus other is massive, & ‘Low Voltage’. Maybe check out LED Lighting – Charged up via Magnets, & repairs to your Current LED globes by ‘Bridging across the failed Diode with foil, or Black silicon = Still runs! Not al things Broken, ARE broken! – This includes ‘Rejuvination of Car batteries’, via DeOxidation of plates.
    THE PUSH for shutting down Gas equipment & shifting to electric, as usual, IS NOT about Efficiencies, Nor Nitrogen offputs (Nitrogen = 78% of Earth’s Atmosphere. Go figure on the ‘Fertilizer’ argument = B.S. as usual!!), It’s the usual WEF/ U.N/ Govt Puppet show Cabal’s CONtrol of Switching off energy for ANY CONtrived reason= ‘Social credit system users CONpliance”, CONVID Round 66 – Virus X, CimbAPE Change, & DePopulation parameters of course! Always LOOK outside the square, & develop alternate skills – do not let ANY Experiment failings be the ‘End’! (NO Reference to CONJAB Experiment – Perhaps it was ALWAYS to weed out the Critical Thinkers! LOL!)
    Please consider the Water Wizard, a PROPER observer of Nature, & practical..
    Last/ last; Speaking of water, & that which WE, are predominantly (‘Water’ (Loose term) Corporation products NOT inclusive), therefore we ARE, could possibly check the ‘Effects on’ in photographic form – ‘The Hidden Messages in water’, By a Mr Masaru Emoto. Beyond Words publishing 2004. The Mobile Phone & Microwave Effects on Water molecules, IS a ‘Teller’! Don’t ‘Tell’ the Installers of DigiPrison Australia, Whilst ‘WE’ were Locked Down, MassKing, Social Distancing – 5G CONtinued WITHOUT BARRIERS – Another ‘Safe & Effective’ ServeArse!
    TELSTRA; Just ANOTHER USA Corporation; Reg # US of A SEC= Telstra Group (TLGPY) ; CIK 0001947542 TELSTRA CORP LTD; CIK 0001046126

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