October 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “The “world’s smartest” AI traffic-management system has launched in Melbourne

  1. Slowly but surely Australia is transforming into a Technocracy, just like China! My only question is will the powers that be succeed in fully rolling this system out? The way I see it is that you can either be an individual will the right to peace and quite and privacy, or be managed by the self appointed ‘experts’ from the cradle to grave!

    1. I think most TOTT News members are in the former camp, Nathan. The bien pensant sheeple are welcome to be slaves on a digital plantation, but I won’t have a bar(code) of it.

      I did another 2.5 hour interview with those gutsy Adelaide lads, “Sam & The Vax Man” last night. We had plenty to discuss, and I gave TOTT News and Real News Australia a good plug. The pod will be on their “Prison Camp Resistance” site very soon.

  2. All the vermin from the political sewer Pit must be removed and appropriately dealt with.

    Every Parent MUST STOP THESE DISGUSTING TYRANTS – Sickening what they are doing to our innocent children – this is heinous I’m absolutely furious !>
    Dictator Daniel Andrews Victorian Government
    Victorian Primary School Children Told To Ask Their Dads About Their Erections and Ejaculations for Homework
    Primary school children in Victoria have been given a worksheet instructing them to ask their fathers about their “erections and ejaculations.”

    Liberal MP Bernie Finn brought the matter to Victoria’s Minister for Education this week after he was contacted by the parent of a ten-year-old girl who was told to “discuss with her father his erections and ejaculations” as part of her homework.

    A photograph of the worksheet was sent to Mr Finn, which instructed children to “see how much the adults at your home know” about various topics, including the “penis growing bigger,” “ejaculation,” “wet dreams,” “clitoris hardens and becomes more sensitive,” and “vaginal wetness.”

    Continue >

    Mask Wearing Has Left a Generation of Toddlers Struggling With Speech and Social Skills

    German Neurologist on face masks oxygen deprivation causes permanent neurological damage

    Absolutely terrifying also
    World Health Organisation and International Health Regulations will completely destroy Constitutions of Australia and America – STOP THEM !

    Honing in on the Perpetrator of the World’s economic destruction

    Here’s what the Great Reset means and what the Globalist Elite want to achieve

    World Economic Forum Head Monster Klaus Schwab’s Jewish Advisor talks about hacking humans

    For God’s sake and all our sakes to save us all from GovernMENTAL heinous Totalitarianism, NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN.

    We all must act to reclaim all our rights and freedoms and our democracy.
    When Injustice Becomes Law
    Resistance Becomes Duty

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