December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “World’s richest tycoons want to build their own cities and towns

  1. Of Course these TOSSERS will NOT be in the ‘Bunk House’, savouring ‘Bug Gruel’ & ‘Synthetic Burgers, with THE ‘Hired help!’ – Er, are they being ‘Paid’, or is it a ‘Pay for Life’ – Operation? & DO, they Know about baseline Engineering & the Practicalities of life = Well resourced Drones! & after all of the CONVID ‘Jabbing’, a reasonable amount of the ‘Required Middle Class EXperts’, are now ‘Damaged or Dead’!
    Well Resourced Ethos – ‘Keep your Enemies Close. Keep Your Slaves even Closer!’
    The Truman Show – How Quaint!
    TOSSERS ; Theatrical Orchestrated Slavery Seizing Elite Restricted Systems.

  2. And where will they get their slaves from? Who would want to live in them? Being super rich so not give you a licence to create societies. Now what was Bill Gates talking to Albanese about? Buying up land in Australia?

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