December 7, 2023

11 thoughts on “Dan Andrews heads off to China again — no media are allowed

  1. No idea. Mr Teflon treats Victorians like naughty children. How the hell he got back in last year is baffling.

  2. Perhaps he would like to add an extension to his visit. Say for a really looong time? I actually wouldn’t mind if he fit in so well they decided to keep him !! You know, as some kind of foreign, commie ,curiosity keepsake.= We can only hope !

  3. China is deeply divided between a “Deep State” faction (allied with the Western Cabal); and a faction loyal to populist leader Xi Jinping (allied with Putin and the BRICS Alliance). Exactly where the visit of Deep State agent Daniel Andrews (or his clone) fits into this is anyone’s guess, but you can bet he’s up to no good. We know this from his character and history, not to mention the highly secretive nature of this snap visit.

  4. I initially thought his trip would be about reviving Victoria’s “Belt & Road” membership, but as the above comments suggest, it is probably even more sinister.

    We used to have a ditty about “Dan, Dan the dunny man”, now we have “Dan, Dan the despicable, downunder despot man”, loyal servant of ZioCorp and enemy of the people.

    Noting chrystalage’s comment above, I suspect the reasons for his renewed tenure involve a combination of the large number of voters now gaining sustenance via the public teat + sheeple/Stockholm Syndrome mentality + systemic/systemmatic electoral fraud. I am voting with my feet, selling my East Geelong investment house. Had enough of Danistan.

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