December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Obama arrives for Australian tour, visits Albanese

  1. Smoothest talking LIAR US President in history. War monger, coke snorter. His agenda is to crash the USA into 3rd world status, remove the US Constitution and is a fan of the “green new deal” (ie con) as he flies around in his private jet and talks about rising sea levels as he lives just metres from the beach at Marthas Vineyard. He should be held accountable for his crimes against humanity. His one memorable quote re: drones attacks on innocents in the Middle East as “I am quite good at killing people”—Despicable criminal/soul-less demon.l

  2. Bazza and Mike in Oz. This “Polyergus puppet” war criminal would have to be one of satan’s more notable fleshly manifestations of the 21st century (whose “achievements”, as you note, include bombing six countries simultaneously and setting Ukraine on “the war path”). I read recently in the HND that Julie Bishop will be joining them for part of their tour. What does this tell you about the pathway JB has chosen?

    As you note, the visitors are well-protected…by “ZioCops”. If anyone doesn’t know what I am talking about, visit The Unz Review ( ) and read the article by Richard Solomon, “The Cops work for ZioCorp – not you”.

    Happy days in Oz (or should that be “Zoz”?), Bazza & Mike.

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