December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Rothschild heir spotted at lunch with Angelina Jolie

  1. Just like Your normal next door neighbours. Get to stand on a Rostrum that says –
    #WEARE’NATO’. AND, visited Yemen (NO Saudi backed Genocide mentions then, Is it because ‘Emirates’ Sponsor our – Australia amongst others, Sports groups? Or Everyone forgot conveniently, OR, ‘Didn’t know, & if they did, would have ‘Handed back’ the cash, & Sanctioned said UAE groups per Russia in Ukraine?) Leading to her ‘Visits’ to Ukraine – NO problems with AZOV & Right Sector UKR formal Govt Military units -‘Treatments of” UKRs own – & U.S/U.K/NATO Created Refugees & MIS-DISplaced refugees? – AWAY from same Said U.S. contributory BioLabs of course. I guess she’s a U.S. citizen & indirect Contributor, so Nothing to see here.
    MOST Importantly, did SHE give UKR’s Premier actor Mr Voldimort StolenSkyy a Gold Oscar, just like S. PennDER? & MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY hasn’t ‘She/Her/They – Singular’, ‘Attended to’ the Enormous amount of ‘MIS/DISpossessed’ by ‘Design’ in her own backyard? Or does she Not ‘See/ Know’ of the Growing amount of U.S Citizens catagorised as such? Must be waring Virtual reality contact lenses! An Actress always then!
    Another 1 of our current DERs – David De Rothschild, ‘Nominated’ by your Globally ALL interfering WEF as a ‘Young Global Leader’. Enviro#Something-‘A’Lister, & a Climate Hero by the U.N Cabal, along with the ‘Emerging Explorer’ by National Geographic. – What? Was he stuck in some form of shell or a Cave, or ‘Coming out’ in other Ways?
    Further, David de Rothschild appointed as an “international ambassador” by NGO ‘Clean Up the World’. David, in his many Forays, ‘Overlooked’, that the U.K. was part of NATO – A MILITARY ORIENTATED CABAL, & ONE OF the BIGGEST Pollution contributors Previously, Currently, & into the U.Nforeseeable Future! = “AH BOLLOX!”
    News Just in!; David & Family has ‘Committed’ to throwing away ALL of his ‘Toys’ & Modern CONveniances, including giving away their long list of Real Estate assets & Banking interests to the Dispossessed to ‘Save the Planet’, & resource a Better living standard for the Greater UNwashed! = HOORAH!
    With Mssr David’s extensive knowledge of Globule warming, he & friends probably head to Club Med in the Northern Hemisphere winter – To Escape from the European Excesses of Cold!
    See – Folks just like the people next door! – I bet AJ & DAVE, all used ‘Public transport’ to get around to help the Environment, & quaffing down Limited amounts of BAMGF Fake Meat/ Bugs & GMO ‘Vegies’ in Empathy for those ‘With outs’, washed down with a Vintage glass of water Imported from East Palestine/Ohio water supplies, or maybe Michigan U.S.A. – ‘Unaerated’ of course, because of ‘David’s Extensive Knowledge’ of that Nasty CO2.

  2. Not such a big leap for either of them. AJ is one of MrE’s “divine androgynes”, a member of the global elite’s celebrity subset…just sign on the dotted line to be a satanist and fame and fortune will be yours. DdeR has always had the fortune, now perhaps wants to increase his fame index.

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