September 25, 2023

25 thoughts on “Leaked: The Australian names attending Davos 2023

  1. Just more of their insane dystopian bullshit to force onto the world. All in the name of saving the planet, making them wealthier and us poorer.

  2. More tracking, control and ways to brain wash the masses into believing they are doing good. Lucky 13 Australians who think they are helping the world be a better place are also brainwashed by greed and power.
    What gets me these people who push for a green agenda and the same ones flying in their private jets and are big consumers of everything! Hyprocrites.

  3. A nice blend of some of Australia’s finest government, big business and academic fascist NWO wannabes.

  4. I’m gonna go on a limb here and say Digital ID is something that is going to be a major talking point along with ‘cyber security’ and ‘disinformation’ of course.

  5. when the davos meeting ends, the next order of business will be in dubai for the WORLD GOVT conference with all the usual suspects from the same so called foundations & UN, etc

    check out past world govt conferences on their own website below & see exactly what they’re planning & who is involved.

    nothing is hidden & their agendas are open & clear… we the people don’t matter, can eat shit & die!

    or we don’t comply & tell them to go fuck themselves any time they try to impose restrictions or forced compliance even if we get arrested. if its not in the constitution then the fines/impositions/damages can be claimed later with class actions as has happened with the covid fines just recently.

    stay true to what you believe is best for you & yours & no-one can keep you down.



    1. Exactly they only care about their own agenda. Had a look, scary that this bunch of elites think they know all the answers. Here is one:
      “Global City Design and Sustainability
      Accelerating sustainability and securing resources for our rapid urbanizing world is of dire importance. Through urban psychology, smart infrastructure, seamless transportation systems , sustainable energy and production, coupled with citizens’ engagement, governments can create better sustainable cities”.
      What is urban psychology? Coupled with citizens’ engagement? What a lot of BS!
      And this:
      “Prioritizing Learning and Work
      Prioritizing learning and work will be vital in achieving and improving generational changes. Governments need to adapt to these rapid changes within workforces and educational sectors to establish new mindsets, work models, national development, and upskilling”.
      In other words brainwashing the kids to be robots for the future? Don’t think for yourself think as we teach you to think!

    2. So so true at the end of the day it’s up to the population of the world to turn around and say fucking NO. But there’s too many on their knees they’re too brainwashed from listening to the corrupted MSM.

  6. Hopefully, you will come back and check this list again to see the politicians who are going who have asked for their details not to be published – so, I assume this is likely to be a good part of the censored group?

  7. ALL limiting their Carbon footprint by travelling to DAVOS on Public transport & JetStar Cattle class?
    Call DAVOS marketing Direct, for your Inflatable ‘F- IT’- Geez’ Non action Figures. Designed by DARPA >
    DeviousArtificialRhesusPerformingApes. Trademarks may apply for Green groups Forestry Twigs or Gaines of Function in SomeCable-Singapore/Afghanistan Minerals & Voldimort StolenSky rebuild Countries (May require construction of Cryogenic Storage,for Folks wanting to see ‘The End of Conflicts’) ,> & Or when Cox met Henry@ The BigHairyPeople – BrazilDamConcepts@ Paramount Safety ‘R’Us,& Or No Flutter involved in Farming West Portfolios, but Local OZ Youth need a Voice akin to Globalist Getta Thumb Bug @ Jaded Hamster, for Future ‘Mouldings’, NOT requiring a TreadMill (TM)!
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    Special DAVOS Collector Edition early 2023 sales only ; For every Sea Container or 666 Effigies, collect 1 Pirates of Little St James Island B.Gates Unit, or ‘Ain’t ‘Schwab’bing No Decks Caribbean Effigy- Comes complete with Wood saw & Peg leg for Optional leg amputation – Finally ,Useful & practical stress relief!
    DAVOS 2023 Carbon Neutral Entertainment;
    ANY Minstrels Required for the ‘GIG’? CAN actually provide House Trained – 66 Volt Lithium Powered- ILL-tempered Mutated Sea Bass if Required – Fresh from a Sino ‘eSafety’/ ‘Controlled Environment’ & produced via ‘E’ Genetics @a;Collaborative Prestigious University /Safety ‘Grant’! = Knight ‘takes’ Bishop & check Yer Mate, that’s THE Bell.- Very Resourceful Ministrations =
    Here’s your Reward for Services rendered. And from DAVOS, Here’s your reward for Services TO be Rendered!

    Fascism; When The Feudal Private Corporate Systems & Oligarchs install THEMSELVES as EQUALS OF, The PUBLIC Systems.
    Together/Apart; Fascism; noun
    A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
    Oppressive, dictatorial control.Take Your Pick.
    Meanwhile, I can hear the United Nation’s WorldHyenaOrganisation Cackling at the Door to Override The Globalist Envisaged Defunct Independent Sovereign State – All the while ‘Aided & Abetted’ by Use by Date Underlings! Who’s the Fool? The Fool who Plays the Fool TOO Fool – or the Fool ‘Actual’, pretending that THEY, are a ‘Player’?
    And, “YOU’LL NEED I.D.2020 to go with ALL of that! Thanks Bill & Melinda G! Fries? See the 4/5G to Go!”
    WEF Supreme Meister; “Minstrel, Bring forth the Mirror Of Truth!”
    Jester; : “To take the Edge off, your Voidness, I’ll Climb OFF Your Collective Loot, put My Tights the Right way round, strangle a Chord from My Lute, & pretend Your Orifices are the Correct way round!
    Mmm, the MOT factor. I must apologise My Liege Darkness, but the Current Mirror of Truth has had SO MANY challenges demanded of itself these past 3 Years, even at the Local level, that ‘IT’ NO longer has the Ability to Distinguish between Fantasy & Reality! Upon reflection, ‘IT’ left a Suicide Note in Lipstick on itself, a rather colourful Rouge, & jumped from the Ice Palace battlements! Responders to the scene, remarked on the State of the Mirror as being akin to ‘ANY Trust & Belief’ in Current Government, All MS & ‘Sock it to me’ Media, The Medical- Legal-Human Rights-Support Systems, Law Enforcement, THE Corporates & InterNationals AS- ‘TOTALLY FUCKIN’ SHATTERED!’ This IS of course My Supreme Satanic BurgerMeister, only an attitude associated with being UNjabbed per CONVID # Something, still in charge of Reasonable Neural processes, And, STILL Grounded in actual reality, & not ‘Virtual Realities’. Er apologies again My Dark Matter NumbNuts, but your Virtual Headset has marked the side of your Cranials & obviously pressure Warp Speeding your Senses-again. Can I suggest a EGO depressurisation via looking down the pointy end of a NATO 105mm Self propelled Howitzer? There’s several ‘Sponsored’ Units just next door in UcranialAge. You can Jodl on the Way – It’ll be fun -Same Nationalist Socialist marching songs!
    OH! And you’ll need to replace the Head Sets Battery Pack because of Overuse. Shall I call upon the Offshore HQ’d Resource Sector, or a Local FILLandTooPISSED, to leverage some more 6 yr old Congolese SkinDivers to gather some more toxic Cobalt, as a back up Supply?”
    WEFSM; “Minstrel! Are YOU Playing ME for a Fool? Your names Not Jeeves at All, is it?”
    Jester; ” No My Dark Vertical Stack of redundant ProtoPlasm! You’re NOT ‘Playing’ a Fool – You along with some local ‘Leaders’ ARE a Natural Talent! & the Cobalt supply my Demonic Liege? The Congolese wait for NO Fool! Best get in before the Group that’s referenced as ‘PleaseReadCarefully’ of FailingGong BodyPartsOnDemand’R’Us Noteriety – ‘Belts up the Road!’ (Bit o’ oz Colloquial-Maybe) & Corners ANOTHER Market. So,Did you want to purchase your own ‘F’ IT-Gee from your own Marketing group? Batteries AREN’T included!”

    1. Forgot; New Epic Books available from WEFazon;
      How to DAVOSify Human & other Species Extinction – The Chronicles of the Architect of the Void.
      First Encounters of the Last Kind – Pandora U.N.hinged.

  8. Yep! What you said Mr Dawe , I think you have the situation covered so need no more comments from me other than HTF did we get to this stage and how can we help the sheeple see what is planned? PS love your work 👍🤜🤛😡

    1. ‘HTF did we get to this Stage’ – EASY! It starts as ‘Programming’ in Primary School, ‘Solidified’ By High school & THE ‘Judges of Knowledge’ (Pass mark in exams – do they still have exams & Tests? I’ll consult George Carlin on the Subject) The ‘Judges of Knowledge’ – Fail, ‘Independent’ Solutions! Subject Dependent of Course. This keeps the NEO generations Beige Citizens ‘Inside The Collective Norms’. It also keeps Folks in their Social Station, unless your a Maverick thinker, or Excel at Sporting activities – Everyone Loves a Sports Winner- Even if Your a Complete Pillock!
      ‘Help the Sheeple see what is Planned’. – Give it a Miss! I was in the Resource Sector (Foreign Resource THEFT – Signed OFF by a G.Whitlam 1973 / UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome)for 10 Years. Prior to being forced to resign – No Jab, No Job (wonder how that’s working out for them now, with labour issues – No longer care) – Prior to Unemployment, Since late 2019/early 2020 I @ My energies supplied Umpteen PHARMa Corporate product ‘Material Safety Data Sheets’ (Resource Sector is ANAL on these),On CONJAB-19/ Plus Mask Deficiencies & ZERO FIT FOR PURPOSE products! Gave Multiples to Clients, Work Colleagues, Management & HSEQs(the GO TO people on ‘SAFETY’@Site) Response – A Vacuous ZERO!
      Generally Folks need Trauma/s or a ‘Effective Guide’ as a Catalyst to Reset the Existing ‘Switching Gear’ to another Track – No scheduled timeline.
      History has FAILED Australians! The loop of Time, on an Endless Loop Tape, means that ever since the Landings @ Bother Me Bay, complete with Social Class tags & a TOT OF RUM policy>
      TotalOfficialTerror OperationalForays RestrainedUnderMilitary – WHAT’S changed, at all??
      OZ Kids are Programmed with; THE Glory of ANZAC Mythologies, The Vets & Traumas get Forgotten, or cannot be Relayed..
      With; Own your own Home PLUS Debt, Plus SWINDLE Interest- Note; Question; HOW can Anyone have a ‘Fixed Contract’, that has ‘Variable’ Interest Rates??.
      AND With; The Govt & it’s Agencies are ‘Working’ For YOU, & ‘Defending your Family’ ( Excuse me – Hup. look out = BAARTH!) Note; Individual Human Reps not incl., in ‘Agencies’ ACTUAL Ethos & ‘P.R. Outcome Driven’ parameters.
      AND With; MS & Sock it to me Media, Banks, Insurance, Blah, Blah, Blah Operate on a Code of ‘something’ Conduct!
      AND With; & ON = & the New Norms haven’t got a Clue on previous Generations, & the Loop Relays.
      AND With; The Plebs Staring off into the MesMORONIC Ad Numbing Idiot Box, or Jacked into their ‘E’ Everything Connectivity Phone, Or Zoned out with ZERO Mortality awareness on their Headphones with Glazed eyes – Inside or Outside of their Abode!-
      – ‘Explaining THE System & What’s coming for ‘Them’?’ Realistically, You’ve got a better chance explaining to a Welders Dog, Why it Needs an Art Deco entrance to it’s kennel!
      Options Time; a] Gauge & Offer support to like minded individuals. b] Develop Extra personal Skills & technologies – OFF System. c] Select a Great Beverage – German beer or A Sangria or A Spirit (Seasonal variations)- Thank YOU Ethnic People for saving Me from the Agony of decision of British Cuisine – Bully Beef & Mash Potato, OR ‘Fish & Chips’ with a Modern Twist of being ‘Cooked in Bio-Diesel Cardiac Arrest (CONJAB- Not Inclusive)Oils- Vegetable CanNola Something’- Different to the Original ‘Stable Lard’! d] BIN the T.V. – Lower the “light Radiation’ – Select some Great Music/ With Friends or Partner – Currently I’ve got A Sassy Artist with Friends playing – NO ADS-
      = Candy Dulfer & Dave A Stewart – ‘Lilly was Here’ – Live Version OF COURSE!
      or e] ALL Of the above. I ALWAYS select ‘e’!
      WHOA! I think ‘They’ve’ (WEF & P.E.T.S. – Jealousy) found My Mirth Zone – ‘The Dream Police’ by Cheap Trick -Sheeple ‘Fooled’ Again’, and again, and again, and again – Looper People! LOL.
      And FIN. – TOO long?

  9. I can’t help but wonder what the heads of west farmers and Bunnings are doing in davos ?

    Are these massive warehouses located in high growth areas around the country going to be part of the human processing centres for the NWO ? Look at the design of the warehouses , they would make an easy conversion to gaols

    1. I’d already blacklisted Bunnings from getting any more of my business. They were one of the worst corporate retailers in Australia pushing the PLANdemic scare with clot shots and mask mandates. Michael Schneider can kiss my bottom.

    2. Not surprised, they were the only ones allowed to keep operating during lockdown and yet all small business had to close, many which never recovered. Our local Bunnings is expanding building a much bigger store now, must have done well the last couple of years. I never wore a mask in their store. But yes have been trying to go to other hardware stores, but not much choice only Mitre 10 and Home Hardware. Independents closed a few years ago.

  10. 13 Australian Traitors….. not at all surprised about Julie Bishop and Twiggy Forrest being on the list. JB has always thought she was something special, she was acting like a traitor while in government, undermining the PM.

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