October 1, 2023

9 thoughts on “The geoengineering experiment to ‘save’ the Great Barrier Reef

  1. I wonder how many ‘climate scientists’ supporting the hypothesis of “coral bleaching caused by ‘climate change'” have actually physically checked the reef for themselves, as opposed to relying on their ‘masters’ hearsay, cherry-picked data & unreliable satellite footage?

    I live at the heart of the GBR in FNQ and hear very different stories by real people seeing the reef with real-eyes.
    I’ve included a discussion (video) below, featuring scientists who dive/d the reef regularly and can attest to what they see with their own eyes. What they report is in contrast to the climate alarmists citing the need to ‘rescue’ the GBR.
    N.B. This video is almost 2 years old, however as far as I am aware, the evidence provided to support the claims made, has not changed to date.

    ‘The Health Of The Great Barrier Reef With Dr Peter Ridd & Dr Jennifer Marohasy’ – 17/12/2020

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=Aw86_qQHtH4&t=3607s / 1:00:07 hr

    IPA Senior Fellow Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Dr Peter Ridd joined IPA Members for an IPA Town Hall Talk earlier this month to discuss how the Great Barrier Reef is much healthier than recent media reports say, and to report on their own recent expeditions to the reef.

    They also talk about the IPA’s book Climate Change: The Facts 2020, Peter’s new book Reef Heresy, all the latest with Peter’s court challenge to his sacking by James Cook University, and how to fight cancel culture in the scientific/academic world.

    ‘Climate Change: The Facts 2020’, click here: https://climatechangethefacts.org.au/

    1. But that doesn’t get people money does it? most don’t care about FACTS just the dollars. Horrible time to be alive IMO.

  2. Good grief
    What else they can come up with? Leave the poor things alone…
    As with all living things…it grows, parts die, grows some more.
    In corals bleaching is, most often a natural occurring event.

  3. In the video, it was said they were using seawater to spray as the mist, however I understood that the GREATEST greenhouse gas was water vapour so the chances are that this ‘experiment’ is likely to have the opposite effect to the one they are expecting? Beware the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’, when the government tries to manipulate things the results are usually more problems!

    1. Yes, I was with a vet friend when we talked to the ‘fire ant’ people at one of their displays – they insisted that the poisoning was based on hormones so no further damage to the environment was possible. I now note that a staff member at UQ has a petition (state parliament site) to stop the treatment because of the long term effects from the poisons in the treatment. Sounds about right doesn’t it?

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