October 2, 2023

15 thoughts on “Melbourne appoints Rockefeller-backed ‘chief heat officers’

  1. Apparently heat is deadly now. I wonder why the colonials who toughed it out in the early days of Australia’s colonisation by Europeans didn’t drop dead all over the place. I am sure that it was just as hot then. Just another excuse to blame heart attacks on everything under the sun but the vax. Apparently cold is bad too. Looks like anything is bad. Just can’t get that sweet spot. More climate silliness and the sheep are lapping it up.

    1. Agreed, although I think goats rather than sheep better analogy as goats eat any old crap without distinction. We have the same problem in the UK where I see lots of silly excuses being set up for the terminally dim to avoid considering the vaccines as a problem.

  2. One word for this: PATHETIC.
    Anyone with a modicum of public health knowledge knows that cold claims far more lives per annum than heat.
    Yet another illustration of how far down the track of the corporate-fascist bio-medical digital-prison dystopian New World Order Victoria (and especially Melbourne) have gone.

  3. And with the Rockefeller funded and started “Strong Cities Network”, Melbourne has been their “poster child” since inception.
    So now Heat Officers, turning Melbourne further ‘gangrenous’. Oh, the wonders of the “bodies with vaginas” taking the lead, not to mention the eponymous “Teals” Extinction Rebellion progressives.

    1. “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.” – George Orwell, 1984

      1. Spot on. Pity about those attractive women. being used by the Rockerfeller Corp.I am sorry they are not wise enough to realize they are being played like chess pieces.Perhaps they should have studied “The Club of Rome, and the Committee of 300 “, at school. So we have the water police as well. Bit by bit , they are tightening the noose. Wake up, your country needs you ! NOW.

  4. If people fall for this climate nonsense they will be lead back to the dark ages and you can beat me on that!

    1. Of course that is where they are trying to take us. Owned serfs! Three heat officers to be paid no doubt a deal of money along with the other climate investigators there, must be some lucky useless jobs for some The Rockefellers are trying to keep their power by using climate change and any countries stupid enough to listen

  5. Has anyone, (im sure they have) , connected power shortages and the rapidly rising consumption with the incredible but never mentioned mass rollout of power-guzzling 5G TOWERS…check out the cables on these beauties and rest assured theyre not running off solar panels…and of course, generate a bit of heat in the process of improving your phone coverage…which is not really apparent, yet….just saying…

    1. No Pete,I did not think of it.Makes sense.Silly me. Just think millions of phones, cameras, traffic lights computers x-rays, etc. etc. Strange.They design it all make it, sell it charge for the article, charge for the power, then it is our fault for global warming And we must be controlled.because we are useless eaters as they say. I for one ,am sick of sociopathic controllers. I saw a man with a sign today. It said .”I am going to stand of my feet, not beg on my knees.
      I must add, I expect nothing better from Ms Capp.

  6. ‘HEAT Officers’= Obviously ‘PROPER TOOLS’! With ALL of the Commercial Decimation PURPOSEFULLY CAUSED by ‘SEIZER DAN’, Of ‘Thugs Inc.’, & SCN’s G. Soros’s Local ‘Best Boy’ of SCN Hitler Youth WannaBe’s, I wonder WHY, DAN, IS even Bothering with ‘Visit Melboria’ to ‘Shop’ Advertising ‘Press’! Didn’t realise, there was enough Small business Left, especially the CBD. – Centralised Bastards District
    I mean, considering the apparent ‘Issues of Heat’ (Must be a ‘NEW’ Phenomena – Has Dan’s Empire & the ‘Dark Lord’, drifted an extra 3 metres closer to THE Sun, or is it THEIR Elevation in their Collective Multi Storey Corporate Offices & ‘Penthouse Suites’?), does there Need to be an ‘UPGRADED’ PLANdemic warning?;
    OberGruppenFuhrer Dan addresses the Mob ; “Hello My Fellow UNwashed & Impoverished Swine Herds! Today, due to the Temperature reaching an EXTREME 26 Deg Celsius, HELP Via our GloryARSE Co -Operative Foreign Pillage Associated RottenFella Corp., HAS Arrived in the form of 3 Mobile ‘Heat Beads’! Er, Um, Sorry! 3 H.E.A.T. Orifices. (HEAT Highly Efficient as Absolute Tossers). We KNOW how effective ‘They’ ARE, because their OWN Country, is in such a PERFECT STATE of Affairs, & the RottenFellas Co Operation, has agreed that WE, in Victopia, NEED to be taken to the SAME Level! BUT, WE, cannot do this alone! THE RottenFella’s, have agreed to sponsor the Head Beads, & we have agreed to give them a 150% Tax break on ‘Their NON Investment’ – The Standard Foreign Shake! The Plebs shall Forever ‘Bare the Lash!’ HOORAH!
    SO, In light of these Cataclysmic 26Deg ‘HEAT waves’ & the Push for more ‘Shoppers’, who may still have ANY funds left to do so, I/ WE/ @ YOUR Expense Via Public Purse, have Raided YOUR treasury, & found some Residual Monies to Fund this Enterprise!” Dan Turning to his Aide Jeeves-; “How much did you get Jeeves, I thought I’d ‘Cleaned it out’?”
    Jeeves – Dan’s Aide; “Well your Darkness, we, after a long Search in Dark Corners & the Odd Bureaucratic ‘Bottom Draw’, found some ‘Loose Change’. We have collected a total of AU$ 2,127, Oh & 65cents, that No one could be bothered picking Up! Strange that the Home Country of the ‘Heat Bead Orifices’, the USER Country, considering that they are SOO far down the Global Economic Hole & travelling AT LEAST 60% INsolvent, that 1 of OUR Dollars, is apparently worth ONLY U.S.er 65 cents! Are you Sure THEM telling US ‘How it Works’, IS at all ‘Wise’ my Satanic AntiChrist?”
    OGF Dan; “Flattery wont get you a better Social Cred here Jeeves! Stick to Wisdom, while the Rest of US Players, show the World how it’s done! Where’s the Loot? —- — and What about the 65 cents? WE, ALL have to make sacrifices Jeeves! Well actually YOU & the other Local Gelflings Really!”
    DAN readdresses the Throng via Large Screens thru out Melboria & MSM T.V. Link, to the Sounds of Clinking Bavarian crystal & ‘Dom’s fluid’ from the ‘Lofty Heights’ of the PLANdemic named Cholera St – Melboria CBD;
    “Shoppers & Treasured Tourists, For YOUR Health & Safety, Stay away from the Melboria Shrine of Remembrance, THIS IS a Local Hotspot, & we haven’t finished picking up Discarded Ordinance & ‘HorseShit’, from the Previous SHOTTing episode, er SHOPPing Fest, from the previous Deployed ‘HEAT’ Officers!. We recommend your Shopping safaris take place at Any of the Modern & Lonely, Er — Lovely ‘Previously Vacant’ Airconditioned Shopping Complexes around this great City, due to Local Health Restrictions’! A variety of Previous H.A.L.A.L Venues – Harassment Afflicted Lock And Load = UNSAFE, but ‘EFFECTIVE’.
    FOR, A list of Preferred Complexes, visit our Political party Home page, & don’t worry about references of these complexes Being ‘Owned’ by Major political party ‘Donor Operational Groups’ – DOGs – Foreign & Local.
    Also beware that, according to ‘Advice’ from our Elite State CMOs, who were the Steadfast Heroes of CON JAB-19, Who ‘UNder advice’ from the Other WHO & UN, Warn of Shopping TOO long – Moving TOO quickly– Exercise — Talking — eating– Refreshments– TOO much Awake—-TOO much asleep, COULD lead to RARE cases, even in Airconditioning, of SADS/SEDS/SIDS/SODS/SUDS. Make sure you wear Loose or Light clothing, or take my Cue & wear LederHosen!
    SHIT! I just realised Jeeves. With the OZ/ U.S. Exchange rate, being what it is, that AU$2,127 and — .”
    Jeeves; “65 cents AU, My Witless loon.”
    DAN; “Yes worth less than ours Jeeves, is in actual fact, um, er, is er–.”
    Jeeves; ” Er,Er,er, I hope your Brain Fog is up to it’s usual Razor blunt level, My Fickleness! Once again. ‘THEIR’, & just about every other failing Economy’s ‘Coin’, IS well in front of OUR Non Struggling Economy, even with ‘Your inputs!’ In English, monkey features, ‘theirs’ is ALWAYS worth More than ours, No matter What we do well! The ‘CONS’ appear to have always been with us, and Not just the landings @ Bother Me Bay!
    On the back of that, YOU, have given THEM a 150 % Break for NO justifiable reason except ‘They’ are Grouped in the UNtouchable ‘Foreign investors’. AND seeing as THEY, the RottenFella’s are Historically ‘Connected’ and ARE Obscenely Rich, & the Local ‘CONtribution’ is worth approximately US$1,322.55 give or take. Sorry My OberGruppen Fuhrer, I forgot the 65 cents in your Paw, that’s added an extra Mind Bending 42 cents- U.S.! WHERE exactly does that leave ‘US’? And, Er, I didn’t want to bring this up, My Cheshire Cat Darkness, but whilst Fund searching, I did find an extra 30 pieces of Silver stashed in a brown paper bag in the Lower drawer of Your Office Bureau. Was this to be Added to the ‘Collective’, or are You keeping THAT for an Upcoming RottenFella ‘Dark Winter’? Ooh! I feel a Slight Chill in here! Maybe the Air conditioning is back online. Your Super Computer HAVOC must be in sleep mode again, or are the Heat Bead Orifices ALREADY at Work!

  7. Well Johnny Boy, You have excelled yourself. Most fun bit of reading in ages. Thanks for that !
    Impressive, in my humble opinion.

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