December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “‘Refreeze the poles’: Scientists push new geoengineering program

  1. More madness!! When are they ever going to learn that trying to control nature will end up coming back to bite them, but it will be our future generations that will suffer for our own stupidity. What happens to all that sulfur dioxide and won’t this cause acid rain? As usual they have not really thought this through. Band aide treatments do not work and don’t try to fix something that is not broke. Next thing they will have a mini ice age on their hands and then food will not grow and people will starve and die of the cold. Europe and the US are already in dire straits because they have shot themselves in the foot regarding Russia and the Ukraine. Now they are short of energy to keep industry going and keep people warm over the northern winter. Disaster is coming their way and the people will rebel, hopefully.

    1. SO2 + H2O = H2SO4. Would be Interesting IF these ‘Professors’ of ‘SCIENCE’, Somehow remembered Grade 7 primary School Chemistry! The Bought Media, even pushed this ‘ECO’ Acid REIGN barrow Stage Fright, back in the 70’s. WANKers! – Without Actual Nominal Knowledge – Actually ref to Colloquial Meaning AS WELL! These ‘Tossers’, WILL get Funding, whilst Tangible ‘Works’ WILL NOT!

  2. More deluded morons practising pseudo-science/scientism at the behest of the global-parasites. What will these destructive idiots dream up next?

    Nice article in “New Dawn”, Ethan. Bought it at the Burnside (Adelaide) newsagent and have brought it with me on a road trip to Geelong. Watched the Royal funeral last night.

    In addition to perfidiousness, paedophilia and pandemonium (referring to promotion of the fake pandemic, deadly quax, mass murder of older folk with midazolam in 2020/21…and calling it “covid deaths”, sending the UK into a tailspin of neo-fascism), the British “upper” or “ruling” class, backed by all the power of The City of London, Royalty and even more powerful external influences, excels at pomp and ceremony. Last night’s display was meticulously planned and quite entertaining, not least their pretence of genuine Christianity, while in reality being mostly worshippers of satan. I thought Tony Blair’s visage bore evidence of this. He must have forgotten to include a “Dorian Gray clause” when he made his Faustian pact. But not to worry, the Queen awarded him the highest knighthood available.

  3. These people really are mad scientists ain’t they! They don’t care what problems this will likely cause in the future, but hey it’s for our own “good”, right!

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