December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Organised crime reforms in Victoria allow police to seize digital assets

  1. Ultimately, the ‘authorities’ will simply give carte blanche for yobbos to enter what is still your property and confiscate anything they like.

  2. Yet another contromoverreach in K4 1…[my cat Pixie just walked across the keypad]. I was trying to say: Yet another control over-reach in Danistan. In 2020/21 it was obvious that the worst criminality in that poor benighted State is vested in the corporate government and corporate police.

  3. Australia, an Island south of Papua New Guinea. Home of Drop Bears, PRATTS, & ‘Protected’ Official Kinder abuse. Home of Free lance Enterprise & FARRTS Futuristic Rapid Prison Trooper relocators on EVERYTHING Crime.
    This week we Visit ADS for vice a Cop. Durex My Diction Province, V.M.T -ViciousMyToria.
    Caesar Dan Andrews in Power, addresses the Province from the Ides of the Month & feeling Very ‘August’;
    “My fellow Vic Somethings, Grovel! I SEIZE THE DAY! & Your Mortgages, Your Chariots, Your Small Previously Independent businesses, The Brain of Your Kinder, & ALL NOW, because – I AM ALL, Your precious little Nest Eggs, in what ever shape or form I deem, MINE!! What do you offer for MY, ‘Favour’ & entertainment? Maybe Your Wife or Daughter, MAY Suffice, Temporarily – but only in single floor Dwellings! BUT, I, & my NEW Praetorian Goon squads – Freshly chosen from, & ‘Supplied’ with the help of My personal & close friend Emperor Bigarse Soros of the SCN Empire Chain. Even I, Tire of Beating Hapless Citizens & the Tediousness of Day to Day repressions. WHERE IS ALL THE FUN AT? In light of this Vacuum in our Ranks, and Lack of General abilities, And because of More member exits of VicPol by Morally Spined Individuals, we @ DanLand, have Decided to top up OUR Coffers by Deeming whomever we like as a ‘Criminal’ & then raiding them ‘In the Flesh’, or Via our New Cyber Game called VIC-E-MONOPOLY! COME TO VMT for a Spin of MY new DICE! – Dan’s Incarcerating Commerce Empire! LOOK! Even the Cyber Game DOESN’T require a ‘Warrant’ – Just like the Real Deal!
    And Now some Personal notes. Our New Replica AZOV battalion uniforms have finally arrived, in an Independent Coup, Er Um, sorry, that was 2014 with help from Emperor Soros. NO! An Independent ‘Trade deal’ for AZOV uniforms & setting up ‘Fair Exchange’ between our 2 great VICtorious Nations. We give ‘Them’ AU$100 Million in Arms, to be Destroyed by the ‘Putin on The Ritz’ Armies, & we get Traded ‘Surplus Uniforms’ at about AU$5,000 (Inclusive of exchange rates & freight). But at least They’re NOT ‘Copy’ products. Further to This in an Atmosphere of Trust & Recognition, WE, at Dan Land, will Share Criminal Intel, & find these 2 Buck Criminals living Amongst US with their ILL gotten gains, whilst the Corporate Oligarchs can go about their ‘Legitimate Multi Billion $ Businesses’! – Jeeves? Why DO so many of these Corporations OWN ‘Laundromats’ or ‘Laboratories’?”
    Jeeves/ Dan’s Aide; “B.S. cleaning Up, I believe it’s referred to Sire! That’s Broad Spectrum, Sire, Not Bull Shit”
    “MY last Word! Because I love listening to Myself. I, Caesar Dan, darling, tell this to you ALL, STRAIGHT UP!
    NO, Illegal Guns, Drugs, prostitution, Slavery, Racketeering, Assaults, Stolen Goods processing, Illegal Funding, Aiding & abetting, Trespassing, ANY we deem Illegal Activities OR Any/All of the Above Associated Protectionisms – Read OUR PDF/ Public Disclosures/ Disclaimers/All Fine Print/Technocratic-Bureaucratic Legal Diarrhea & Appendices Including Any/All/Future Revisions- THAT’S OUR JOB!! AND, with our Previous 2 Years & Change worth of Repressions, HOW have you citizens got any SHIT Left to trade with, or still have Your Marbles??
    – But I LOVE YOU! ”
    Prompter; “Hail Dan! Hail Dan! Hail Dan!” – no Dan darling. NO Goose stepping. Not until your UKR Tunic & Zelenskyy signed T shirt arrive!”

    Travel Notes before ‘Considering’ coming to, or ‘Investing IN, Southern Papua New Guinea (Australia). Apparently it’s ‘SAFE’ to come into the Country Now – As long as your ‘Jabbed’ Aircrew remain Conscious, or have no ‘Health Issues’. if you are looking to Invest from Overseas, be aware that MOST of the ‘Gear’ has been STOLEN already, BY, or WITH, the ‘Help’ of Successive Generational Entrepreneurial Politicians/Parties/Govt & the COMIC Collective.
    Good News, As an Overseas Investor, YOUR ‘Coin’, no matter how BADLY your Country is Travelling, can Buy You a SHIT Load in front of the Local Human Resource residents! If you have previous GangStar Talents – Possibly speak Mandarin & love Plated Triangles, or love South American Horticulture & Logistics, or a Bent for Low Profile Economics, possibly check a New exciting Career in VICPOL @ VICE (Victorian Institutionalised Criminal Ethos) – ‘Carrying on, where Historically ‘Others’ Left of! With the Aid of Cyber, WE just do I.T Better!’
    Victoria. There’s more than 1 way to ‘Empty a State!’
    Are WE there Yet Career Monkey? – Wellness.

    1. News Flesh, apparently Authentic, in an EVER Increasing Synthetic VIC & Southern PNG Society;
      With a Full ‘Credit Score’ & being the Best Local Boy – with Leverages on the ‘Vote’, Victoria WINS the Next CONMAN Poverty Games. Let the Hunger Games BEGIN! Er, Um, That’s Common WEalth (Before it was ‘Given away’ & THE 1901 ‘Paper Work’ Rorted or Mislaid!) Games.
      A list of Events & Strange Intro Entertainments to Rival previous Games, Including the Olympic Versions, is set to be released By Caesar Dan, with ‘Inputs’ from the SCN Society Sterility Overlord Emperor SoreArse.
      Dan Speaks; ” My FAllow Citizens – TER!! I/WE, but NOT You, Envision and Offer a ‘Spectacle Offering Controlled Kinetics’ – WILL SOCK, it to YOU, @ Your Expense & My/I/ We’s Illumination of I’s Extreme/ Esteemed NEO Profile! The I’s have I.T! I.T. is with ‘Porpoise’ that I, in My Generosity, using YOUR Wealth – What? (Aide whispers in Dan’s ear) – I.T. is with ‘Purpose’ that I Blah Blah Blah, & with Our Dear Overlord Emperor Palpatine, er SaurArse, that We return to The Dark sides for Improvements to I/MY Great VICtorious version of Society, & remove any Further Resistance & Impediments to THAT ‘Model’, removing ANY Cancer from our /MY Warped Visions, Dealing as we must any rebellions & Independent SCURVY. Slavery Centralised Unilateral Reality Visionary Yobs.
      TEA TIME! Bring in some Plebs for my Footrest please Jeeves! Some Former UNboosted Teachers should do! I’ll let MY Feet do the REeducating!”
      Full Games Itinerary & Restrictions published soon for Agenda 2025+1.

      1. I.T.’s another Historic Lesson of ‘Coincidences @ US’.
        Southern PNG, province VIC-Dania. Caesar Dan reminiscences on his private stage overlooking Melboria, ‘E’ Cithara in hand, the Glow of Previous Small Independent VIC Business Pyres, reflected against the Winter Evening skies, broken only by the Well Illuminated Corporate Commercial Monolithic Schwartzes.
        Dan; “WOE is Me! HOW it warms my heart & ADS to the Global Warming Swindle that SO Many Locals would ‘FORCIBLY Volunteer’ Their OWN destruction for the Political HOODS! OH HOWL! FUCKING HELL! SORRY! SORRY! That’s FOR, the GREATER GOOD! SACK My Minstrel & Scribe! I can do a Far better job on Scripts! OH HOWL! Now, Where were we? Of Course! Now that I/WE have Commission by False Proxy to produce the NEO 2026 Epic VIC games, I feel in a Melancholy Mood, & to quench my Negativity, call forward My Praetorian Vaxx Commander Sejanus!
        Ah, Sejanus, My avid Henchman @ TOTAL Public purse expense, I’m feeling in a reflective Mood! And to Relieve this Depression I give you Carte Blanche to release some Obnoxious criminals! Excuse me while I do a ‘Line’ with my Parliamentary Gold Card! S’NUFF of that!”
        Sejanus; “Er, proper Villains into Society for ‘Benefit’ my Caesar?”
        Dan; “NO commander! I, have a Cunning Plan! Send said former Criminals to our NEO VICPOL Undercover infiltration Squads! Let loose the Same Beastie Squad afoot to Gather Intel of Rebellions, & Bring Concentrations of THE Easily Led Populations of CON JOB 19 to ACCEPT New Synthetic repressive Laws & Leverages, AHEAD of MY Imperial Greatness Games! Now leave me! I feel an impending Pyrotechnic Display of note to improve my Mood, with the Fully Robotic installation @ ‘Come on Down’, SHIT! I, AGH, that’s Carrum Downs, That was a Trifle WOOLIES, it is Winter, With the advent of Human Resources ‘Commodity Releases’, I can feel the Inner Glow of NEO Freelance Available Slaves for MY 2026 Games!”
        We leave Dan contemplating where HE, The FALSE Denero, is going to source the ‘Muchos Dinero’ for the Hunger Games, & improve the ‘Seen Image’ Globally, of the Latent Wretchedness, that is the Residual of Globalist stratagems.
        Dan Strums his Karaoke Ego; “Look, I think I’ve Chipped a Nail! – MAKEUP!”
        VIC-Pre Dania, Circa 1956. A Huge slice of Melbourne VICtorian Architecture is ‘Sacrificed’ to ‘Modernise’ the Cities Facilities for the Olympic games of the XVI (16) Olympiad.
        VIC-Dania. 7 decades on (aLXXa what’s 70 in Roman numerals?); Circa 2026. A Huge Slice of Victorian Citizenry’s Broad Spectrum Wellbeing, & Associated Once Independent Private Commerce, Sacrificed on the Pyre of Humanity for the Common- NOT- Wealth Games.
        Dan; “I’ve finished my Karaoke, & gotten My Toga in a Twist! Let the Peasants eat Cake & replace those Roman candles around MyGov Palace! I’m Frozen! WHERE’s THIS Global warming Hiding then?”

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