Apple plans to get rid of passwords for good

A consortium of companies are working towards eliminating password authentication in favour of biometric “Passkeys”, and Apple will make a major move with new updates.

The announcement of “Passkeys”.
Photo: Apple.
Apple moves on plans to replace passwords.


Apple has unveiled how their “passkeys” concept will work at the company’s 2022 Worldwide Developer Conference — a new biometric sign-in standard that is predicted to finally kill off the password for good.

The company announced this week it will launch “passwordless logins” across Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs around September of this year, as part of new updates for said devices.

Instead of using passwords, customers will be able to log in to websites and apps using “Passkeys” with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It’s the first major real-world shift to password elimination.

In an exclusive interview, Apple VP Darin Adler and senior director Kurt Night said that iOS 16 will allow users to ditch passwords entirely in favour of using Face ID or Touch ID as their login credentials.

Apple’s Passkeys aren’t entirely new — the company first detailed them at 2021’s WWDC and started testing them shortly after. One year later, they are ready to move on their concept to reality.

The required information will be stored on an iCloud Keychain, allowing customers to be in sync across their devices. So, even if you don’t have your iPhone on you, you can recover your key using the iCloud Keychain.

The company cited password fraud as a major benefit of this shift, stating that a customer’s biometric details — such as face or fingerprint — are harder personal variables to hack/steal.

But what about those who are storing and recording the database itself?

At the moment, there are also unanswered questions about what happens to your Passkeys if you want to ditch Apple’s ecosystem for Android or another platform.

Despite this, Apple is now working with developers to integrate Passkey support into their apps.

Apple isn’t the only one that wants to eliminate passwords.



Although Apple’s move will significantly hit modern devices, they are not alone in their efforts.

The FIDO Alliance, a tech industry group, has been working on the underlying standards needed to ditch passwords for almost a decade, and Apple’s Passkeys are the company’s implementation of these standards.

In recent months, FIDO has taken a series of important steps to bring the password’s demise closer to reality.

In March, FIDO announced it has figured out a way to store the cryptographic keys that sync between people’s devices, calling them “multi-device FIDO credentials” or “passkeys.”

This was followed in May by Apple, Microsoft, and Google declaring their support for the FIDO standards. 

Microsoft account owners have been able to ditch their passwords since September of last year, and Google has been working on its passwordless technology since 2008.

Microsoft hosted the ‘Your Passwordless Future Starts Now‘ digital event in October 2021, where the company shared insights and best practices for building a passwordless future.

For now, these systems are ‘optional’.

But what happens when biometric identification becomes the only option?

The organisation has openly detailed how this transitional shift will become permanent.

From “password-replacement offering” to “eliminate passwords from identity directory”.

Mastercard’s long-discussed ‘biometric checkout program’ has now entered a pilot phase, allowing customers to “pay with a quick smile or a wave of their hand”.

While government services are beginning their switch to similar credential matching platforms.

The Australian biometric dystopia continues to creep forward with little oversight.

All for your ‘safety and security’, of course.


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  1. Yeah no thanks, I’ll stick to my passwords thank you very much! Some people just don’t understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance!

  2. Passwords are a complete nightmare. As a retired Apple Serviceman, I am pleased to leave the nightmare of Passwords way behind me. I have one single password for everything and have used that for ten years. This multiple passwords is a Giant scam to create a giant mess. The largest single failure in a ten year history of servicing these “God forsaken pieces of electronic junk” is this multiple password idea. Created by fools and untrustworthy numb skulls who think they have something worth scamming. Here is the secret dopey ? there really is no safe passwords. I have cracked millions. The new system will be just as dopey as anything Apple have forced on a gullible public. IT technology, a trip down the worst environmental disaster yet to plague the Universe.

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