September 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “Apple plans to get rid of passwords for good

  1. Yeah no thanks, I’ll stick to my passwords thank you very much! Some people just don’t understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance!

  2. Passwords are a complete nightmare. As a retired Apple Serviceman, I am pleased to leave the nightmare of Passwords way behind me. I have one single password for everything and have used that for ten years. This multiple passwords is a Giant scam to create a giant mess. The largest single failure in a ten year history of servicing these “God forsaken pieces of electronic junk” is this multiple password idea. Created by fools and untrustworthy numb skulls who think they have something worth scamming. Here is the secret dopey ? there really is no safe passwords. I have cracked millions. The new system will be just as dopey as anything Apple have forced on a gullible public. IT technology, a trip down the worst environmental disaster yet to plague the Universe.

  3. …and now the much publicised Optus data breach makes sense. What do you reckon? The “solution” to the hacking “problem” will be biometric ID’s to prevent further “hacking”. Save me from the “hackers” please government. Please!

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