October 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “Media: Australians march to oppose NWO agenda

  1. Thanks for the coverage, TOTT. “Braveheart”, featured in the Adelaide video, made his presence felt during the march through the CBD. From my post on Cory Bernardi Confidential:

    Back from the Adelaide rally. Perfect weather, could have done with a bigger crowd (ca 1500)…seems people need a crisis before they hit the streets (probably not long till the next one)…placard and talk well received. Excerpts:

    “Today’s main theme is the threatened installation of facial recognition technology by outfits like the Adelaide City Council. I think we all know what this is about: the attempted imposition of “a new society”, characterised by total control, manipulation, oppression and surveillance of the people; a CCP-style “social credit” system and the transhuman agenda. I’m sure you are like me in rejecting this evil totalitarian vision. We will NOT become “slaves on a digital plantation.” The global-parasites pushing this agenda, and their legions of treasonous enablers, can shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    “Now to my favourite theme, an even more egregious and dangerous imposition, the QUAX. Welcome to the Convid1984 Clown World, ladies and gentlemen, ruled by satanists, hence satanic inversion becomes the norm.”

    The crowd loved the story of medical fascist Matt Clarke’s in-flight audition for “The Walking Dead”, an exquisite blend of karma and schadenfreude. Also ripped into cowardly doctors still jabbing people, in particular infants and children, with the poison.

    And “Beware ongoing govt-fake news media fraud, deceit and fear porn. Their latest ploy is foot and mouth disease (FMD). I’ve bred cattle since 1962, so I know bullshit when I see it. The supposed “FMD virus” , together with HIV and SARS Cov-2, has never been isolated or characterised, let alone proven to be causal in a single case. FMD ulcers, likely caused by nutritional imbalance combined with exposure to a toxin, can be easily cured with baking soda and honey. No animal should ever have been, or be, slaughtered because of FMD. But let’s watch how this plays out.

    “I recommend the documentary “The end of germ theory” by Steve Falconer. By the way, today is World Ivermectin Day, so after our march, in order to honour this, I intend to go up to the farm and drench my cattle with it.”

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