Discussion: The Great Reset Continues | Ft. Dr. Graham Lyons

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Manufactured shortages?
Photo: NYT

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, the team is joined by freedom champion, Dr. Graham Lyons, to discuss the latest phase of the Great Reset agenda, including a look at the shameful medical system, the inflation train, warnings of food shortages across the world, manufacturing a crisis for control, resisting the system and more.




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4 comments on “Discussion: The Great Reset Continues | Ft. Dr. Graham Lyons”

  1. Did he even get to be heard in court? The state dropped the case, so no court precedent has been set. Was his fine revoked? Was there a settlement, did they pay his legal costs?

  2. Thanks, Ethan, General & Andy for the opportunity to join you chaps again…it is always a privilege and a pleasure for me. Ha ha, we won’t have The Georgia Guidestones (the US’s Satanic Stonehenge) to talk about any more…I see their destruction as hugely symbolic. This is what is going to happen to the whole satanic, evil New World Order agenda. Just a start, but well worth celebrating.

    Note that I made a mistake in my talk (was a bit under the weather with sinusitis…am OK now): the US VAERS quax deaths x 40 (to bring the data close to reality because of gross systematic under-reporting) = 1,100,000 (i.e. > one million), not 1,100 of course…just a 3 orders of magnitude mistake…not good enough for a supposed scientist!

    And my cherished niece/cousin, Sarah Marriott, and her St Catherine’s School, Melbourne junior VIII beat the best junior crew in the US, Winter Park, Florida at Royal Henley Regatta on Sunday night. She is only 17 but has been offered scholarships to several top US colleges/unis. Can’t stop watching that race!

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