October 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “How tyrants scapegoat and persecute their opponents

  1. Round AND Round we go, Repeating the Same Old Same Old (SOSO), somehow Expecting a ‘Different’ outcome, whilst NO changes to inputting metrics – Forever!! AND, apparently, THE ‘Goats’, Rats, Mice & Hamsters are getting Upset as referenced inferior Species, whilst the ‘Clever’ Homo Sapiens dressed in Amani, with Da Money, are STILL dragging their collective knuckles, & pointing SMART sticks at their collected P.E.T.S ants!
    News Flash; Victoria – Australian ‘United’ continent ( – Not yet Confirmed). Cesar Dan Andrews addresses THE Masses;
    “My fellow Victorian Wretches, the whole 300 of you left operating in the Melbourne CBD – Sorry, that’s 190. The other 110 are New entrepreneur Beggars, formerly Business owners – So now ‘Retrained’ into Coercive Money Management! A Good news outcome! Let us not look for Scapegoats in these formerly Disguised Strategic Branch stacking incidents, – Um Sorry, Was DELWP Notified about this accumulated Flora?”
    Aide: “Sorry Sire, this doesn’t involve ACTUAL Vegetation! It’s reference only Sire!”
    Dan; “Oh yes I see, Reading Too much into it with MY Cross Departmental Overreach! Moving On, Welcome to ALL He/She/They/It/ Members of the Bought MSM! This is SERIOUS! Is this my best side of Face shot? Ah and Yes,- MAKEUP! So here we are again,
    – Newly exposed mischiefs – Oh, i’m shocked. Wow is me, oh ho hum, how could this happen, that we were finally caught out? Buggar, – wrong speech! (i’ll just pinch my own ‘Winky’ Really Hard behind the Dias, to get the tears flowing). OH HOWL!!
    NO Scapegoating here! I, Cesar Dan, take FULL responsibility for this Outcome, & ZERO cost to ME, or My Colleagues, IN REAL TERMS! Can I just say Again & again, that this sort of Outcome, will happen again & again AFTER we put in New protocols, that aren’t worth a Jar of goat Excreta- um Shit! –
    Correction, – Um, New protocols, that will Improve our Collective relationships! Further, I thank the good People at Ibex, 9Under breathe – BASTARDS!!) for bringing this Standard misuse of Government Funds & branch stacking – er what?”
    Aide – in Dan’s ear; Spss spsh spsh – um not ibex, shph shp- eurasia, east/ north africa., and Ibac watchdog protocols – shpsh.”
    Dan (turning to Aide) ; “REALLY? Do you want to give this piss take or Me? SO, according to NEW information, (sideways glance at aide), REALLY? Is it a Goat or a Dog we’re talking about here?
    (looking back at media); So I take FOOL responsibility for any Misgivings, & actions taken by My party, Ministers & everyone during these trying times, and THANK, the WATCH DOGS, for this motion of IBAC myself into a Corner, & promise That future protocols being Implemented some time, by My Regime, maybe, will provide a new experience in ‘Public’ Integrity, because ‘Sure as Hell’ we are incapable! Thank you for your attendance in this Comedy, & please members of M.S.Media, if you need extra autographed photos of Humble ME, my press officers have a sea container full, freshly produced next door @ the UNwashed’s expense!”
    Outside of media briefing; DAN; “Hey YOU! My press aide. Can’t you tell the difference between an Ibex & an Ibax?”
    Aide; “sorry again Sire! As you being the Intelligent Individual you are, you’ll KNOW, an Ibex is a Historic Popular Australian – Just like YOU, My Cesar, ANALgesic for ‘I’, or You,Pain relief!
    The other is an Ibax is a Network Sir, which you being SOOo Knowledgable, will understand if YOU are interested in Developmental & Scientific Blockchain administration & programs. IBAX Sir, We – They’ve got YOUR Back, next time you feel you are Ibac’d into any corner.”
    Dan; “Thankyou Jeeves! Yes, I like it! Ibex, Ibac, Ibax. I feel right at Home, It’s all I,I,I ! Now then about this other matter, I thought my New Banners & Vehicle plates of VICEmpire (or VICempire your choice), were suppose to Read -‘ ‘Victoria TOTALitarian State’? What’s this ‘Victoria TOTAL Moron State’?”
    Aide; “With our current ENDeavours & Your MINSTRELations Sire,WE are Team Players, during PLANdemics, including Citizen forced survivals, Plus AFL cohesiveness, for Better outcomes including YOUR insatiable Desire for PURPOSEFULL – Binning everything down the TOILET-
    ‘Trashing Of Infrastructure Loosing Egotistical Totalitarianism’, BUT, the Citizens LUV you Sire, because YOU are the Leader WHO, sorry ‘who’, CAN ‘Build Back Worse’, But Offset ‘Outcomes’ on someone Else! With IBAX in Mind Sire, Your ‘Networking’ can be Hidden from ‘Prying’ ECOLIB members, administrators & application Developers!!”
    Dan; “What? Are you SURE, your just an ‘Aide’ Jeeves? Seems awfully Complex? ECO LIB you say? Sounds like those Allied Liberal Greenies to Me! GO WITH IT Jeeves! IT’S TOTAL VIC MORON FOR ME!!”
    Jeeves; “PRATT! look I think he’s even wearing an ‘Rmani/Da Money Suit!”

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