September 25, 2023

6 thoughts on “AFP creates new taskforce to ‘protect politicians ahead of election’

  1. Will this lead to LRADs or ADSs being placed in front of Polling centres, under a Squad of ‘Watchful’ 5 eyes Security Staff ‘Pulled’ from previous Victorian – Intimidate, Mace & Pistol whip – Strong Cities Protocols?
    I, just love Australian Government ‘Conservative Values!’ – Apologies! An uninvited appearance of ‘Values’ associated with local Political operations!
    SO, How does this work; Australian Governments, Apparently are described as ‘Conservative’ > Which generally relates to Conservation of Traditional social institutions, values, and the status quo of Civilisation & Culture, marked by Moderation & Caution – or definition there abouts.
    NOPE! With THE Political ‘Pressures’ brought to bear on the HOME populations @ Federal & State levels, under Current CON JOB 19, via Political Menace in Thought, Deed & actual Action – Repression, take your choice, & the ‘Park Up’ of THE Population – Just the Plebs, THE Economy & Negative Health implications – Just the Plebs, – Aided & Abetted by Corporate MS & Social Media & Telco’s, WITH the ‘Health’, Sorry, Perpetual ‘ILLNESS’ System, I’ve failed to ‘Link’ Australian Governments at Every quarter, with the ‘Attached Tag’ – Conservatives!
    Further; With the ‘Tighter than a Mermaids Brassiere’ to letting ‘Coin’ out of the Overflowing Government Coffers when it comes to ‘Responsible’ Civil Domestic expenditure, with ‘Conservatisms’ in mind & election approach ‘pork barrelling’ aside which generally has a positive flow on effect, how is it that when ANY ‘OUTSIDE’ conflict arises which generally Does NOT include Australia, NOR our Sovereign interests, NOR Home populations Security, THE ‘LOCAL Conservatives’ can’t wait to ‘Bust a Move’ on Draining our Vaults, &, including Negative Health impacts for any of OUR ‘Committed AOF’ – Australian Offence Forces’ – WE Don’t DO ‘Defence’! Plus of course the NEGATIVE “Outfall’ Physically, Socially, Mentally, Economically of the Designated ‘Opposition’ that we ‘Trash’! – Russia, the BEST ‘Enemy’ current ‘Money can Buy!’
    Current Point in question; Federal Govts ‘NOSE Input’ into THE Ukraine, where THE Australian ‘Conservatives’ HAVEN’T got a clue what THEY are doing! Thank you Prime Minstrel Scamo, for supplying Arms & Support to the Ukrainian Governments Murderous Ex Para Military Police, NOW formally part of THEIR Military Forces – The Infamous AZOV Battalions, complete with Symbolism, Protocols, Doctrines & ‘Operational Outcomes’, modelled on the 3rd Reich’s Einsatzgruppen Commandos & SS. ‘Input’ dating back to Nazi invasion of 1941, SS Galicia carried on Anti Semetic Operations 1946, up to ‘U.S. Govt Sponsored’ Overthrow of Democratically elected Government of Ukraine 2013/14. ‘UNITS’ Morphed via actions into todays Heroes AZOV Battalions – With ‘A Few Local Ukrainian Civil casualties’ along the way – AND STILL! Australian Government supplied Weapons support to the AZOV’s ‘Continuing Operations’ – “I’LL JUST CALL THE COPS!”
    “Sorry Mate! WE’RE BUSY! Spying & Hacking Australian Citizens TO – Keep ‘Em ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE’! Hey look! This Dudes accessed the Porn Channel!”
    Remember – ‘Moderation & Caution’? Kiss My Arse.
    Next; Are the 5 Eyes, some SWAT team member wearing a pair of ‘Tac’ glasses & an ALL seeing eye on His, Her, ‘They’ helmet? AND, ‘Aggressive’ Cyber – ARRRRRRGH 101 ??
    Obviously the AFP is worried about Political security, because THE Politicians, ILLNESS Dept & the Technocrats, have been so Democratically Understanding towards their Constituents during the height of THE PLANdemic, I think we’re currently up to Variant tagged COVID # BOLLOX, with Parliamentary Bench warmers showing True Blue Empathetic, Benevolent deployments of Battens, Mace cannisters, Bear Cats, Body armoured ‘Advisors’, Anti terror squads, Pistol whipping & Booting, Incapacitations, Point blank Rubber bullet deployments, LRADS/ADSs ‘Skin Fryers’, Intimidation & ‘Baiting exercises’, Equine & Canine ‘usage’, gas cannisters, Lock downs, isolations, detainments, Curfews & MANDATORY Protocols – Still, aside, along with trivial Independent small business collapse, Consequent Housing losses, ongoing Health/Physical – Mental stresses & Hardships, Systemic Coercions, victimisations & Discriminations, + COV # Bollox Vaxx ‘Fallout’ – STILL a work in progress,
    “WE, the Citizens require YOUR Co Operative Assistances & Interactive Dialogue!”
    “Well WE, Your Political Representatives, Respect Conservative Values! Now can you take your unwashed, Unemployed personage away from my Orb of Senses! By the way, aren’t you suppose to be wearing a mask, to show Total Compliance @ a glance? You don’t want to show Individuality the other Lepers. Next minute you’ll want Representation of sorts! If by some twist of fate you manage to become Popular, call me in my Parliamentary chambers. I’m never IN! Actually, WE, THE Politic have just had a vote, & WE, have decided that All of WE, aren’t going to Talk to YOU! ANY of You!” – Shades of New Zealand – Actual.
    Too much ‘Critical Thinking’? – Yes I assume they Already have a ‘Task Force’ & a ‘Flow chart’ for this! Apparently Functionless without them! & perhaps a Round cell – Love Ya Ghandi!
    Last; Well it’s easy. ANY of the Government, or it’s trendy Acronym Agencies, or it’s ‘Enforcement Agencies’ Current raft or Scope of ‘Operations’, as a Private citizen, would get anyone a Gaol term! So, Conservatively, Thank God I say’ Thank God, that ‘THEY’ have got MY ‘Beast Interests’ @ Heart!

    1. That’s ok now we know that Scomo is involved in supplying a terrorist organisation with weapons it’s not looking to good. As you already know about the Nazi scum Klause Schwarb actually trained Scomo in his school to sell out Australia for their great reset this is why the pussy has implemented these laws because he knows he is funding a terrorist organisation. They are covering up the shitstorm in Ukraine that Putin is destroying because they had bio weapon labs all through Ukraine, the corrupt government accepted blood serum products from Ukraine sent to the Doherty institute in Melbourne but the corrupt dogs in the MSM are very silent in this act of terrorism. This has been a well planned terrorist act on ALL AUSTRALIANS FOR THE GOVERNMENT AGENDA. Jane Halton used to work for WHO in 2019 she is second in command works directly under Scomo .She has deceived the taxpayers millions of dollars her brother is Brett Sutton who works for the Burnett institute who happens to be funded by the bill and Melinda Gates foundation who happens to push forced vaccinations. The cops work for us the gutless AFP are corrupt and are allowing genocide to be committed against humanity innocent men women and children for a so called deadly virus. In Victoria from February 2021 to August 2021 not one person died from Convid but they still forced the vaccinations. This is murder pure and simple.

      Now the murderers are killing people on the East coast in the bull💩 propaganda of climate change we have the evidence we have the videos of all the geo engineering that they are committing against the people and I’m sure if people started questioning their insurance companies about our premiums going up because of corruption I’m sure they should legally investigate fraud. We know crimes are being committed as they are once again pushing the High Speed Rail Network from Brisbane to Melbourne. Why don’t the corrupt cops investigate these murdering Bastards

  2. I’m hearing you John. The Good News is that the God you thanked is still in control and will at his appointed time, hold the conspirators (I can’t believe I said that word) to account. NO ONE escapes God’s surveillance and his ultimate judgment. For them its control = security, on all levels without any insight as to the consequences. The very authoritarian laws they believe will protect them and maintain their “power” will eventually bring them to eternal destruction. Apart from a conscience, our current cabal of governing conspirators lack a love for truth. They fear the truth and so their hole of insecurity gets deeper because of the lies…it’s not only the lies we are told but but the darkness that is not told…this they must live with every waking moment and this will never bring them peace until they repent, turn to Jesus in confession and renounce the lies and deception.
    A public correction if I may…its not objective truth that sets us free. This in itself is a distortion of the truth…the statement comes from John’s gospel chapter 8 verses 31-32. JESUS speaking…’…IF YOU HOLD TO MY TEACHING , you are really my disciples. THEN you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
    Tragic isn’t it, after 75 years in this beautiful, blessed country, this is where my “leaders” have deceptively and selfishly led us. The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history…what kept the Israelites trapped in the desert for 40 years was their rejection of God through their idolatry. Their culture was corrupted, their hopes corrupted, their very existence corrupted, because their hearts were corrupted…sound familiar.
    No one avoids God’s justice…He has better things to come for those who turn to Him and hold to His teaching but tenfold eternal suffering and misery for those who love lies and hate the truth…HIS TRUTH! This can be our comfort as we frustratingly observe the manifestation of people in power who will stop at nothing to hold on to it it…even though it means destroying the very society that gifted them their privileged lives.
    JESUS IS THE TRUTH, one day we will all discover that, some with rejoicing, others with dismay and horror.
    Vengeance is mine said the Lord! (Romans 12:19). Whoops, hope I didn’t trigger a 5 Eyes red alert !!

    1. ‘5 Eyes Red’ alert? Yes I’ve heard that THE CAN’TBERRA PARLIAMENTRY BAR, IS WELL STOCKED from a ‘Fortified’ angle – LRADs/ADSs aside!
      Er, ‘Leaders’ have led us? I’ll have to consult THE plain English Dictionary. NOPE! The only thing I can find relevant to Leader & Government is – CONTROL! – Tick! Maybe ‘Out Of Control!’ –
      “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?”
      AS for young ‘Jesus’, I grew up as a Tike @ the Hands of the Christian Brothers ‘STATE Protected’ System! So, Apart from being a ‘Bit late to Class’, & this is not an infringement on Folks belief, one wonders; a) What ‘Level of Thrashing’ – Spiritually> Currently seems @ FULL ASSAULT level by varied Metrics Personal – Singularly & Communally , Physically > Same, by Nutrition Supply & Organised Purposeful Crashing of ALL ‘Actual Needs’ supply Systems,- This includes the ‘REAL Strategic’ Assault on ALL of Holistic Nature, AND, Psychologically via ALL Parameters including Variable Isolations & Commerce ‘Pressures’. So, At what ‘Level’ Does it require TO, set up the ‘Go Code’ for the ‘Lad’ to Rock Back, & Stop the Bus?
      & b) What would the ‘Lad’ think about the Previous & Current Administrations, of the ‘Occupiers’ of The Institutionalised Mega Igloo – THE Vatican, inclusive of it’s Edicts, Empathy – Benevolence(in REAL terms & Tangible Genuine Input/ Output), & of course THE Wealth Base?
      I mean, isn’t The ‘Almighty’; He/ She /IS / IT/ TETRA, at Least ‘Worried’ about their collective Rep?
      Like I said, this isn’t a critique of Folks beliefs, it’s just an alternate take. On Ya Nan!
      Wellness as Always!

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