November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “Clashes at New Zealand parliament as convoys expand in the Pacific

  1. Hey, the Kiwis have to deal with pathetic, face-nappy, fascist polizei, just like we do in Ozcatraz.
    Ardern is a quintessential, archetypal graduate of the Klaus Schwab School for Traitors/Quislings/Quaxlings/Treasonous actors/Fifth columnists, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

  2. You don’t ask for your Freedom to be given back to you. You TAKE it back.

    The criminal corporate thugs parading as police need to be given a HUGE dose of their own malevolence and then incarcerated for life or hung.

  3. Can not really see by ANY Metric, the ‘Need’ for a Fully Grown ‘Sgt’ of Police, to be placing his Nigh on Full weight (Because Sgt ‘Ain’t kneeling), on the Side of a Young lads Head, AND, @ 90 Degrees to NORMAL, as part of ‘Restraint’! Did anyone ‘Tell’ the lad he was going to a N.Z. Police UFC Party?
    THE Aust & N.Z. Forebears would be SO Proud to see how their respective Countries, After ALL their previous Energies, Sweats & Sacrifices, have lead to ‘Just another SUB member of the Globalist State! Must take a Certain type of Person (Sorry. Character), to be THE NEO Age ‘Police Officer’, Locally & Globally! Could probably ‘Shovel’ THE Military, & THE Intelligence Services (Whatever it is they ‘Include’ into their ‘Operational Parameters’) into this ‘Beyond REASON Bog’ as well!
    WELL DONE! Not really sure if there’s ANY , redeeming of ‘Reputation’ or ‘Trust’ between General Public, The aforementioned ‘Policing Agencies’, OR, The Political/ Process @ Large.
    Police Chant for Unity @ Mock UFC Battling ‘Fantasy’;
    Roll Over, Roll over,
    The First Cop Said; Zip Tie the little Inbred.
    Roll over, Roll over,
    The 2hd Cop said; Kick him in the Head.
    Roll over, Roll Over,
    The 3rd Cop said; Next! This one’s Dead.

    ‘Global Leaders of Tomorrow program’ – 1992 – World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab), or Snob. Candidates include; Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Nic Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Bono (U2), R. Branson, J.Ollila, Jose.M. Barroso. David R Thomson (Reuters) – Plus = Same Year AGENDA 21 & ‘Sustainable Development’ gets ‘FOISTED’ onto the Planet!
    2004 Same program gets Morphed into ‘Young Global Leaders’. – INCLUDES ; J. Trudeau (Canada), Jacinda Arden – PRIME Minstrel of N.Zealand, A.De Croo (Belgium), Princess RBB Al -Saud, F.Alibrahim, M.Guzman, Annalena Baerbock, Crystia Freeland (Canada), M.H.Azhar (Pakistan), S.Shaffir (Israel) R.Lamola (Sth Africa), L.DiCaprio, M.Klum, Jack Ma, Larry Page, Ricken Patel, Rothschild, Jimmy Wale, Mark. Zuckerberg, Jacob Wallenberg, Niklas Zennstrom, & Ida Auken (Denmark – THE 2030 ‘PROPER dropkick’ – I have Nothin, I AM Fully Surveilled & I’m happy as a Pig in Shit!) – Plus.a Cast of Hundreds.
    ‘Partnered to Programs’ ; Coca Cola Co., Ernst & Young, V.W. Corporation, BP Amoco, BAMGF, Google, JP Morgan Chase.
    Sorry Steve Rockefeller. Just about Forgot you Buddy, putting in all that Start up Capitol for ‘Resets Inc’. ‘On Ya Man!’
    ‘Inputs’ – J. Nordanga’rd.

    Elite Technocrats & Pratts, & the Great MINSTREL Contributing ‘Reset’; ‘The Srewtape Letters’. C.S.Lewis (1942).
    Notice TO W.E.F. Minstrels ; OUR ‘RESET’, IS BIGGER, than your ‘reset’! You should have tried ‘A BETTER WAY’, for ALL, if YOU ‘Wanted to Lift THE Overall Game’!!

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