November 29, 2023

21 thoughts on “Brad Hazzard claims NSW may reach 175,000 cases a week

  1. time for a reality check… they don’t give a shit about your protests or how much noise you make. no amount of yelling & screaming or signs & banners you display no matter how accurate or true will change what the quislings have long decided but have to put on a show to pretend the public has a say via their votes or support. you don’t have a say, ever!

    the scum elites pay for the priveledge to dominate the gen. pop. via their paid attack dogs (police) & their heavier armed & organised military that are now trained for population control instead of facing enemies in combat… we are the enemy, the elites will not attack each other as it wastes money to destroy & rebuild an economy that they need to keep running 24/7. that’s why you’ll hear all over the world leaders saying the economy must keep growing.

    so then, what do we do to hit them where it hurts?

    simple, stop work & don’t go shopping. I can already feel peoples immediate reaction will be “yeah, right!, it’s not that easy when you got bills to pay & what are we supposed to eat?”. well, if you have enough energy & time to protest in front of the overlords who don’t give a flying fuck about your opinions, then you have enough time to just take time off work & don’t go to the shops. laying down your high-vis shirts won’t send a message, it will just mean you lost your shirt. so hit these fuckers where it hurts… the economy.

    when all these protesters get together on the streets or chat online, they can do more damage or create more momentum if they all stand firm & stop the economy. think about it, i mean really think about it thoroughly. if you don’t go to work, how will things get done? if you don’t go to the shops, how will big business make money to pay their creditors?

    you see, all big business runs on credit & leverage of their turnover. but if the money stops flowing, they are stuck & can’t do anything unless their employees work & consumers buy their shit.

    small business has already been decimated & any that remain will eventually go out of business due to random restrictions, rent arrears, debts, higher bills, less customers. that’s what big business wanted & that’s what’s happening.

    so, plan ahead, stock up on essentials then set a date where everyone just stops everything & just enjoys their time off spending it however they want as if on holiday but no cafes or pubs or restaurants & no shopping!

    i reckon it will take a week for businesses to get itchy & blame the govt for all their troubles & another week for the bigger one’s to start blaming them as well. then we’ll see how the so called elites scramble to put their fingers in the dyke holes when the dam has already burst… too little too late dickheads. they will literally beg the gen. pop. to get back to work with all sorts of promises & benefits & rebates & incentives which we already paid for when our incomes were unconstitutionally taxed, but that’s another story for another time.

    we have the power doesn’t mean we get to vote these cunts in or out, we have the power means we decide if & when we spend our effort to earn an income & when to spend that income.

    DON’T WORK & DON’T SPEND… it will be extremely hard & challenging & will only succeed if/when EVERYONE, not some, stick it out & stay true.

    if we do this, it will be a game changer because it has never been done before in oz but was done in myanmar last week albeit for a day & there is no practice run or any prep the govt or police or military have made to counter this action (non-action)

    ghandi did his own non-action which the british were not prepared for & eventually fucked-off.



    1. the media is the main enemy worldwide turn off tv for a week and NO newspapers or electronic versions, that is the ONLY solution turn em off permenantly until the bastards will tell the truth

    2. I say for the people and businesses to shut out all the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for this scam demic, nothing no bread no milk fuel nothing. A a reality check is needed.

  2. now where and when have a heard wild claims about “cases” before? i forgot because i have heard it so many times from so many sources. it is pure lies and only designed to justify further measures such as boosters etc.. this whole omicron thing is so wildly ridiculous and based on nothing but speculation and outright lies.

  3. also you have to wonder- if there were 175k positive tests a week- they would have to be a majority of vaccinated people then they really couldnt use the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” respiratory illness is seasonal, there is no way over summer NSW will a massive spike in people getting sick from this, positive tests are one thing but they dont equate to hospitalisations

  4. The tests are not accurate. It’s more lies to scare people and force even more tyranny and control. Stop complying.

    Maybe get ,IT, to ‘Explain’ the actual ‘Medical Term’ – A CASE! Maybe ‘Chanting’ can be ‘Heard’ in the Background! “SAFE & EFFECTIVE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE!”
    150,000,000 EXTRA BOOSTERS [Aust Population @ 31 March 2021 = 25,704,340], for Mathematicians [That’s the Education Dept., & Govt. OUT of THE ‘Equation’], LOL,
    THAT’S 5.8355 EXTRA BOOSTERS, ABOVE ALL THE ORIGINAL ‘SECURED JABS’, for EVERY MAN/WOMAN/CHILD In AUSTRALIA. AS PRIME MINISTER, ALONG WITH OTHER GERRY GEE DOLLS Greg Hunt & Paul Kelly [Not the Singer], we want to say, Nodders in our Background Ready? – 1,2,3 SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE! To Folks in Victoria, as Prime Minister, Seasons Greetings under Dan Andrews NEW Tyrannical ‘Oversight’, WE in Federal Parliament, wish you a Merry Depression & a Isolative New Year!! TOGETHER APART! SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!”
    “Santa, I’d Like to give ALL my Jabs to Scomo! – Safe & Effective, in his bum!
    Where are they getting ALL of their Dodgy PCR test kits from? AH! Still got ‘STOCKPILES’ FROM 2017/ 18 Global Shipments! WELL, THAT’S REAL SCIENCE!
    Like to thank our Pharma Sponsored AMA/ TGA / Government Illness Department Cabals, & special mention ‘SPONSORED’ AHPRA. Not APRA! HAS ANYONE Noticed Coincidentally THE Similar Acronymed ‘Departments’? Aka; NCRIS and NRCIS! NO Coincidences.

  6. The Prophet of doom and gloom, or was that profit, of I don’t answer questions, we have AD- Vice; of DELTA – tarious Criminal behaviour, but it’s OUR AD-Vice and we are not telling!
    Well, the modellers are at their posts, asimilating their crystal balls; to create a
    play-book; for the big donation and grant funding managers; of again more, impending doom; obviously, putting forward, more of the Ferguson method, of Dire
    propostourus claims: Well, granted it has worked so far;!

    I would render it will be a certainty that, Hazzard, will not be among the certified
    Frauduent, PCR TEST; victims , and golly gosh, who going to do all those tests;
    and more importantly, who is paying;? As the PCR ,is a real big earner, I would say;
    I mean you have to be able to fund, the Fantasy:!
    The obvious scaremongering, and the dis-proportional claims, are all part of the
    Theatre; Hazzard; has all the credibility; of the school-yard bully; and as much empathy as a nat; the bluff and the bluster, are all old hat Brad; times nearly up
    for you:

    Now, wouldn’t you know it, we have all these : “studies” showing up; telling us
    that the OOOMeeeCronnn; is winning the the dis-ease breeders race; and that
    the Wakcines, are ineffective: oh my;!!! that is the equivalant of Heresy!! Alpha through to Delta; have now formed a cognitive dissent; to breakout; well’ !!..will
    the adventures ever end;? and will the greek alphabet run out of candidates:?
    Not anytime soon, not while they can print money, and mine pure “Fear Gold;”
    of “Testing” and “Booster Shots” , Oh Yeah: remember ” It’s Your Shot” Yeah
    Right;!” which one:!!! ?
    Like the In Silico, Computer simulations they call Variants; that then can be mysteriously, be Genome sequenced: !! Amazing Science that :
    and that they also have IQ tests; for quantitative cognitive function of Viral

    Myself I can live any dis-ease, my ancestors, have lived with all manner of dis-ease,malaese , war, pestelence, and worst of all Governum- Mentis; yes; the
    Greatest Killer in the History of Existence; and worse still we inflict it on ourselves,
    times up people!!!….The likes of Hazzard, and the secretive minions and the
    order of Cult of Saturnalia; must End:

    1. Thumbs up to you guys!! So eloquently put! Trouble is no-one wants to believe this stuff! They are all either afraid or asleep!
      Keep up these great comments, because someone, somewhere, might happen to be converted to a “watchful” person!

  7. A simple fact I have checked on the US CDC web site last year was that they didn’t have an isolated specimen of the cv19 virus, it doesn’t exist. So how do you make a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist? It is the jabs and the contents that have nothing to do with vaccination. One is nano-tech that connects the jabbed to the internet/5G network.

  8. Lies. lies and more lies… IF he were a live Pinocchio YES his nose would be a meter LONG.. At least then the sheeple would recognise his / their LIES…we were told in the first instance there would be hundreds of thousands of deaths… NEVER happened, I also question the “numbers of deaths” Now.. as it seems everybody that is admitted and dies in hospital was naturally not vaxxed and died from Covid,.. I hear of nurses complaining as a patient was admitted with Pneumonia.. existing known patient HE was “treated” for Covid, guess what his death certificate was died from C Virus… we simply cannot believe anything that comes from Government and not even majority of hospitals I believe they are getting extra funding because of this “virus”?? More and more people are reading the right info that this is a “bio weapon” man made and “escaped? or the door left open…. !!! BUT it is NOT a naturally occurring disease. and latest real experts looking at the Omni CON it has “ingredients that are only in man made “viruses”.. again more along the gain of function made weapons.. that is your Booster: all right. didn’t kill you first time 2nd 3rd etc.. coming up every 3 mths.. WHY have so many Australians have transformed into Sheeple> why do so many just line up get their :DNA } Pcr useless test, and line up for their next experimental jab>??? WHY are you BLIND????all has nothing to do with HEALTH, al to do with Billions of $ profits and “control” over people… JUMP, yes master how hi” …PLEASE WAKE UP and at least STOP now no more jabs, and DO NOT sacrifice your children… as if the world doesn’t already have too many children with Neurological “problems” and childhood cancers… AND NO I do not support their: journey: When will we stop donating to?? morning Tea and ASKING WHY do we have so many children with cancer??? What about some serious scientific “research” NOT paid for by Big Pharma OR the paid TGA ???? but I fear plenty of research has already been written but THEY do not want to you to know…. they just send the next clown to the wards to cheer kids up that are on Chemo!! Cancer Mafia…. TOO lucrative to ever find the “cure” LUCKY that we do still have the internet and plenty of books and Doctors still writing about the cures….Disgusting our and the world’s “health? system?>Better described as get them sick and “managed” from the cradle to the grave!!!

  9. I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, but this is going to turn into an annual or biannual inoculation program in order for the masses to maintain their “freedoms” for the foreseeable future, if not forever according to Jacinda Ardern. We’re literally living the meme!

  10. I looked up the UNSW Epidemiology and Public Health Unit
    Going to the tab Our People you will see Professor Mary-Louise McLaws and James Wood. These are the culprits Hazzard is referring to in the short clip above. Professor Mary-Louise McLaws is a globalist WHO operative and is pushing their narrative which is Gates narrative. Woods is a product of Jodi Mcvernon from the Doherty Institute. Attached to UNSW is the Kirby Institute where Professor Raina MacIntyre lives. MacIntyre, Nancy Baxter and Tony Blakely are members of Ozsage a group of lockdown advocate nut jobs. All of these people are part of a Cabal working in organisations that have received $US300 million plus from the Gates Foundation –,

    The method they are using is to rotate the person doing the commentary to fool the public into thinking that the same information is coming from multiple sources so it must be true but its not. The whole National COVID exit strategy came from the Doherty Institute and it was adopted, we have not heard from them for many months, however the information regarding the keeping of restrictions has not let up. Its a game and Hazzard is the puppet dancing to Gates chicken dance. Now Omicron according to the Kirby Institute based on a study of 16 people only (fully vaccinated) evades the vaccine, so its more important than ever to go get a booster of the same vaccine that Omicron evades!! You cant make this up. It amazes me that people are hypnotized by these puppets and are not willing for a second to ask the question, ” if Omicron can evade the vaccines that I have just had then how will getting another vaccination just like I just had protect me from Omicron? Point being you didnt need to get a vaccine in the first place.

    1. And STILL the Puppeteers ‘Play!’ Bill Gates BAMGF[Global Hamster – YES, A ‘dark dweller’ & very Annoying], had a game created for Windows 1999, about Demons pretending to be Humans, in Order to Harvest their Souls. Game name – ‘Omikron!’ OH DEAR! Coincidence.
      As for the ‘DODGY Doherty Institute, Let’s see ‘Who’s’ Sponsoring some of the ‘Main Operatives’ including Co Chairs of ATAGI, there’s [Obviously NO Conflicts of Interest]; WE HAVE;
      Pfizer, CSL/Seqiris, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Sanofi-Pasteur, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, Novartis Vaccines, Biocryst, George Clinical, Gilead. Janssen Novavax IFPMA,
      Add in another couple of Associated cross web units – NCIRS, NHMRC, PBAC, PHAA.
      SO IT’S NOW TIME TO ‘RESET AUSTRALIA!’ Sorry! That’s a NEW Propaganda ‘PUSH”, on PRO Vaccination MISINFORMATION Negating, STARRING;
      ‘The Immunisation Coalition’ [TIC] – FUNDED BY ‘Vaxx Manufacturers’ = GSK, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi & Seqiris/CSL.
      The Immunisation Foundation of Australia.
      Coronavax based @ Telethon Kids Institute [Just, WOULD YOU], partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, Novartis, GSK, Sanofi [The Usual Unbiased Suspects]!
      NOT forgetting THE Doherty Institute, Again, ‘partnered’ with VIRGo.[Swings & roundabouts].
      Always follow the Money – Connections.
      TGA, a ‘Government Watchdog’, SPONSORED Via ‘User Pay’, IS FULLY SPONSORED/FUNDED, By the Pharma ‘Industry’! IN PLAIN SIGHT! ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE!!!
      Special Shout out to NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA .for;
      Rockin’ & Rollin’ ‘NO Jab, NO Play’ campaign across their Platforms!
      Partnering Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, receives funds from VIRGo which receives Funds from Vaxx Manufacturers GSK, Janssen, Merck, Novavax, Sanofi & Seqiris.
      Aye, Aye! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

      Who’s a ‘Member’ of Friends of Science in Medicine? [FSM]
      What is the “value’ of Shares/ Portfolio of CSL, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, AND Facebook in ‘THE FUTURE FUND??’
      Wellness as Always!

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