WATCH: Scott Morrison says vaccine rollout “like getting sheep through the gate”

Scott Morrison may have been a little bit too direct with his thoughts on Australia’s national vaccine rollout at a recent COVID-19 press conference.

A wild ScoMo appears.
Photo: LWP
Very interesting language to use, Mr. ‘No Jab, No Pay’.

For those with ‘eyes to see’, the messaging becomes quite clear.

What do you think of this slip of tongue? Mistake or programming?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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9 comments on “WATCH: Scott Morrison says vaccine rollout “like getting sheep through the gate””

  1. “Sheep through the gate”… The gate leads to freedom? unlikely, it leads to more tyranny, servitude, and whatever unknown health issues as those spike proteins keep multiplying, and the other bits of memory RNA and the packaging encasing them circulate around.
    And for a ‘killer pandemic’ that has taken the lives of SEVEN old people in QLD over the last TWO years!!!

  2. Google Dr, Andrew Kaufman, an honest, talented man who will explain the “COVID” Hoax !
    “IF” The Cancel culture or the Corrupt Lying Fact finders have not erased it ! Lmao

  3. Yes, you would have to be a sheep to have the vaccine and believe in all the propaganda. I wonder if the State he is referring to is WA. I bet he has not had “the real thing”. If the ministers and Premiers started falling over that would be too obvious, so they have not had the real jab, but a dummy.

  4. Morrison is detached from the general populous intelligence yet again. Emotionally ehibiting a personality disorder using such language. Even the analogy is curious if that is meant even to appeal to certain rural electors.

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