WA region ‘likely to be shut off from state’, door-to-door jab campaign announced

West Australians who refuse to get vaccinated in vulnerable remote areas could find themselves subject to localised travel bans, while a door-to-door jab campaign is also announced.

Biofascism hits the West.
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West Australians who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in vulnerable remote areas could find themselves subject to localised travel bans and other restrictions.

The state is looking to re-open its interstate borders in late-January or early-February, subject to the state achieving a 90 per cent full vaccination rate.

Despite this, Premier Mark McGowan has announced localised restrictions could be introduced in regions such as the Pilbara unless the take-up improves.

Vaccination rates in regional WA have remained low in some parts of the state, particularly in the Pilbara, where just one in three people have received two doses.

Authorities say they are ‘keeping a close eye’ on communities in the state’s north, particularly in light of the ‘growing outbreak‘ in the Northern Territory.

Pilbara is home to a number of remote Aboriginal communities.

Across the entire state, only one in three Indigenous peoples are fully vaccinated.

For this personal medical decision, the Premier wants to shut off these communities.

All for their ‘safety’ and ‘security’.


McGowan pushes ahead with the same dystopian segregationist techniques slowly spreading to engulf the entire nation, after already causing controversy with hardened re-opening targets.

“Those regions that aren’t at high levels of vaccination, we’ll have to put in place special rules around them,” McGowan told reporters in Karratha this afternoon.

“It’s most likely going to be that only people who are double-dose vaccinated will be able to come into those regions.
If you leave the region and you’re not double-dose vaccinated, you won’t be able to come back. That’s basically the rule we have to work towards.”

Remember when Scott Morrison first announced “special rules” that would soon be coming for the unvaccinated back in July? Look where that has ended up.

To deal with this ongoing ‘crisis’, WA Health today said it had implemented a wastewater surveillance program in the East Kimberley, with samples to be collected at Kununurra and Halls Creek.

Will these tests turn up more false positives like Victorian regions did to start their last lockdown?

Once again, further divide and conquer — now coming for Indigenous and remote communities.

This isn’t all, however.

Not only are plans floated to isolate the community from the rest of the state, but the government has also launched a five-week campaign aimed at boosting vaccination rates in the region.



Perhaps the most troubling part of this operation was revealed by the police chief this afternoon.

‘Vaccine Commander’ Chris Dawson announced that health authorities would be ramping up efforts to improve the state’s Indigenous vaccination rate over the next five weeks, including going door-to-door in communities with low immunisation figures.

“Rather than expect people to come to places such as health campuses, we know that some groups are staying in their homes.
“So that means that we will be going door-to-door, and if they don’t take it up the first time because they’ve got some doubts or lack of information, we will sit down and engage with them.”

‘Engage with them’ while going door-to-door to boost jab rates?

What could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

“In terms of the Pilbara, it’s quite significantly behind,” Dawson continued at the conference.

“I don’t want to speculate on exactly when the Pilbara will achieve 80 per cent, but we want to achieve it before the new year is out.”

But.. what if.. the residents don’t want the jab, commander?

Ah, I see. It’s not really ‘their choice’ after all, is it?

How exactly will you ‘achieve’ this while you are there?

“That means really strong, respectful relationships, where you’re going to sit down with them, talk to them, explain the misinformation that’s about and dispel some of those myths.”

The WA Thought Police are coming to your homes, Pilbara. Literally.

If the authorities tell you that 2+2=5, what will you say in return?

At least this ‘commander’ didn’t tell citizens to “choose their poison” like Victoria’s chief did.

Not as open with their language in WA, but equally as pressing of a situation.

TOTT News will continue to follow this story.

For consideration..

Does this story sound similar to scenes we witnessed in Italy at the beginning of the pandemic?

Something to consider.


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10 comments on “WA region ‘likely to be shut off from state’, door-to-door jab campaign announced”

  1. i live in the Pilbara. Had zero covid the whole time with people coming and going pretty much as normal, lots of FIFO etc…. now they target us for low uptake and threaten us even further. These people are fkn insane. Many see Mark as some saviour but he is not, he is just, if not more evil than the other leaders around the world

    1. The Magnificent Seven Remake MARK 3, in a Role reversal, Good now BAD ( Boxheads Advising Dictators).Starring ALL the Australian Premiers as a Gang full of W.A.N.K. (Without Actual Nominal Knowledge).
      Coming soon to an Area near You/ Us, TURDGATE, where for Once Government will investigate SHIT (Some Higher Institutionalised Tossers), other than themselves!!
      Fail to see, IF, THE Governmen/s NEVER (ANY OF THEM)Independently, Scientifically, Sterilised ISOLATED, and Positively ACTUALLY IDENTIFIED SARS- CoV-2 ( DIFFERENT TO Corona Virus, our STANDARD Common yearly Cold/ Flu, and Similar sequential coding to Pneumonias and Other Virus Types), WHAT difference is a POO sample going to BE??
      Mark, if you want some A.N.K., I work in Turd processing as part of my JOB! – NO, The other Job – Work.
      Wellness to US.

    2. I hope you made it to the protest to day in Perth and realise how many are in solidarity with you. #hold the line. We will take the fight there.

  2. More idiocracy! I just knew that this mad Premier would be just as dictatorial as the rest. Tribal people are wary of the vaccine, especially since an elder was on TV proudly having his shots. A week later he is dead! These government people are thugs dressed up as health advocates. They must think we are all really stupid and I know most of the population is but there are a small number of us fighting for our freedoms and democracy around this and we aren’t going away or backing down. We are involved in FIFO and have never heard of anyone getting covid or dying of it up there. Here is a link to the latest Highwire where Geert Vanden Bossche is interviewed. What he has to say is very depressing as he is predicting mass deaths due to vaccinating during a pandemic. Just wait a few more months and we will see the numbers skyrocket in the hospitals and they will all be the vaccinated.


  3. There is some real interesting language, going on here:! Don’t you think:?
    Those who can recognise the double speak, intimidation and coercion as
    safety and concern, cause ifin Youse don’t take our offer, we is gonna, take
    away, what is already yours; so we is gonna imprison Youse lot, for your safety,
    Then we is, gonna acome a knockin on your door; trooping in all official like,
    sit Youse down and gives you the terms and conditions, of YOUR decision:

    Well gee, ain’t that nice, hey bloke are Youse vaccinated:? are ya ridgydidge, hey;
    are you respectful of my position:? Comin in here, are Youse, practicin whatcha
    preachin; hey;? Prove it:! Who are You:? All that ” strong relationships ” jargon,
    I is the nail, you is the Hammer:! yeah, is that the ” building of respectful relationships ” is it?
    Do I get, an advocate, a witness, or will it be , he said , I said, thems who lives
    in the regions, knows about these respectful languages;
    Informed Consent, Formalised Contractual obligations please; cause if you are
    making the ” offer” its got to be in writing: absolute:! Commercial Law:
    Cause mate, I is gonna be locked out of the State, of the State I is in,?? have
    services and other penalties imposed, because I reject the ” Product” :!
    Which means the ” offer” rejects itself, as coercive in conduct, and fraud
    in execution:!

    Now, I am familiar with the fact, that the State, is in Contract with the Party,
    of the First Part: the Pharmaceutical Companies: right: Supply, Liability, Distribution, Liability, oh sorry, I already mentioned that, yeah well here’s the
    thing, ….I and me’s is supposed to be party of the third part, right, and I don’ts
    have a Contract, with either, the First or Second Parties: ” building respectful relationships ” hmmm: No Consent, No Informed Consent, and the Parties of
    the First and Second Parts, are Corporations; they consented with each other;
    right, But; have they at any time established, that I am a Corporation;?
    No, I am a living being, of the earth,of the Land: my Spirit was put here:
    I am, not a dead thing, I am not ” In- Corpse- arrated ” this I declare and God,
    Is My Witness:

    If Consent, to the Contract Offer; then you is a Corpse- arration:!
    And as such , Youse, inherent the Liability: what was that,? ” buyer beware”;
    Oh yeah, did yu read it, did yu understand it, do yu wanna go down the
    road?, something Youse been doin all your life: If God , can’t stop yu, how are
    they gonna:? Hey! Cause Youse believe, in the power of the paper, the uniform,
    they can take stuff from yu, only if you let em: We walk these lands, for millions
    of years, we live , we die, but we are still here, no contract on paper, no medicine,
    is ever goin to change that, I am the Land , I belong to it, and it belongs to us:

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