December 6, 2023

11 thoughts on “WA region ‘likely to be shut off from state’, door-to-door jab campaign announced

  1. i live in the Pilbara. Had zero covid the whole time with people coming and going pretty much as normal, lots of FIFO etc…. now they target us for low uptake and threaten us even further. These people are fkn insane. Many see Mark as some saviour but he is not, he is just, if not more evil than the other leaders around the world

    1. The Magnificent Seven Remake MARK 3, in a Role reversal, Good now BAD ( Boxheads Advising Dictators).Starring ALL the Australian Premiers as a Gang full of W.A.N.K. (Without Actual Nominal Knowledge).
      Coming soon to an Area near You/ Us, TURDGATE, where for Once Government will investigate SHIT (Some Higher Institutionalised Tossers), other than themselves!!
      Fail to see, IF, THE Governmen/s NEVER (ANY OF THEM)Independently, Scientifically, Sterilised ISOLATED, and Positively ACTUALLY IDENTIFIED SARS- CoV-2 ( DIFFERENT TO Corona Virus, our STANDARD Common yearly Cold/ Flu, and Similar sequential coding to Pneumonias and Other Virus Types), WHAT difference is a POO sample going to BE??
      Mark, if you want some A.N.K., I work in Turd processing as part of my JOB! – NO, The other Job – Work.
      Wellness to US.

    2. I hope you made it to the protest to day in Perth and realise how many are in solidarity with you. #hold the line. We will take the fight there.

  2. More idiocracy! I just knew that this mad Premier would be just as dictatorial as the rest. Tribal people are wary of the vaccine, especially since an elder was on TV proudly having his shots. A week later he is dead! These government people are thugs dressed up as health advocates. They must think we are all really stupid and I know most of the population is but there are a small number of us fighting for our freedoms and democracy around this and we aren’t going away or backing down. We are involved in FIFO and have never heard of anyone getting covid or dying of it up there. Here is a link to the latest Highwire where Geert Vanden Bossche is interviewed. What he has to say is very depressing as he is predicting mass deaths due to vaccinating during a pandemic. Just wait a few more months and we will see the numbers skyrocket in the hospitals and they will all be the vaccinated.

  3. There is some real interesting language, going on here:! Don’t you think:?
    Those who can recognise the double speak, intimidation and coercion as
    safety and concern, cause ifin Youse don’t take our offer, we is gonna, take
    away, what is already yours; so we is gonna imprison Youse lot, for your safety,
    Then we is, gonna acome a knockin on your door; trooping in all official like,
    sit Youse down and gives you the terms and conditions, of YOUR decision:

    Well gee, ain’t that nice, hey bloke are Youse vaccinated:? are ya ridgydidge, hey;
    are you respectful of my position:? Comin in here, are Youse, practicin whatcha
    preachin; hey;? Prove it:! Who are You:? All that ” strong relationships ” jargon,
    I is the nail, you is the Hammer:! yeah, is that the ” building of respectful relationships ” is it?
    Do I get, an advocate, a witness, or will it be , he said , I said, thems who lives
    in the regions, knows about these respectful languages;
    Informed Consent, Formalised Contractual obligations please; cause if you are
    making the ” offer” its got to be in writing: absolute:! Commercial Law:
    Cause mate, I is gonna be locked out of the State, of the State I is in,?? have
    services and other penalties imposed, because I reject the ” Product” :!
    Which means the ” offer” rejects itself, as coercive in conduct, and fraud
    in execution:!

    Now, I am familiar with the fact, that the State, is in Contract with the Party,
    of the First Part: the Pharmaceutical Companies: right: Supply, Liability, Distribution, Liability, oh sorry, I already mentioned that, yeah well here’s the
    thing, ….I and me’s is supposed to be party of the third part, right, and I don’ts
    have a Contract, with either, the First or Second Parties: ” building respectful relationships ” hmmm: No Consent, No Informed Consent, and the Parties of
    the First and Second Parts, are Corporations; they consented with each other;
    right, But; have they at any time established, that I am a Corporation;?
    No, I am a living being, of the earth,of the Land: my Spirit was put here:
    I am, not a dead thing, I am not ” In- Corpse- arrated ” this I declare and God,
    Is My Witness:

    If Consent, to the Contract Offer; then you is a Corpse- arration:!
    And as such , Youse, inherent the Liability: what was that,? ” buyer beware”;
    Oh yeah, did yu read it, did yu understand it, do yu wanna go down the
    road?, something Youse been doin all your life: If God , can’t stop yu, how are
    they gonna:? Hey! Cause Youse believe, in the power of the paper, the uniform,
    they can take stuff from yu, only if you let em: We walk these lands, for millions
    of years, we live , we die, but we are still here, no contract on paper, no medicine,
    is ever goin to change that, I am the Land , I belong to it, and it belongs to us:

  4. ABSOLUTE MUST READ and please post and send out this extremely important compendium of Covid revelations—EVERYWHERE!
    Here’s How They Rolled Out The Covid Tyranny Nation By Nation So Quickly
    Both OPERATION COVID-19 along and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda were on the drawing board since at least 1913.
    A HUGE piece of the foregoing gargantuan task was to bring on board each and every head of state who would roll out the Covid tyranny in their respective nations. As of today, Saturday, November 20th, all of those naked tyrants have exposed themselves to be nothing but bribed and blackmailed puppets of “Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators”.
    Only by correctly comprehending the true depth and breadth of the global Covid conspiratorial plot can all of the true perpetrators be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws governing intentional genocide and crimes against humanity (e.g. Nuremberg Code).
    The following excellent exposé goes a long way to doing just that; it well delineates that heretofore carefully concealed conspiracy so that justice can be served for the billions of aggrieved residents of planet Earth who have been deliberately killed and injured, debilitated and diseased, bankrupted and impoverished.
    State of the Nation
    November 20, 2021
    Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ (Videos)
    By Michael Lord
    RAIR Foundation USA
    Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency………
    Mysterious Beginnings……
    Schwab’s Young Global Leaders: Incubator of the Great Reset?
    In 1992 Schwab established a parallel institution, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, which was re-established as Young Global Leaders in 2004. Attendees at the school must apply for admission and are then subjected to a rigorous selection process. Members of the school’s very first class in 1992 already included many who went on to become important liberal political figures, such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Tony Blair. There are currently about 1,300 graduates of this school, and the list of alumni includes several names of those who went on to become leaders of the health institutions of their respective nations. Four of them are former and current health ministers for Germany, including Jens Spahn, who has been Federal Minister of Health since 2018. Philipp Rösler, who was Minister of Health from 2009 until 2011, was appointed the WEF’s Managing Director by Schwab in 2014.
    Other notable names on the school’s roster are Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand whose stringent lockdown measures have been praised by global health authorities; Emmanuel Macron, the President of France; Sebastian Kurz, who was until recently the Chancellor of Austria; Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission; and Annalena Baerbock, the leader of the German Greens who was the party’s first candidate for Chancellor in this year’s federal election, and who is still in the running to be Merkel’s successor. We also find California Governor Gavin Newsom on the list, who was selected for the class of 2005, as well as former presidential candidate and current US Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg, who is a very recent alumnus, having been selected for the class of 2019. All of these politicians who were in office during the past two years have favored harsh responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and which also happened to considerably increase their respective governments’ power.
    But the school’s list of alumni is not limited to political leaders. We also find many of the captains of private industry there, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton. Again, all of them expressed support for the global response to the pandemic, and many reaped considerable profits as a result of the measures.
    Schwab’s Yes Men in Action……..

    A Worldwide Network of Wealth & Influence
    Graduates from the Young Global Leaders school, and Global Leaders for Tomorrow before them, find themselves very well-situated given that they then have access to the WEF’s network of contacts. The WEF’s current Board of Trustees includes such luminaries as Christine Lagarde, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and current President of the European Central Bank; Queen Rania of Jordan, who has been ranked by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world; and Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the largest investment management corporation internationally and which handles approximately $9 trillion annually. By tracing the connections between the school’s graduates, Wolff claims that you can see that they continue to rely on each other for support for their initiatives long after they participated in the Global Leaders programs…………

    The Alliance of Big Business & Government
    The main goal of the WEF’s activities, Wolff believes, is to facilitate and further high-level cooperation between big business and national governments, something which we are already seeing take place. Viviane Fischer, another participant in the Corona Committee podcast, points out that the British-based company Serco processes migrants for the British government and also manages prisons around the world, among its many other activities. The pharmaceutical industry’s international reach is also considerable: Wolff mentions that Global Leaders alumnus Bill Gates, for example, had long been doing business with Pfizer, one of the main producers of the controversial mRNA anti-Covid vaccines, through his Foundation’s public health initiatives in Africa since long before the pandemic began. Perhaps not coincidentally, Gates has become one of the foremost champions of lockdowns and the Covid vaccines since they became available, and The Wall Street Journal has reported that his Foundation had made approximately $200 billion in “social benefits” from distributing vaccines before the pandemic had even begun. One can only imagine what its vaccine profits are today.
    Digital technology, which is now all-pervasive, is also playing a prominent role in the elite’s global designs. Wolff highlights that BlackRock, run by Global Leaders alumnus Larry Fink, is presently the largest advisor to the world’s central banks and has been collecting data on the world financial system for more than 30 years now, and undoubtedly has a greater understanding of how the system works than the central banks themselves……….

    Democracy Has Been Cancelled
    The ultimate conclusion one must draw from all of this, according to Wolff, is that democracy as we knew it has been silently cancelled, and that although the appearance of democratic processes is being maintained in our countries, the fact is that an examination of how governance around the world works today shows that an elite of super-wealthy and powerful individuals effectively control everything that goes on in politics, as has been especially evident in relation to the pandemic response.
    The best way to combat their designs, Wolff says, is simply to educate people about what is happening, and for them to realize that the narrative of the “super-dangerous virus” is a lie that has been designed to manipulate them into accepting things that run contrary to their own interests. If even 10% of ordinary citizens become aware of this and decide to take action, it could thwart the elite’s plans and perhaps open a window for ordinary citizens to take back control over their own destinies.
    Video Interview
    Ernst Wolff is interviewed in this series of videos by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer and politician who hosts a podcast called Corona Ausschuss (Corona Committee), which critically examines the German government’s response to the pandemic. These videos are taken from one of their podcasts. Also on the group chat are Viviane Fischer, a business attorney and economist based in Berlin who is a regular participant on the Corona Committee; and Wolfgang Wodarg, a former German Member of Parliament for the Social Democratic Party who has been vocal in opposing the German government’s lockdown and vaccination measures.
    Source > See other posts also

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