October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “Debate over pandemic legislation POSTPONED as pressure mounts

  1. I love headlines like this. Clearly if you read between the lines, Daniel Andrews and Co. know too well that if they pass this law, not only will there be zero compliance and police forced to act in a way that they may also refuse, but it would mean the real possibility of a confide rebellion that would undoubtedly spread across Australia like our infamous fires. And unlike the charity money the government magically made go away for those, they would not be able to magic this one away. The more force the apply, the more protestors they will face, and the more brutality they risk, which will also mean more protestors. Throwing people in prison or in camps will have the same result. So now Andrews and other states are caught between the One world order great reset, and a lynch mob ! And I avoided saying “their jobs” because none of these wankers will have jobs at the end of this. The next election is going to be a landslide !

    1. If people vote in the libs we are no better off. Labor and Libs have far too much power and we need to weaken their grip. We are voting ourselves to death.

  2. Give Dandrews time to corrupt the opposition, “Hey when you get off the gravy train, there will be two $million in an offshore account for you :)” Compliments of Rothschilds LMAO
    Btw, Soooo proud of Victorians standing “UP” Thats the Aussie way, !

    1. Perceptive comment, Jim. And while I am at it (and eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s Brisbane Freedom Rally), I feel a “pop-up rally” outside the Adelaide Zoo coming on soon after I return to SA, as the zoo is mandating the “covid vaccination” and masks for visitors. My placard will read: “New at the zoo: ‘Human 2.0’, quaxxed and muzzled”

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