December 6, 2023

9 thoughts on “‘COVID Commander’ tells Australians to “choose your poison” | Video

  1. Even by the standards of the usual comments, this is nasty. If it remains, it reinforces my growing belief that this site is a front for far-right hate.

    1. First thing I noticed, The man Is titled ” The Victorian Response Commander “. I understand this as a military title.Surely this means we are actually on a war. But I thought this was about health ? Could someone please explain this to me ?

      1. With approximately 190 Governments @ WAR, with THE [NOT THEIR] Home Populations, perhaps it IS WW 3 – Operation Dark Winter [How did they ‘Know’ about this, & Ápparent’ Energy Crisis back in 2001]. As for ‘Poisons’ [This would be by Definition] – A Substance that CAUSES INJURY ILLNESS OR DEATH, ESPECIALLY CHEMICALS!
        Yep! Sounds Like CURRENT SWINDLE 19 AND, THE Health [Sorry ILLNESS] SYSTEM to me! Fore there is NO ‘Profit’ for Çorporations, NOR Government in a Healthy Population. Why is,are Governments generally incapable of Solutions ‘R’ US, but are Optimal on the oxymoronic? Entertainment I guess!
        For Lemmings [sorry little Furry Creatures for References], living in Western Australia, THE PLAIN SIGHT FACTOR- OWN web site – #4.
        Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID -19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] No. 2) 2021.
        PLAIN SIGHT.
        & The Lemmings should Steer WELL CLEAR of ANY EMRs, & Including MRIs Etc., Lest they Çomplicate” their already ‘Delicate Existence!’
        Happy Days Martha”! Now we’ve been Fully Vaxxed [So Far, until The Booster Circus rocks into Clown World], we can now have “‘Access ALL areas!’ How about we crack on down to that Fully 5G Enabled Arena & watch a Game. We’ll go at Night, so when they turn the lights out, we can see who ‘Glows’ the Most, in the Dark!”
        Well at least if you scratch yourself, it’ll be obvious where the Wound is! Wonder if THE Vampires Organised this on Purpose? Saves taking a Torch! AND, NO Batteries Complicating those Nasty Emissions – YAY, Winner!.
        Wellness – John Dawe

  2. In court these “gaffs” become plausible deniability. These slip’s of tongue are intentional

  3. Hi Wombat.In this nation we believe in diversity and free speech. I do not think the statement you are referring to is wise or helpful. But the person has a right to say it. Neither do I see that this site is a far right hate group. Would you be able to state your reasons for thinking that is the case ?

    1. Hi Spinner,

      I too believe in free speech. But there is a difference between ‘free’ and ‘hate’. It is the sort of attack favoured by Hitler (and his minions) in attacks on the Jews. Surely attacking someone on the basis simply of gender, race or religion is unacceptable. Attacks on Jews are a marks of right wing extremism, harking back to the the propogandism of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, the pogroms of the crusades and of course the holocaust. The fact that this comment has been left is a demonstration (in my humble) of the acceptance/encouragement of hate.

      Comments have been deleted in the past, when views contrary to those of the moderators have been posted. I know this as a fact. So the fact that Jim Haut’s comment 𝘩𝘢𝘴𝘯’𝘵 been deleted would indicate that it is supported, or at the very least not opposed

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