September 27, 2023

13 thoughts on “Australians to scan faces for government services

  1. Sheesh I was hoping to get out of this [still a] prison colony as fast as travel opened up again (yeah, right). At this rate I won’t have enough social credit to get on an airplane. I’ll have to ‘hack’ the system by throwing a brick through a shop window and get me deported.

  2. Communist Australia. Now it’s becoming obvious why Australia spits in the faces of religious prisoners in China, Tibet & Mongolia, Australia is a province of China with the exact same current genocidal policies as CCP.
    I hate Australia so much. It’s shameful & disgraceful treating citizens like CCP treat their citizens/prisoners.

  3. The mass are sleep walking into a prison state the likes of which will make Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union seem insignificant in comparison and yet they are completely oblivious to it!

    1. Nat JF,

      this was all planned a long time ago when the corporate controlled media and the education systems were set up to hypnotise and dumb the people into submission.

      There may be no way out of this and we must now stay awake to the effects of the mass deception.

      Do not damage your thinking and perception processes another day with the lying propaganda media.

      Count yourself very lucky to know that much!

  4. Hey guys, masks are starting to look good! Oh no, the bastards have probably already worked that one out. Just another step toward global techno-fascism. Let’s not forget the COVID-19(84) acronym explanations: “Covert Operations Via Infectious Disease”, or, if you are more Vaxx oriented: “Certificate of Vaccination ID”.
    Just announced in the local Adelaide prolefeed that Accenture is going to move into “Lot Fourteen”, the high-tech hub built on the ruins of the old RAH. Along with the wretched Gates, they are major players in “ID2020”, that wants to digitally ID all of us. Check their website. And while you’re at it, check iOmniscient’s site. No hubris in that outfit’s name???!!!

  5. Nobody’s getting out of this unless we get enough people to stand and fight and tear down this whole system of corruption. We have to remove this idea of being governed. Government is supposed to be voted into service (not power) to handle the admin and defence and have a ‘hands off’ way of working and just keep out of the way of the people who take responsibility for themselves. We are free people and if we insist on Common Law not this evil Corporate Law we can bring on this Global Reset ON OUR TERMS. We don’t need everybody awake and on side, we just need enough people. People aware to what is going on, smart enough to take appropriate action or at least smart enough to find others with the wisdom and skills who can offer direction, And we need people with enough heart and honesty and integrity to work together to one accord, Freedom.

    1. I’m a disability pensioner and this just boils my blood with anger! I will not comply and I will sacrifice myself taking out as many of these evil politicians as possible before I go! Either the masses wake up and storm parliament house or I’m going alone! I’ve had enough of this evil and it’s time to put a stop to it! #PEOPLEPOWER

  6. Welcome to the world of the Khazar Joo, the creators of Communism, Zionism, Socialism or anything else with “ism” on the end.
    Khazar Joos or also known as Middle eastern European Joo (ashkenazi), and Billy Hughes warned Australians of them.
    The Khazars make up most of the Committee of 300 along with its contributing Cult societies. They all know each other and have the same goal of a New World Order that is fuel-ed by their religious belief system – the Kabbalah with the books of the Zohar and Talmud. These writings contain prophecies written by Rabbis from centuries ago. Their prophecies are self fullfilled by Joos, and not by God.
    Communism is part of the Joo World Order or One World Gov, where are you going to run to?
    If you study their religion like Christopher John Bjerknes has done to expose their plans, it becomes obvious they want the world to themselves. The Khazar Joo believes they are Gods chosen race of human, and any other human is classed as nothing more than an insect to these people. Have a look at Menachem Begin, a past Israeli PM on what he thought of non-joos or gentiles. They hate the white race. Menachem was a terrorist and the master mind behind 9/11.
    Talmud and Zohar books prophetize that in the age of Aquarius, all Gentiles are to be exterminated. As far as I know the Joos believe age of Aquarius begins at the end of this year. Who funded the Georgia Guidstones?
    We are talking Psychopaths following a false doctrine that likely own over half the Worlds wealth and control most Governments who wish to control the World from a central hub in an Israeli 3rd Temple in which they will place their own Messiah (Mashiach).
    And don’t forget they have A.I. now, so they no longer need us.

    There are websites listing the members of the Committee of 300, they operate out of the “Royal Institute of International affairs”, (Chatham House), the CFR in the USA, the Zionist Federations and upper level Freemasonry, plus more Cult societies like the Fabians and Skull and Bones. Jonathan Coleman was the pioneer researcher into the Committee of 300 who exposed them back in the early nineties.

    The whole thing is Satanic worship. Look up the Baal arch, and Khazarian Mafia history. Even the Windsors are German Khazar Joos, and descendants of Vlad the Impaler. Jimmy Saville is the Godfather of Prince William. Why do you think Lady Dianna got the hell out of the Royal Family? Just about every night on the 6 oclock news they run a small segment on how great the Royals are. Who owns the TV stations?

    You always know you have an enemy, when they bring in their own laws stating that you cannot criticize them with Antisemitism. And they are not even Joos, they hijacked the Biblical Joos heritage to empower themselves.

    I hope everything I have said here is wrong and our future is sweet for the multicultural human race.

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