Residents gather at QLD/NSW border for anti-lockdown protest

A strong police presence has met a number of protesters who turned up today at the Queensland/New South Wales border to rally against ongoing closures.

Roughly two thousand people showed up around lunchtime today, with some attempting to walk over the state line, before marching through the streets.


Rally through Cooly.
Photos: SNA

Freedom protesters have congregated on the New South Wales and Queensland border for an anti-lockdown rally, following increasingly difficult restrictions for residents in the border bubble.

An estimated 2,000 residents, including a man riding a horse, stood on both sides of the border in the coastal town of Coolangatta, to object current guidelines in the area.

Despite being warned not to congregate, the protest began at midday with protestors shouting “who do you work for?” at police officers. They also chanted for unity:

A man was seen riding a horse up and down a street in front of the crowd shouting, “cross the border. Everyone cross the border, they can’t hold all of us”.

Multiple arrests were made at first, as roughly 50 police officers monitored the peaceful crowd.

Police were tense at first.
Photo: FIIK

A local from the Tweed area told ABC News the lockdown would be the “end of democracy”.

“It’s a direct attack on my freedom of liberty, freedom to move,” he said.

“This will be the break-up of the Commonwealth of Australia, it will be the fragmentation of Australia into disparate, fighting, disputing groups and the end of democracy as we know it.”

The crowd was heard repeatedly chanting “you work for us” while a plane flew over the protest with a trailing banner reading, “Tweed zero cases. Why lockdown insanity?”.

Heading down the strip!
Photo: Screenshot
‘No more closures!’
Photo: SQL

Deputy Premier Steven Miles openly criticised those who participated in a similar protest on Saturday calling the protest “shameful and reckless”.

“That’s not the kind of behaviour Queenslanders do, it’s very un-Queensland like,” he said.

The border protest follows similar protests in Melbourne and Sydney as residents gathered in defiance of the state-wide lockdowns.

Our friends at Aussie Beach TV had on-the-ground coverage of the day, including an interview. See their Facebook page by clicking here.


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5 comments on “Residents gather at QLD/NSW border for anti-lockdown protest”

  1. Surprise Night-time Protests en masse need to be organised as covertly and as often as possible.

    Truckers need to armour-up (pin-hole 1cm thick steel plates to cover, windscreens, windows, doors, radiators and tyres) their vehicles against bullets and tyre spike systems.

  2. Good onya people…yes, we need a lot more of this sort of activity. Steven Miles calling these real people unQueensland-like has to be the ultimate irony. He has to be in a titanic tussle with “The Health Hazzard” for the title of the most gormless politician in the Fascist Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz.

    Hey, I like the idea of that messaging plane overhead…I read that it was also present during the huge rally in Brisbane on Saturday…great stuff!

  3. Very good to see such a strong turnout, hopefully this sort of action continues to grow across the country we need more of it!

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