November 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Residents gather at QLD/NSW border for anti-lockdown protest

  1. Surprise Night-time Protests en masse need to be organised as covertly and as often as possible.

    Truckers need to armour-up (pin-hole 1cm thick steel plates to cover, windscreens, windows, doors, radiators and tyres) their vehicles against bullets and tyre spike systems.

  2. Good onya people…yes, we need a lot more of this sort of activity. Steven Miles calling these real people unQueensland-like has to be the ultimate irony. He has to be in a titanic tussle with “The Health Hazzard” for the title of the most gormless politician in the Fascist Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz.

    Hey, I like the idea of that messaging plane overhead…I read that it was also present during the huge rally in Brisbane on Saturday…great stuff!

  3. Very good to see such a strong turnout, hopefully this sort of action continues to grow across the country we need more of it!

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