‘Coronavirus spikes’ happening in 80% of most vaccinated countries

Countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates are now fighting to contain new ‘coronavirus outbreaks’ that are, on a per-capita basis, higher than ‘surges’ seen in India.

This new trend raises interesting questions about the efficacy of vaccines, including the potential that the jabs themselves are causing these new spikes.


What is really going on? Photo: ALO


As the nation of Seychelles began to offer free coronavirus vaccinations early this year, President Wavel Ramkalawan told reporters that the country was planning to reach herd immunity within weeks.

It was an ambitious target for a small, geographically isolated island nation in the Indian Ocean. But with its economy heavily reliant on tourism, the country called in favours to attain a vaccine supply from regional allies

The effort initially seemed to be a success. The Seychelles stands as the most vaccinated nation on Earth, with more than 60% of its population fully vaccinated. This is more than other vaccine administering giants, like Israel and Britain, and almost twice the United States’ rate of vaccination.

But that success has been undermined recently, as the Seychelles has found itself with its largest number of new ‘coronavirus cases’ per capita, despite such success with vaccination rates.

This is big deal in a country with a population of less than 100,000. On a per capita basis, the Seychelles ‘outbreak’ is worse than what we are supposedly witnessing elsewhere.

A small island nation with almost double the U.S.’ vaccination rate, they recently recorded 328 ‘cases’ per 100,000 people, a far higher incidence than India, when population is accounted for. 

The Seychelles have now announced the return of coronavirus restrictions, school closures and limited opening hours for shops and restaurants.

“These are an upward trend,” said Public Health Commissioner Jude Gedeon at a media briefing Tuesday.

“We do not know how long it will last, but this will depend on what measures are taken and how the new measures are respected.”

This could all be more corona propaganda, yes. Every reader of this website knows nothing should be believed when it comes to the psychological operation before our eyes.

However, sudden increases in ‘coronavirus cases’ has not just been limited to Seychelles — as we are also witnessing similar trends beginning to take hold in the world’s most vaccinated countries.

Could there be something deeper beneath the surface?


If Australia was to suddenly experience a surge in ‘infections’ immediately following mass vaccination, I am sure we would all be asking questions about what is going on.

The most vaccinated countries in the world were soon to relax pandemic restrictions. The great vaccine hope had finally arrived! Or so they thought..

Tourism-reliant Seychelles and Maldives both were quick to welcome tourists. Furthermore, Dubai exited lockdown rapidly and Chile loosened its restrictions and allowed domestic travel.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worst.

Controlling for population, the Seychelles and Bahrain, alongside other highly vaccinated countries like the Maldives and Uruguay, now record the highest number of daily ‘coronavirus cases’.

The Seychelles (61%) and Israel (56%) have the highest proportion of their population fully vaccinated, followed by Chile (38%) and Bahrain (35%). The UAE does not declare granular data, but estimates suggest they have administered 15,000 doses per 100,000 people.

Out of Seychelles, Israel, the UAE, Chile and Bahrain — respectively the world’s five most vaccinated countries — Israel is the only one not fighting to contain a surge in ‘COVID infections’.

Funny that.

This means 80% — four out of five — of the world’s most vaccinated nations are experiencing a new rapid spike in the number of ‘infections’.

Apart from the ‘usual suspects’, of course. They have more ethnic cleansing to take care of.

Back on topic.

These recent outbreaks in vaccinated countries have not only proven the ineffectiveness of mass immunisation programs for COVID, but have also raised some important queries.

Vaccines have often been framed as the ultimate exit strategy from lockdown.

Yet now, ‘experts’ warn a vaccine on its own is likely not enough.

Interestingly, India also experienced a massive spike in available data following the introduction of vaccine programs. Although the per capita basis is not as high as others, it is still of important note:

The efficacy of particular vaccines is likely to become a prominent concern as more countries begin to ramp up inoculation campaigns, and we should all keep an eye on these increasing statistics.

Even if the coronavirus saga (and virus) is a hoax itself, Operation COVAX is serious business.

Could the vaccines themselves be causing these new spikes? Or is this just a ‘coincidence’?


World leaders, including the head of the World Health Organization, issue frequent reminders that nobody is “safe until everyone is safe,” and try to blame these spikes on ‘dangerous variants’.

The WHO classified the B.1.617 variant tearing through India as a ‘variant of concern’, noting it may be ‘more infectious’. The world now struggles to contain the ‘new strains’ that are emerging.

Again, this could all be a continuation of the coronahoax saga, yes. However, we must not overlook the possibility that the vaccine (and its ingredients) could also be causing this.

This could either be direct infection, working in a similar way blood clotting does, or could be more complex in nature all together. What if, it is the unvaccinated people that are being infected?

Reports have circulated online in France stating that vaccinated people are “more likely” to infect others with “super-strains” of the coronavirus. We have seen others expressing this notion.

The WHO and other immunologists have said that these claims are ‘unfounded’ and have ‘no scientific basis’, according to their own ‘research’ on the matter.

“There is no evidence of this,” a WHO spokesperson told Euronews.

Very quick to shut off this type of discussion. Orwellian in nature.

“Vaccination is part of the solution for suppressing transmission along with existing public health measures.”

Yet, even in their own words, the vaccine is “not likely” to prevent infections.

Among the many COVID-19 groups operating on social media, dozens of recent posts focus on fears that people vaccinated against the ‘virus’ can shed the jab and infect those around them.

Vaccine viral shedding can occur in live-attenuated vaccines. Because they contain a weakened version of the pathogen, live-attenuated vaccines have the potential to shed live viruses.

Not only do those who get the vaccine face side effects, as we have seen reported, but could they also face the possibility of shedding their genetically modified toxins with others?

Is this what is causing rapid spikes in ‘cases’ across the world? Could it be the vaccine itself?

Australia watches on. This same dilemma will eventually reach our shores.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!


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