Vaccine blood clots more deadly than COVID in Australia this year

Top medical officials are urging Australians to “not delay” getting their COVID vaccinations, reiterating how the risk of death from the virus outweighs rare jab side effects.

This message is being relayed despite the fact vaccine blood clotting has been linked to more deaths than COVID-19 in Australia in 2021.


What do the statistics say? Photo: MFB


Australia’s top medical official has urged countrymen who received an AstraZeneca vaccine to “not delay” getting the second dose – even though the vaccine has been linked to more deaths than COVID in Australia this year.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, after a National Cabinet meeting, also reiterated the benefits of vaccination and urged Australians to remain vigilant for symptoms of COVID-19.

He told Australia that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine in fighting the COVID-19 risk “far outweigh” the risks of dying from a rare blood clotting syndrome.

However, the statistics show a different story at the present date:

Two women in Australia have died of blood clots so far. These two deaths are included as a part of a total number of 40+ confirmed and ‘probable’ cases of blood clotting.

However, reports reveal to us that the only COVID death this year was an 80-year-old traveller who died in April, after being diagnosed in hotel quarantine. Almost three months ago.

Please see the following statistics below that highlight Australia’s low COVID death rate:

One death from COVID in 2021.
Source: Worldometers
The last death from COVID in Australia.
Source: Worldometers
Current COVID death count.
Source: Worldometers

Worldometer is a provider of global COVID-19 statistics. 

Our data is trusted and used by: The UK Government, Johns Hopkins CSSE, the Government of Thailand, the Government of Pakistan, the Government of Sri Lanka, Government of Vietnam, Financial Times, The New York Times, Business Insider, BBC, and many others.”


These statistics beg the ultimate question: Does the risk of the virus “far outweigh” jab side effects?

Well, this depends on understanding the current risk from the virus itself.

Of course, the low coronavirus death count in Australia will be attributed to mask wearing, social distancing, snap lockdowns and other ‘COVID Safe’ measures.

However, if there is currently an inferred 50% higher chance of death (1:2) from COVID-19 because of rare vaccine complications, versus the safety of using existing measures, shouldn’t those who don’t want to be jabbed be given the choice between getting the dose OR continuing measures?

Why the mass coercion if existing guidelines are just as effective — if not more — at prevention?

Furthermore, let’s even go off the mainstream narrative here:

If it is claimed that vaccines don’t actually 100% protect you from COVID (rather shield you from ‘severe symptoms’), doesn’t this also infer guidelines are better in the long-term?

What is the point of vaccines if fully-vaccinated residents were still subject to recent lockdowns?

The statistics show more people have died from the vaccine under the current circumstances. Meaning, the current circumstances are effective and justify opposition to vaccine risks.

Although it is rare to get a blood clot, the chance of dying from the virus when following precautions is even rarer.

It seems even Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young, agrees with this premise:

In addition, if a deadly virus is on the loose, forever changing into new variants and dodging immunisation schedules in years to come, wouldn’t the safest bet be to shape the current direction?

Certain measures for the vulnerable, while the mostly (not at risk) society returns to normal?

Shouldn’t this fact alone call for a change in existing safety measures?


Let’s not forget that coronavirus spikes are occurring in 80% of the world’s most vaccinated countries, adding further weight that vaccines are not the way back to normality.

Thus, the notion that ‘lockdowns will end when we are all vaccinated’ is fallible.

Let’s focus on: ‘lockdowns will end when…’ *insert a new approach without vaccines here*.

These are just a few of many points that need to be asked, but the media never raise them.

I’m not a proponent of lockdown measures, but if this is a strong discussion point to raise with the average Australian in relation to the efficacy of the vaccine, I think it is important to note.

Once they figure out the vaccine isn’t the ‘way out’, or more broadly that there is no end to this new-age of perpetual warfare, the measures themselves will begin to crumble in suit.


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The ‘war’ is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous


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11 comments on “Vaccine blood clots more deadly than COVID in Australia this year”

  1. I find it very nauseating to see this happening, while people are getting blood clots and dying, plus getting heart muscle damage. Any decent, honest person can weigh this up in the proper light and say to themselves this is totally unacceptable.

  2. This is what happens when we have Big pHARMa reps masquerading as “leaders”. The evidence is in now, so those still urging everyone to get covaxxed will be guilty of mass murder. pHARMa puppets: beware Nuremberg 2.

  3. Thing is they want both. All of us jabbed and controlled with these permanent restrictions on our lives.We are in the thick of this battle right now and awake people need to keep on not complying with their utter propaganda to fulfill their communist agenda. Australia is doing great with this and we are becoming more united as a result. Slowly but surely there will be a tipping point and I believe we are nearly there.

  4. we see everyday, non-stop for the past 18 months & counting that the only way out of these restrictions, deaths & all the other bullshit we have been forced to comply with will end once we are all vaxxed. these are the people pushing FOR the govt dogs that are owned by big pharma…

    Paul Young, Raina MacIntyre, Mary-Louise McLaws, Sharon Lewin and Tony Cunningham


    you will see these “experts” all over the aus media, almost everyday interchangeably supposedly criticising the aus govt to do more on the vaxxs & demanding more restrictions, etc

    their CVs are impressive & I don’t doubt their knowledge or scientific experise but they all have 1 flaw in their collective endeavour… Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation + Fauci has infected each one of them as well.

    pls see these links & join the dots… simple google searches, nothong more!

    Paul Young: Uni of Queensland funding:

    Raina MacIntyre: UNSW Kirby Inst funding: (see pg1 bottom)

    Mary-Louise McLaws: UNSW + WHO funding: you already know who funds WHO + UNSW

    Sharon Lewin: Melbourne Uni & The Peter Doherty Institute funding:

    Tony Cunningham: Syd Uni Westmead Millennium Institute funding: (go to page 29 & see big pharma names) ie; pfizer also invested by B&MGates

    if you dig further, you will see a lot more collaboration, joint efforts & commercial conflicts of interest but I don’t have the patience to write & detail all that i’ve discovered, educate yourself for your benefit.

    so, they’ve stated that aged care workers will be forced to get vaxxed, that’s just the start of the greater plan. the aus govt will blame vaxx hesitancy on the slow rollback of restrictions, just as they blamed us for the massive spread of convid last year to bring in lockdowns.

    as I’ve written in past comments, the govt will use all tools in its toolbox to coerce, intimidate & even lie to convince everyone to get vaxxed… by hook or by crook.

    I choose to be in the control group that doesn’t get trial vaxxed to see what happens to all those who do. if the vaxxed start getting unexpected side-effects I’ll be the one the govt comes to for untainted blood to help with the cure for the terminally ill.

    I hope i’m wrong & no one dies or gets incurably sick. we have to wait for phase 3 to finish ie; at least another 2 full years for these vaccine candidates to be approved & licenced for commercial use in Aus which they are currently not, in case anyone believes otherwise. that’s why you must sign a medical consent before you get vaxxed.

    how can the govt make vaxxs mandatory but still need our consent to get vaxxed?

    there is still no legal document (as at 7 july 2020) that says what rights you have if you get sick or die after being vaxxed. see:

    if anyone here knows what constitutional rights are being illegally broken, pls list them in detail so we have something in our hand to defend ourselves when they come knocking to either convince or force us to get vaxxed.



    1. Well done, Bob, for exposing these disgusting quislings. They are not genuine scientists, just charlatans. More candidates to be tried at Nuremberg 2.

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