December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “The government is clamping down on charities – and it could hurt protests

  1. Charities in Australia are NOT highly regulated and subject to a broad range of obligations; they are more like slush funds and tax dodges for the select few.

  2. Decisions left in the hands of MORE Bureaucrats, who are their OWN ‘Oversight’; Aka; ‘Interpreting’ THE LAW,[A Vague Set of Rules, For WIDE Encapsulation & ‘LEVERAGE’] as ‘They Understand it!’ – OR NOT! Business as usual = TGA INC./ & Codes OF Conduct attached to THE Usual Criminals – STILL, ZERO OVERSIGHT, AND NOT WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON! Apparently ‘Regulations, would not require a Conviction, the laying of Charges, or even formal allegations of an offence being Committed before THE ACNC takes action!’ I think THE ANZAC’S call this a Kangaroo Court! [Didn’t THE Nazi State use the same M.O?] & I, am suppose to show any form of respect, to these new Jacked up Mini Emperors. I feel a Queen Mab Movement coming to/For THE Government! ENTITIES, GOVERNMENT OR NOT, DO NOT DEMAND RESPECT!
    Wellness to US – THE PEOPLE!

  3. The article is well written and I do agree with the comments here. However as I have stated in the past, absolutely all of this and the other narratives going on are part of the same agenda, which started 6000 years ago when Lucifer wanted to take the place of GOD.

    The whole purpose of it all is to create the kind of Kingdom that Satan wants. One where people are subservient and controlled into doing what he wants them. The only way he can get humanity to bow down to him and create a kingdom that resembles GOD’s kingdom is to enslave all of humanity and thereby forcing them to do so. In the end though, he only wants to destroy all of humanity.

    None of this or everything else going on with the agenda, will end until GOD has the final say. The battle will soon be over and the King of King will reign supreme. We are not going to be able to stop anything as the final showdown has to take place and people need to make an informed personal choice as to which side they are on. We simply need to brace for more and hang onto GOD until the end.

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