December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Push for all transport in NSW to become electric

  1. What a ridiculous idea. Australia could drop off the earth tomorrow and it would make not one jot of difference to the composition of earth’s atmosphere. 25 million people next to 1.5 Billion in China alone?

    Aside from that, man-made climate change from CO2 is such a passe notion, do we still take this seriously? I believed it for 30 years, but it just doesn’t add up any more.

    It’s also totally unworkable. even a small increase in charging for electric vehicles would break the grid. No way can wind or solar make this up, and certainly not without hugely increasing fossil fuel energy to build the infrastructure.

    This idea has failure built in, so, humour them, let them try.

  2. Quislings like Constance, Keen, Turnbull et al should be sent to gaol and the key thrown away. Yes, they are acting on behalf of the globalist-parasites to try to enact Agenda 2030. Normally my “Quisling of the Week” award is quax-related (and has thus become “Quaxling of the Week”, but this nonsense sure puts Constance in the running for this week, so may have to revert to the old “Quisling”.

  3. I don’t see petrol or diesel vehicles disappearing anytime soon especially not within the next decade maybe in the next 20 to 30 years, but we’ll see.

  4. All cars in metro areas is plausible to be electric, but to say all trucks as well, I don’t think it would be efficient at all for a 22t + truck travelling from Melbourne to Brisbane being electric and having to stop and recharge all the time. Also the fact that renewables will not be able to power the grid if we have every thing in our life relying on the electrical grid. And even if the grid was powered by renewables, the fact that wind turbines, solar panels are manufactured in china which uses fossil fuels for energy/power still defeats the purpose of them anyway. The two biggest scams other than covid of course happening right now are electric vehicles and how they reduce impact on the environment and CO2 and its affects and businesses becoming zero emitters of CO2. Yeah they are becoming that by changing their plant to trap that CO2 then they sell it off to gas manufactures who then remove the actual bad stuff/impurities like hydrocarbons, acetyldehydes etc and then sell the CO2 off to customers who then put this CO2 in our food and beverages for people to consume, so please tell me more how CO2 is a bad thing? Trying to explain to people that plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out O2 for us to then breathe you would think would be easy, but the confused looks I get makes me lose a lot faith in our education system and people in general to have any form of common sense.

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