December 6, 2023

20 thoughts on “AMA Director wants employers to know if staff have been vaccinated

  1. Get rid of him and his ilk!

    ‘A prominent GP in Sydney’s south-west wants more to be done to address the hesitancy, noting his bookings for the AstraZeneca shot plunged 50 per cent in the past week at his clinic.

    Jamal Rifi from the Belmore Medical Respiratory Clinic said more options were needed to speed up the rollout because there is nobody to jab in Sydney’.

    Question everything. Doctors, actually spelled ‘doctuers’, a title of nobility, as all titles of nobility, were kicked out of America in the early days; however, kept returning in waves.

  2. ‘Many public institutions, including hospitals, are not fully aware of how many of their staff have been vaccinated, given they rely on self-disclosure processes which occur on a needs basis and vary between organisations.’

    Oh I think public institutions including hospitals have a very good idea of how many of their staff have had this toxic jab.So very many accounts on social media of entire groups of nurses becoming ill after it, some having serious adverse reactions. This is why people who still have a brain cell left and who respect their health will never have this experimental biological injection. We are not all programmed in Australia. Many of us have not watched the propaganda machine for decades. Many of us also are warriors, ready able and willing to fight against all of this tyranny and have been doing so for the past year.

    1. Well said, Lisa! Hopefully the tide can continue to turn!

      Part of me suspects this is why Australia always gets the ‘casual side’ of any international ‘crisis’. It seems, on a per capita basis, that we have more awake people here compared to most countries. Or at least open-minded. But we are very ‘she’ll be right’ in mentality at the same time.

      In this sense, they do their best to note poke the bear as the system sets up. Keep things somewhat level, to not upset anyone completely. The media subsequently feeds the bear as the means of distraction, while the keeper attempts to sneak up.

      Will the bear soon turn around? It is beginning to smell something fishy..


    2. Yes otherwise how did they know who to fire; don’t come back to work next week. I am one of them. 40 yrs exp RN. At home and healthy now.

  3. The AMA is a “charity” but the article and name sounds as if its a government accredited regulation agency….fooling the public once again. What grounds do they have to instigate new laws with an experimental drug that hasn’t even finished its trial period yet?. How could his recommendation even be considered legal? Absolute psy-op from this traitor!

    1. Hi Anna, thank you for your comment. An excellent point to note – the AMA certainly have no powers to do anything, yet remain a large voice in the scientism community. The association does not even regulate or certify doctors! Why are governments listening to them again? Boggles the mind.


  4. Great comments above. What a disgrace the AMA is, a fully bought stooge of pHARMa. And all the covaxxes (actually genetic manipulation devices) are as bad as each other. Anyone wanting this version of the People’s Temple purple kool-ade must be insane!

    My final day of 24-day house arrest [during which time I have been visited by 10 polizei] for refusing to submit to the fraudulent, invasive “covid test” which does not test for any virus, but its false positives are declared “cases” in order to justify “lockdowns” and other covid fascist bullshit. I have put this time to very good use, inter alia, by spreading my anti-covax message around…and have been coaching Alan Jones and Cory Bernardi…both have come out on Sky News very strongly against the disgusting “vaccine passport” idea, and the other night Alan came out solidly against the covax itself.

    At midnight tonight, perhaps I can be like Archbishop Desmond Tutu when apartheid ended in S Africa, and shout “Yippee!” at my new freedom.

    1. Cheers, Graham! Really happy to hear your house arrest ordeal is finally coming to an end! What an absolute farce the whole thing.

      Be careful when you return to society – I hear there’s a killer virus on the loose.. or something like that.. Hmm.


  5. Thanks Ethan, yes this covid nonsense sure is bullshit. Haven’t seen that ad in The Harvey Norman daily (sorry, The Advertiser) featuring the SA Chief Public “Health” Officer with her alluring look and sleeve up for a couple of weeks…perhaps they’re running out of ideas about how to lure folks to their doom?

  6. You know it doesn’t matter what the government calls law anymore they have long since ceased to be a valid entity since at least 1973 when Gough Whitlam unlawfully enacted the Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 changing the preface of the constitution with the Queen of Australia which has no head of state and removing the Queens right of succession. To quote the former Chief justice of the High Court Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs “I, therefore, have come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its State Territories has no basis in law.”

    1. Good point, Nathan. This reminds me, I must buy the book written by Yardley/Gibbs, “Australian Political Leaders’ Treason, Treachery and Sabotage”. Nothing’s changed: look at the current sell-outs to the globalist-parasites: coronahoax and smashing small business; “zero emissions to combat climate change” ; planned privatization of Australia Post (only Christine Holgate held them up for a while)…all of these ripping us off and sucking the life out of Australia’s economy.

    1. Sounds like the AMA: Director: has a very bad dose of; fascistic thrombosis:
      It follows: with the symptoms: of overreach:unmitigated detachment: from
      any standards of moral principles:
      The assumption in the first instance: we are not talking about a vaccine:
      This is a stage 3: trial of an experimental: gene transfaction of a synthetic:
      spike protein: with your friuty: p.e.g. : coated : nano : lipids: to trick your immune
      system: and liberal coating of poly: sorbet 80 : great for poisoning the blood:
      The AMA: Director: wants: is not only in the provence: reckless it is an affront:
      to Human rights: and the lawful Constitution: of this Country:
      This is a tactic: of implantation: of these ideas: into the public domain : a
      psy- op seeding: to cultivate: the fertile: fields of propaganda:
      It needs to remembered: what these people: say: The implications of attaching:
      coercion: contracts if performance: mitigation of Informed Consent: to obtain:
      information: (data) for the commercialisation: by false pretences: or fraudulent
      denial if full disclosure: is a Cime:
      These so called treatments: as per the documentation: provided: by the
      manufacturers: within the Protocols: of Emergency Use Only: ! This is not
      an approval::the application of deception: to contend otherwise: is a crime:
      These treatments: offer no immunity: offers no protection: from oral
      transmission : or from a PCR Test: ( Fraudulent Instrument): positive:results:!
      I would recommend to the Director: be cautioned: that any demand or action;
      that implies further breaches of Privacy: or the Constitutional Guarantees:!
      are not in his best interests:

  7. A good mate recently lost his arm in a motorbike accident .

    He has at least 5 appointments at Royal north shore hospital to see about a new working arm as he was a truck driver his keen to rehabilitate somehow.

    His been told he must have the flu vaccine first then two weeks later the dreaded covid jab otherwise doctors will not see him and it will throw any hopes of a prosthetic arm away should he not take the vaccine.

    sad situation for him , he has no choice

    1. Dear Phoenixrises:
      I am sorry to hear of your mates: unfortunate circumstances: a very traumatic:
      event: losing a limb: it would appear that he is a man of endeavour and courage:
      Now: with his condition: he is Disabled: correct: I will, not give advice: just suggest:
      a mode of enquiry: as to position:
      Disability Discrimination Act: 1992: Section 6: relates to indirect disability discrimination:
      Section 24: relates to Goods: Services: and Facilities:
      Privacy Act: 1988: Section 94:H:
      Constitution Act: 1901: Section 51 (23): Confirmed by Referendum: 1946:
      Constitutional Guarantee:unlawful : Medical Experimental procedures:
      Part 6: UNESCO: Bio- Ethics: states your individual rights:and International:
      Nuremberg Code: Experimental Medical Procedures: Human Experiments:

      There are also under Australian Consumer Laws: : Fair Work Act: 2009:

      It must be remembered: what your friend is being subjected to is Coercion:
      This is Unlawful: Businesses: Facilities: are being deployed by Government:
      These organisations : are acting without oath : or lawful direction:

      They: cannot enforce or direct: or place conditional access: to services:
      to which the public is entitled to receive by the imposition: of a Contract:

      In particular if it involves: your friend: being in a Trial: ( level3)
      Of an Unapproved ; Drug or medical treatment:
      ( Unapproved: Authorised: for : Emergency: Use: Only:)
      The demand: for a performance: or obligation to contract: for services:
      is a Crime furthermore: the ability to provide proof of claim: is required:
      that the implied ‘ use’: is as stated: Full disclosure: Study and study results:
      please: very hard to provide what you do not have:

      Understand: what fully Informed Content: requires: full disclosure: and
      discovery: you must be walked through: what the Trial is: by a suitably:
      qualified practitioner: View the ingredients: the insert: you need a receipt:
      of the batch number: of said medication: any neglect to provide the requested:
      information: equates to no Informed Consent:

      Your friend: must not Consent: to any part of any Contract:
      The Flu- shot: has absolutely no basis in Science or Medical research:
      where is the proof: just another contract:

      With the belief: that the people: manufacturers: Government: Medical
      Institutions: have received exemptions: from prosecution: or actions:
      relating : to the Drugs and the alleged claims of efficacy: safety of same:
      This pertains: the the Drug and its applications:
      These so called exemptions: do not extend to Criminal Law: Personal
      Liability: Discriminatitory behaviour: Fraud: Assault: Utterances:
      Demands by menaces: Criminal negligence: False Contract:

      The remedy is in the details: go take a look:
      To deny treatment: or services: for this type of injury: is not lawful:
      It is perverse: and a blatant crime : to induce human suffering: fail
      in the Duty of Care: for a patient: for an experimental drug : is deeply
      disturbing: any Doctor or medical organisation: who believes : that
      this is justified: is living in another time: 1933 : Germany: S4:
      This is what Nuremberg: was all about:

      Good Hunting: Brother:

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