December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Australia joins international COVAX Facility

  1. The WHO is corrupt, led by former peasant turned multi millionaire Tedros who’s bought & controlled by an evil, dishonest murderous regime known as the CCP.
    Any nation that gives money to a WHO connected body supports the CCP & all its evil including murder, genocide, theft, fraud, abduction & crimes against humanity.
    It’s not surprising that another country such as Australia whi too commits crimes of theft, genocide & crimes against humanity would consider this type of financial outlay to be to like minded evil scum.

  2. Have you seen the latest shocker? The British government’s Chief Scientific Officer pushing Covid lockdowns & forced vaccines had £millions in shares in the vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline, and still has £600,000 worth!  The depth of this corruption is just unbelievable— I hope it will wake people up. Well done to the Telegraph whose investigative reporters first discovered it. Here’s a report from the Daily Mail (Telegraph makes you pay to read theirs)

  3. I truly believe more people are waking up in Australia, slowly nevertheless.Without a mass pushback by the citizens, and I am talking hundreds of thousands in each state, combined with Australian ‘influencers’ speaking out publicly against this cruel communist regime we call Government then Australia is a done deal I am sad to say.

  4. well if anyone hasn’t already i think acquiring a firearms license and joining a sporting shooters club is something to think about. its getting more and more like the book 1984 every month..
    start prepping people before you wake up and its all too late

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