September 27, 2023

10 thoughts on “First COVID vaccines have landed in Australia

  1. Not the Eagle has Landed, but the Gates of Hell convid1984 killer quax.
    “Bill, I’m so afraid of covid-19 I want to be first in line for your vax”
    “Simple, my son, hold out your arm. My assistant, “Health” Minister Greg Hunt will administer the jabaroo…won’t hurt at all…just a little prick”
    “Aaaaagh…that was horrible, Bill”
    “It seems Greg needs more training…I’ll use Alan Joyce next time”
    “I’m not feeling too good, Bill…can’t move my arm and everything looks blurry…you look like a monster. I’m scared…”
    “Relax my son, you are passing through my Gates on your way to being Australia’s first Human 2.0. Welcome to the New World Order”
    “Aaaaagh….” [expires]
    “Damn, another one of those coincidental early deaths, nothing to do with my vax of course…he must have had Covid19. And just after I made him into a patented GMO. Didn’t even get time to track his activities via my nano-chip. Forget Human 2.0, now he’s only good for Soylent Green…”

  2. On Saturday February the 20th we are rallying against enforced COVID-19 vaccinations.

    We meet at Frome Park from 10.30am and start our peaceful march at 11.15am to land at Parliament House at 12 noon for speeches. Parliament House and City of Adelaide are booked and approved for this event. SAPOL have been informed by CoA.

    Elderly people are dying are in droves overseas post covid vaccination; health industry workers and others suffering severe, debilitating adverse reactions and covid cases have increased dramatically and not declined post vaccination. This information and their personal stories are widely broadcast in our community, yet the media here are failing to report even on the growing number of adverse reactions officially listed on the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System website.

    It up to us to share this information before friends and loved ones agree to take these experimental vaccines with all their awful consequences. There is no claim that herd immunity will be achieved with high vaccine uptake, the vaccines do not prevent you from catching the disease, lockdowns and mask mandates will continue to apply. Fast-tracking development and approval of an experimental new technology that injects genetic coding into humans is proving undeniably to be lethal. There is no precedent for this experiment, there is no accountability for injury and deaths by manufacturers or our government. Choice is not choice when you lose your income and livelihood if you say no.

    Attached to this email is –

    The rally flyer and we have print copies; please let me know if you can help to distribute these
    An order form for rally t-shirts. Orders must be received by 5pm this Tuesday, February 9th so that t-shirts can be printed and available for collection prior to the march (either at Frome Park or from a central address a day or two before)
    A VISA membership/ donation form – Vaccination Information Serving Australia is a registered non for-profit organisation that formed on February the 11th 1997. We are funded by memberships and donations. Any funds raised will go towards –

    Rally costs – Hire of public address system, banner, and flyer printing costs
    Print materials – We will have pre-printed information, stickers, calls to action etc available for people to take home from the rally.

    All organisers, including myself, work 100% voluntarily.

    Links –

    CDC, vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, Covid-19 updates –

    Petition EN2192 – No Resrictions on Those Who Refuse a Covid 19 Vaccination CLOSES FEBRUARY 10 so please sign and share widely –

    Many thanks to you all and please email or message me with any queries or suggestions.

    Kathy Scarborough

    Vaccination Information SA

  3. funny how there have been sudden spikes & lockdowns here & NZ without warning, again, just before we get the 1st delivery of the poison vaxx… coincidence?

    and this is just the first round of vaxx’s. more and more leaders and supposed experts around the world are openly stating that the virus is here to stay and we’ll need repeat vaxx’s to keep safe and protetcted. so it’s not a one time event that will be over once we’re all injected with this untested poison.

    and if the tga decides our kids should be vaxxed, then we’ll be given the choice to get injected or no school or play or anything else kids would normally get to do as kids.

    the only way I see all this vaxx madness ending is if by some really big fuck up, some govt around the world lets the cat out of the bag due to their arrogance & stupidity that we were all fooled to give up our DNA so now we can be culled or made infertile to purify the globe of disease carrying deplorables that only harm the rest of the inhabitants that will carry on our exceptional species to serve those that made it all possible.

    of course people are unpredictable no matter how many algorithms or AI are engaged to estimate our next move. it may just blow up in their faces when there are enough people (including military & police) that will not take anymore shit from the so called leaders & experts and just run rampant until frustrations are satisfied by a lot of blood flowing from the top down and they are no more.

    we need to play the long game with the plandemic & resist as much as possible for as long as possible to avoid fake tests & any poisons that are being pushed on us & our kids.

    it will be very very hard but we must resist & make lots of intelligent noise that resonates with the frustrated majority & pushes all of us to act as one people instead of falling for the diabolical & intentional narrative of diverse & multicultural & us vs them (gender, race, religion, etc, etc) being constantly shouted at us by the sold out media & their so called experts & govt cronies.

    ALL GOVTS LIE, nuff said.



    1. You know what is happening, Bob, and make so many important points. “Play the long game and resist as much as possible for as long as possible” is the key. And “make lots of intelligent noise.” Anti-coerced/enforced vaccination rallies to be held next Saturday Feb 20th address both of these. Adelaide’s starts at Frome Park (next to Victoria Drive intersection) at 10.30am, Melbourne’s at Fawkner Park, South Yarra 12 noon. Perhaps someone can lprovide details of the Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, etc rallies.

  4. The UK government’s own figures (see *below) show that the Pfizer vaccine in the UK has already caused 107 deaths and 49,472 injured in the first 6 weeks alone, including strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, facial paralysis, nervous system disorders, immune system disorders, psychiatric disorders and even 5 cases of permanent blindness.

    Here are the links to the government data: The link to government data document is in 1) EXPOSED: click on “deaths and injuries”.

  5. Thanks to Tott News and the above commentators for the information provided. I pray many will stand firm and refuse the evil “vaccine”.

    1. Thank you so much. I will forward this on. I had a look at the site and the list of issues endless. I for one, cannot believe that people are willing to get this injected into their system. I would rather take the chance with the virus, that it if it really does exist.

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