December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Indemnity granted for COVID-19 vaccine side effects

  1. Until Australia stop trading with China I couldn’t care less what politicians say about anything.
    I’m 54 & don’t wear a mask, I’ve never worn a mask, I don’t even take pain medication & I won’t be taking any vaccine.
    Gates can go to hell.
    Liberals can go to hell.
    Labor can go to hell.

    1. Why not give them all something to take with them… Perhaps a bullet, expressly delivered,
      right between the eyes and carried within and into their respective afterlives, yes?

    2. Cory, not good enough I”m afraid, you left out a few conspiracy theories there.. Enjoy the ventilator when it finally catches up with you.

      1. Roger, there’s no excuse for being a sheep in 2020. All the information regarding the China virus is online & easily accessible even for the dunces like you. Most countries in the world are open. Australia being a Chinese province takes its directions from CCP who want all economies other than it’s own to be destroyed making them ripe for exploration by CCP. It’s only the *ELDERLY* & *”IMMUNE DEFICIENT”* who need to worry about the China virus, I have neither so I’m fine. Yes, that’s right, I AM FINE just like the billions worldwide who too don’t wear mask.
        Your fearmongering is so typical for people with an agenda but to me you’re all worthless, yep that’s right, you’re a putz.
        Enjoy your mask buying, China appreciates your loyalty to their efforts.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all; simply more evidence that “our” governments are mere puppets of Gates/Big Pharma. Anyone who wants to take the Covid1984 vaxx should visit a psychiatrist first. But perhaps that is poor advice, given the hold BP has over the medical profession. The psychiatrist would probably advise to take the vaxx.

    1. I read Bill Gates is doing some deals with Australia.Hell, it makes me sick to think of it.Not to mention Morrison and Halton.Anyone got more information?

  3. reminds me of the flu vaccine that messed up my friends brother in the 90s. ausgov not held reponsible. always happens

  4. I’m wondering if Australian medical doctors have heard about a new Virus going to be released, as they seem to be pushing their patients away.
    They only want phone appointments where possible.
    I was offended at the Doc’s receptionist questioning me out loud about many of my private details, and an eighty year old woman came in after me and she was so uncomfortable answering the questions, trying to whisper back to the girl.
    Is this the norm today.?
    Has Bill Gates let out information that there will be a new Virus coming soon & the Doctors are running scared.?

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