December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “Perth’s Optus Stadium becomes Australia’s first 5G ‘smart arena’

  1. Add the mandates of a Convid1984 quax for entry plus face nappies at all times once inside and you have the complete package of a stadium full of docile sheeple enjoying their bread and circus. And let’s not forget, the teams will be required to bend the knee before the game and advertise on their costumes all 36 modern “genders”.

    1. You are spot on the money here Graham. There are 36 genders for now but California has around 152 of them since 2016. So we are slowly getting there. I was listening to Catherine Fitts from PlanetLockdown, where she outlines what she perceives is the whole agenda. People are being fooled by the droves, whilst the power to be are engineering the greatest plan of slavery that has ever existed in the history of humanity. The Reset of Humanity to enslave them.

      What many do not understand is that all the World leaders are marching to the tune of the pied piper and have absolutely no choice in the matter. They are all under a Central control already and the ship is being steered in a very particular direction. Anything that appears to be a division within the ranks of particular governments or even the MSM is actually devised to steer the ship with all the sheep onboard in a very particular direction of where they want them to go according to the Hegelian Dialectic with the Synthesis being, the Great Reset and the enslavement.

      The ConVID1984 was indeed the perfect crisis to create the Orwellian society they have wanted to, on a global scale, as the enemy is invisible and therefore the draconian laws and edicts that can be implemented to achieve their evil agenda, with this type of enemy , is endless.

      The Universal Basic Income and the Social Credit System, is also part of the plan and the next steps of the agenda. 5G and its successor 6G are the essential glue required to allow it the agenda to come to pass including the merging of humanity and machine with the aim of ultimate surveillance akin to slavery. .

      In fact, Klaus Schwab stated this at a speech in Chicago. Mind control ( A more dangerous and modern version of MK-Ulktra )

      TRANSLATION – In a speech at the Chicago Global Council on Global Affairs, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, said that the fourth industrial revolution as part of the “Great Reset” “will lead to a merging of our physical, digital and biological identities ” will. In his book “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” he writes that implantable microchips, for example, could be used to read people’s minds.

      “As skills in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess feelings of guilt, or possibly even memories directly from the Retrieve people’s brains. Even crossing a national border could one day require a detailed brain scan to assess a person’s security risk. In fact, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices – from portable computers to virtual reality headsets – will almost certainly be implanted in our bodies and brains, ”Schwab writes.

      Schwab also openly advocates something that the media still claims is only a subject for discussion for conspiracy theorists, namely, “active implantable microchips that break through our body’s skin barrier.” The WEF explains on its website how thousands of Swedes implanted microchips in their bodies a few years ago.


      Needless to say that Ray Kurzweil, the CT of Google, is part of the same globalist and oligarchs that have had the same evil ideas for quite some time now.

      In all and for all well worth the watch with some great insight. The only missing link being that all roads lead to Rome and the man of sin is the puppeteer in control of all his puppets. He was given the power to be the puppeteer, by his master the dragon. The govts have no other option but to submit to all the demands, as they have been under his control since King John conceeded the crown and throne to the Papal system in 1207. The agenda is spiritual and the Spiritual battle is finally coming to an end in my lifetime. Who would have thought?

    2. So, Secret Military Armaments RESIDENTIAL Technologies [SMART Actual ref], with FULL Government /Corporate Support, to All the Attendees of THE Roman Games. These ‘facilities’, are provided FREE, so you don’t miss a beat when Linking your Domestic abode Surveillance Tech, with your City Arena/Entertainment Surveillance tech. Just like Chinese Social Tracking. Logic;; THE Elite & Rich, DO NOT download ‘TRACE /TRACKING QR Codes/ Apps.'[Unless they are Particularly Stupid]. Criminals in Society, HAVE Electronic Tracking ‘Devices’. Logic; People who Use / Download Electronic Trace /tracking, Therefore, MUST BE CRIMINALS! And ALL Voluntarily. People under THE Current Regimes/ Fraudulent Operations, should KNOW, when they are being SWINDLED, but RARELY do!

  2. Does this mean, that FUTURE Arena entertainments will show THE McGowan Labor Government of Western Australia, [Perhaps ‘Sponsored’ by Other Credentialed GROUPS, such as World News Pioneers SBS/ ABC, CH 7/9/10 & Main Stream Media Affiliates, & THE Esteemed Medical Experts AMA & TGA, maybe a side pavillion for ‘Treats’ from Big Pharma, a Toy ‘Sponsored Doctor’ for Emergency CPR, for those Darstadly ‘Dull moments’ in the ‘Proceedings’, or wanting to ‘Dissect things’], SHOWING ALL OF US, FOR LOCKDOWN ENTERTAINMENT MATINEES, THEIR PROOF OF EXISTENCE OF , ‘THE STERILE ISOLATED POSITIVE I.D’d VIRUS, ‘Tagged’ SARS – Cov -2 [COVID 19]? THEY, ALL OF THEM, must be PROUD of THEIR CO OPERATIVE LOCKDOWN ACHIEVMENTS, IN ALONE, ‘ISOLATING’ such A ‘BEAST’, WHEN, as of 16/12/2020, THE Agencies/Governments = Chinese CDC & THE U.States of America CDC, THE Canadian /N.Z./ Australian [Doherty Institute [Goodbye COV Taskforce]., /German/U.K.[England/Scotland/Ireland]/ WHO controlled Gates – Rockerfeller [2019 nCOV Sit Rep 01], Nor Cormen -Drosten report, & on, & 40 Other Institutes COULD NOT!! Sorry! Will this be shown in FULL 5 G High Definition Via S.M.A.R.T Tracking Technology?? Didn’t think so. Perhaps some ‘SHEEP Wrangling’ during ‘Intermission’ Then? Maybe a few QR coded ‘Locals’ doing Formation ‘Informing on Local Citizen Routines’ for ‘Shits & Giggles’! Will Tin Foil Nomex Body Armour Be supplied, & a Microwave dinner pre 5G’d on my lap? At least it’s ‘Sterile’! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Then see people with ‘radiation’ type sickness that presents as flu type symptoms after attending this arena. Another covid outbreak. In the beginning was the Ruby Princess cruise ship. Remember that one? Oh I think many people will remember and wont be fooled a second time.

    1. THE radiation type sickness, has STRONG links with ORIGINAL Wireless Systems deployment Circa 1890 & EVER Since,. ‘Wireless’ operatives @ Ft Dietrich/U.S.A,[Wireless Operations Military] & also during WW1, U.S. naval operations deployment of thousands of ships Radio fitted same period noticed ‘Frequency/radio sickness, AND a new type of Group sicknesses – FLU. A Viral upsurge, Never before noticed by Physicians =Enter Spanish influenza. THE American Health Services investigated Spanish Influenza, And did extensive testing on said Flu, & try as they might, COULD NOT CROSSINFECT other healthy volunteers operating in close proximity to infected Flu Patients, & even going to extend of injecting volunteers with infected patients fluids – Nothing!! Their prognosis = FLU is an imbalance of our OWN INTERNAL VIRAL DNA Virus'[WE Humans are approx 67% Virus, Virus ARE NOT LIVING organisms & ARE SYMBIOTIC , Unlike Bacteria & Fungi,] ÚPSET. BY ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE, triggered into Cleaning & setting OUR OWN INTERNAL systems back to default – Hoorah!] WW2 Radar operatives also noticed same operators developed RADAR Sickness, which is what young Lisa refers to, per cruise ship. Is it 5G enabled? Along with these WiFi çomplications’, we have ‘DRONES & POLITICIANS”, running THE ‘Ship’, who have ZERO Thought Capacity, except placating Corporate Interests/Agendas. THE cruise ship complicated matters via Little to No sunlight – Vitamin D MISSING for Immune Systems support. Masks for Drones; THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE & HAVE ZERO SCIENCE SUPPORT; consider, An IDIOT Health Department & Premier, MANDATE Masks. The Best Surgical Masks I am aware of rate @ 0.03 Micron. Clothe masks rate @ 50-100 Micron. Yer OWN DNA Virus[That’d be Corona Virus, our STANDARD COMMON Cold/Flu/Pneumonia which in any Standard year before the Great COV 19 SWINDLE [Australia ONLY]Hospitilised 18,000 & killed 4,500 of us DEAD – NOW these Folk WITHOUT PROOF ARE COVID 19 = DER!],Sorry! THE Bug which you’ll need an Electron microscope with ‘Backgrounding’ to see. As the Yanks say – “DO the Math!”= ABSOLUTELY USELESS – THANKS MARK McGOWAN & YOUR PRATT Advisors!! Masks still; have ‘THEY’told you, because of ALL this ‘PURPOSEFUL ASSAULT on you with Masking, That EXTRA health impairments are COMING FOR YOU, 1] Rebreathe of CO2 leads to impaired Cognitive function. 2] THE RISE of another disease GREATER than COVID -Candida Aurus, a deadly Fungus Exaserbated By IDIOT Politicians & Ignorant Medics, forcing us to wear Masks as part of the Great Population Suffocation!! Bicarb & Lemons will help negate, if it gets into your Bloodstream = goodnight. Social Distancing – ZERO SCIENCE, except reinforcing Depression, & forcing folk to turn to Pharma Products = WIN! – For Pharma. Back to WiFi. there are numerous Studies per Negative Effects on Your Autonervous Systems & Blood Comprimisations, & including Blood/ Clumping & Oxygen.deprivation.This also affects other ‘radio’ interactions we are subjected to – Some necessary, BUT, X Rays, MRI – BE VERY AWARE ABOUT ÇONTRASTING AGENTS’ Such as Gadolinium – Even the ‘Techs’ DON’T understand ‘Long term Effects’, they think it’s ‘Science’. Articles per wireless; Maybe check Arthur Firstenburg Ís the Sky Really Falling? & Considering we are largely water, whatever affects water, AFFECTS US. Check this out, includes photos of Effect of Various on water; The Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto. think that may be enough for today.
      Wellness to All.

  4. The two cruise ships were fitted with 5G in 2019 along with other cruise ships in the same line as well as other lines. That’s why they were quarantined for so long.

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