September 25, 2022

7 thoughts on “New legislation will expand online surveillance powers

  1. Mmmm, if Big Brother is worried about free thinkers, he must be surveilling TOTT News. Big Brother, I love you…you are keeping me safe from the wicked world. Help me to find my place in the wonderful New World Order.

  2. The CIA (aka Jesuit Cabal) invented the web to infiltrate, manipulate and CONTROL. Social media was created to usurp (embedded with MK programming) unintel services have always been up in your shit and had the ability to take over a person’s online account, collect intelligence from online networks, and add, copy, delete or alter your data. So what’s new in this legislation? If we go back to the 90s it was foretold that independent news media would become the weapon of the state. How? Entrapment. The law has been corrupted to the point that speaking the truth is a breach of national security. For all the simpletons out there that don’t get it the unintel services infiltrated right wing conspiracy groups in the 90s and they control their agenda so this legislation has nothing to do with monitoring of child sexual abuse and ‘black market’ activity, right wing, left wing, conspiracy groups or anti government groups as these are all in their control. It is about taking control of independent media to entrap. Trust no one, question everything.

  3. I think pretty soon there will be no place for dissent in this country, dissenters will be squashed like cockroaches. It might be time to go back to pen and paper I think.

  4. You have sold your freedom for a thumbs up. If you have twit, boldface, dumbtube, instagag, etc, etc you have financial supported the take over by big brother. Who really is to blame for the loss of free speech, now being controlled by these billionaires? Them or you? Close your social control media accounts and remove their power!

  5. The web and The dark web – TOR is a U.S. funded intel entrapment site. Stop thinking that anything you do online is anonymous. The spider web was built to catch the fly. Stop supporting big brother. It is all a muppet show, don’t become the muppet.

  6. Independent news blogs are now being used to distract and entrap, mixing truth with deceit is part of the theatre. Many have been deceived or should I say many have deceived themselves, free will comes at a price and being tricked isn’t an excuse. Once again politics is a bicephalic serpent and the goal is control through manipulation and distraction.

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