Melbourne curfew is not based on advice

Daniel Andrews is facing calls to lift Melbourne’s controversial COVID-19 curfew after confirming the decision to impose a night-time stay-at-home direction was a government decision.

Andrews confirmed earlier comments from the state’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, that the curfew decision was not based on his advice, nor that of health officials.


Andrews is grilled over curfew. Photo: ALO


The Victorian premier is adamantly defending his government’s decision to impose a night curfew as part of the state’s stage-four lockdown, after the lid has been blown on curfew advice.

Daniel Andrews is being grilled on the justifications for Melbourne’s curfew, after both Victoria’s police chief and its chief health officer claimed neither were responsible for the policy.

Opposition of the ongoing restrictions have jumped on the comments, calling the curfew a “captain’s call” by the Premier and demanding it be lifted immediately.

Andrews was defiant in his defence of the curfew, saying decisions were made by him at the end of the day.

“It’s not a matter for Brett [Sutton], that’s not health advice, that’s about achieving a health outcome. His advice is ‘do whatever you can to limit movement’. Police then say ‘we need rules we can enforce’. These are decisions ultimately made by me.

Who does this traitorous clown think he is? 

The premier’s remarks followed comments from the police commissioner, Shane Patton, to radio 3AW that he did not even know if police had been briefed on the curfew before it was introduced.

Victorian Liberals Leader Michael O’Brien has slammed Andrews for making a call that was not based on health advice, subsequently restricting the human rights of millions.

“It wasn’t a Brett Sutton call, it wasn’t a medical evidence call, it was a captain’s call by the Premier who wanted to keep Melbourne in curfew,” he said.

“The curfew should go. When you consider how extreme a curfew is — in wartime we haven’t been subject to a curfew.”

The Victorian government has shot themselves in the foot on this one.


Authorities have failed to provide data that shows curfews significantly reduce ‘disease spread’, or that enough public health law breaches were occurring between 8pm to 5am to justify it.

They have also failed to provide evidence that shows it restricts movement significantly beyond other measures, such as closure of venues and bans on gatherings.

In light of this, one of Melbourne’s top legal minds has dismissed the Premier’s draconian curfew as ‘invalid’ and says Victorians can “ignore it because the direction is not … for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of COVID”.

Michael Wyles QC has identified a potential flaw in the legal validity of the curfew, as Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton reveals there was no health advice backing the devastating restriction.

Wyles told The Australian: There is no legal basis for the curfew. It is invalid and everyone can ignore it because the direction is not, according to what Sutton said yesterday, for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of COVID”.

The state’s Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue, has also wrote a letter to the Premier this afternoon demanding evidence be shown that has justified the ongoing curfew rules.

He says the premier backtracked on his commitment to following medical advice:

“It was a decision made by Daniel Andrews alone,” he says.

“The Premier just wants to control Victorians because he can’t control the virus. Victorians deserve this basic freedom back.

These restrictions are an extraordinary infringement on the liberties of the Victorian people, and for the Premier to impose curfews without any medical advice, tells you everything you need to know.

Despite serious concerns about the legality of the Premier’s actions, Melbourne’s 8pm-5am curfew remains in place, fuelling outrage across the metropolitan area.


Of course this recommendation wasn’t at the direction of health officers. Almost everything in this entire psychological operation hasn’t been supported by any research.

Let’s talk about wearing masks. Politicians defer to the medical ‘experts’, but I would like to see their research — which directly contradicts thousands of peer-reviewed studies on the subject.

There is no consensus, despite what authorities want you to believe. Just recently, over a dozen prominent Australian doctors have signed an open letter to Andrews opposing the restrictions:

“The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that not all medical practitioners are in agreement with the Chief Medical Officer and the Victorian government regarding the most effective way to control this disease. 

We believe that an alternative medical response is required that reflects what we know about the spread of the virus, those who have died from it, and the impact that the stage 3-4 lockdown restrictions are having on the physical and mental health of the general population.

For the sake of people in Victoria with other medical illnesses, it is vital that Stage 4 restrictions be lifted on schedule in mid-September.

The doctors claim that “…focusing on the numbers of cases of COVID-19 is at best an unsophisticated way of looking at disease management” and other methods must be found.

Good on these doctors for speaking up, as the sleeping masses need ‘authority figures’ — breakaways from the scientific cult itself to speak up — for the words to be believed sometimes.

It is about time, considering it’s been six months since the Mind Virus was declared a pandemic. We have said from the very beginning that this is an engineered operation.

Hopefully backlash continues to swell on this subject until some change in enacted, albeit small. Each small victory will add up to progress in the end. No doubt authorities will switch their gameplay.

‘The war is meant to be continuous’, realises Winston in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The ‘enemy’ is not meant to be defeated and the narrative will morph as it goes — even unjustified.

The strange times continue. We will stay on this story.


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