November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “Thousands remain displaced after bushfires

  1. there are a number of Balmoral Village residents who will be taking legal action against the government down the track > on the 18th of dec RFS crews lit seabrook road fire trail up , the day before extreme fire weather conditions predicted , 3 of my immediate neighbours lost there places , if we didn’t stay and defend id have lost mine also. the strangest thing was as the fire approached us about 11am there was not a helicopter or plane around for maybe three hours , yet the media were there capturing every moment. I am effected by ptsd and bi polar since . the worst part this was deliberately allowed to blow out at balmoral by RFS controllers. its disgusting this hidden agenda the government have .

  2. Ever since Covid-19 came about you haven’t heard a word about the bushfire recovery efforts in fact I doubt many people even remember the whole bushfire saga that occurred several months ago despite millions of dollars being raised from across the global and not to mention that Liveaid concert held back in February, talk about the perfect smokescreen!

  3. just by looking at the list of “commission” members, you can see exactly what & whose agenda they are working towards, and its not for hard working everyday Aussies like us.

    the Covid chair is a former mining ceo, the Covid ceo is a former telstra ceo, WTF would either of them know anything about viruses or even hardship of living on a minimum wage or on dole payments?

    Scomo’s dreamteam for Covid is just a ridiculous as the Covid modelling & analysis he gets from economists (yes this is real) instead of actual virologists & medical experts to combat the crisis, what a clusterf**k this is going to be.

    on a side note, notice how almost all CEO’s of the listed NGO’s are female & who support the Gender Pay Gap dillusion thrust onto us by commissioner Libby Lyons on the public purse getting over $200K to push the BS, just see how it all comes together?

    the so called bush fire Royal Commission won’t address any real issues of negligence or dereliction of duty by those in charge & find a scapegoat like they did for the Ruby Princess “fallgirl” who had no legal or designated authority to decide if passengers can or cannot leave the ship, where’s the accountability on that case? it will probably make recommendations for “future” preparedness, etc, but no findings of fault with governance or unqualified decisions made by those in charge. Probably get a fall guy/girl to cop the blame, again.

    Unless the general public organise, protest & strike in vast numbers (including police & medical workers), the current Govt will push ever single dystopian “measure” that would leave China’s system of population control look like an enviable free society in comparison.


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