December 6, 2023

11 thoughts on “Bushfire donations: Where is the money?

  1. That is absolutely staggering information. Well done to you for blowing the whistle on this, and for pointing to the real cause of all the shocking delay and corruption: Forcing people off the land and into the big “smart” cities, where they can be more easily controlled…and exterminated.

  2. All Australian citizens must keeping eyes on the donations money for the great bush fire victims we Australian must not let Red Cross Australia do you like the
    Red Cross in Haiti did to Haitian Citizens They got $500 Millions dollars donation money to help rebuilding their Country after Haiti disaster but Red Cross only BUILT 6 HOUSES according the Haitian Citizens said. Now all their disasters victims are still living in Tents ⛺️ in very,very poor conditions Please help keeping eyes 👀 on and let your Voices speak out loud in open spaces let them have no place to hide the GREAT BUSHFIRES DONATION MONEY

    1. Linda, thanks for sharing that about the people still suffering in Haiti, never seeing a penny of all that donation money. I had no idea—Six houses!!! No wonder the global media have gone all quiet about Haiti.

  3. Please also look into this whole Australia “Day Zero Drought” plan if possible, because while farmers and Aussies are deprived of precious water supply, gallons and gallons of crucial freshwater is sold to foreign companies. Just last month, Australian water was sold for 400 over million dollars to a Canadian “fund” via large Singaporean food company. Ultimately used for almond plantation.

    Also people of Uralla, a small town in NSW are apparently having high arsenic level in their normal water supply, so only access to drinking water is sale of “plastic bottled” water. Similar disgraceful ploy happened in Flint, USA water supply, resulting in companies like Nestlé and Coca-Cola making billions and billions of dollars in profit by exploiting these people’s misery achieved from plastic bottle sale alone!

    Agenda2030 or 21 is just another sinister plan to control global “water supply” to ‘milk’ maximum profit from people because fresh water is predicted to be a significant problem in the near future, in fact water is dubbed as “blue gold”, is the new “petroleum” of the 21st century.

    Thank you so much for sharing all these shameful “crimes against humanity” disguised as future sustainability programs aka Agenda2030 or whatever deceptive name it’s called. TRUTH must never be hidden!!!

  4. I hate it when the big stores want to round of the dollar and give to the latest humanity donation.
    I just say “You and I know it is never going to get there” and walk out.
    I intend to visit these towns as one amazing lady suggested and spend my money there.

  5. in many asian & mid-east countries i’ve visited & some i’ve lived in, all have a gov’t created bank account that the gov’t manages directly (no outsourcing) bc of these corrupt entities. the funds are pooled then distributed according to need decided by an independent body or commission with full public visibility & oversight of how much is donated & where the money is spent or given with full transparency enshrined by federal laws so no gov’t or so called good will charity gets their filthy hands on a single cent. surely it would gain unanimous support if it were introduced in Aus parliament & put into law?

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