October 1, 2023

8 thoughts on “Regional NSW is running out of water supplies

  1. The agenda is to remove our productivity and persons from the land and make it unavailable to us. Force people into so-called smart cities etc.
    They are doing dangerously darn good job in that regard.

    They will also be able to force in their dangerous GMO crap easier this way.

    The wholesale aerosol spraying of nano sized conductive particulates that make technologies like HAARP and ‘Australian Rain Technology’ more effective.

    Declassified FOI documents from the CIA’s own website show that the weather has been manipulated since the late 50’s.

    Induced droughts/floods to sway public opinion towards man made climate change…

    There’s some good info here: http://www.stopthecrime.net/source.html

    Deborah Tavares exposes of how they ignited the Californian wildfires via DEW aka direct energy weapons which the powers use a laser type of technology to further their agenda.

    Make no mistake, with the right conditions, they will be able (if not already), ignite devastating bush-fires here in Australia too, in order to further their agenda.

    Things are going to get much, much worse and the wealthy are deliberately orchestrating a collapse.
    Not just in Australia, but world wide. The elites want complete control of the wealth and autonomy of every citizen.

    The storm is coming. Start networking with other people. Friends and family will be vital in the coming months and years.

    –> https://tinyurl.com/y5ro3x37

    Extreme individual self interest is the malignant mind of the psychopath…and that is exactly the type of personality that governs this country and indeed the world.

    ~Christian Marx.

    1. Danny, you are absolutely right in all that you said. It could be that the water is being diverted, bottled up and sold to India or China, like the Chinese companies who have been quietly allowed to fill up huge water tanker “balloon” ships in the freshwater Great Lakes of the U.S.A., and float them back to China. The Illuminati Globalist “elite” have already secured their own vast freshwater aquifers in their hideout country called “ANDINIA” in Patagonia. See “Zionists Set Their Sights on Patagonia” and “The Andinia Plan”.

      While visiting her 11,000 acre estate with Ted Turner in Patagonia years ago, Jane Fonda said wouldn’t it be nice if “something happened” in America so that she was forced to stay in Patagonia. Along with George Soros, who has bought nearly a million acres nearby, plus a Bariloche resort. Then there’s Angela Merkel, who has bought an estate not far from George Bush’s, and Sylvester Stallone, etc. Even the Queen owns an estate there called “Monte Dinero”, and her grandchildren are being taught to speak Spanish by their Spanish nanny.

      Luciano Benetton, the Italian textile magnate, spent $50 million a few years ago for nearly 2.2 million acres of sheep ranches, which sprawl along a 60-mile length of the Chubut River valley and supply his company’s wool mills.

      A land agent there said, “I have more demand for good ranches than I have ranches to sell,” He spends most of his days trolling the region’s dirt back roads in search of potential sellers and recently flew south to Patagonia’s tip to scout for ranches there.

      “I have orders to buy ranches with no price limit, and I can’t find them,” he says with a sigh.
      “People say, ‘Why in the world do you want to invest in something so far away?’ ”

      Answer: the Illuminati have no intention of going into “Underground Bunkers”. That’s just disinformation for the peasants. They are going to Andinia.

  2. Hey Nathan I did leave a comment on your Instagram account in regards to the water shortage and how it is affecting me personally but when I saw the comment from Danny I thought I had to leave my own thoughts on the points he made.

    Whereas there is technology that can influence weather conditions to blame the “elites” whoever they are, is to be blinded to the possibilities that the issues that impact our climate are natural and cyclic.

    With observable inputs from scientific data of sunspot and solar activities as well as the magnetic pole movement these natural cycles present a more clear and present danger than what any ” evil elite” conspiracy theory may pose.

    There are reliable recorded events as to changes to climate and grow zones when these natural cycles appear. You are better off investigating the possible impacts of the grand solar minimum cycle and the shifting magnetic poles which influence the Jet streams and other climate forcing effects on the food chain and just in time delivery systems. Regards Russell

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