November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “Victoria set to introduce new regulations for homeschooling

  1. Government want to have control of the whole population. Government do not want people to think for themselves and children are always taught they need to look for a career. This in a sense is moving into a world of enslavement. Been a slave all their lives.
    There is more to life than that. Most careers involve a detrimental environmental impact and unfortunately this is where most funds come into play. I’m hoping people can divorce the Government and move into a free world where common law prevails.

  2. Touch my kids and there will be a fucking bloodbath!!!!! Filthy tyrant govmit can burn in Hell.

  3. home schooling getting better results than mainstream better to encourage them rather than nharass parents who care enough to teach their children classic numeracy and literacy skills, especially now that electronic communication be a virtual library of learning accessable to all.

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