October 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Bill Gates backs chopping down and burying dead trees to ‘save planet’

  1. Yes we generally call them dead trees,.. BUT anyone that walks through our magnificent forests, National Parks can see and admire the LIFE on these trees,.. we cannot just bury these treasures,, just more false “science” from people that have their own agenda….. and believe they can do better than mother nature has since the beginning of time and will continue, as long as humans with ulterior motive stop interfering.

  2. Anything Billy Boy is involved in cannot be good. The way they are burning the forests there will be none left to harvest.I find it hard to believe all these fires lately are natural as in nature has caused them to start.

  3. Can WE not JustLy chop ‘Wild Bill’ Down, Bury Him on ANY OF his 270,000 Acre Ranch – to save HIS ‘Inputs’ TO, the planet? I’m willing to pitch in, and dig the hole as deep as Possible – FOR FREE! – I can’t be more CONmitted to ‘Saving the Planet’ than that – O.K., I’LL PAY!! AND, anyone WOULDN’T want an ArseHole as big as Bill – Resurfacing = There’s enough Little Pricks around now! Bill, being SOOO keen, could keep a watchful eye on those Trees, AND, IF you buried him in the Middle, you wouldn’t need the expense of an elaBorat-e Timber Coffin = HOORAH! – What time do you want Me to show up??
    Last; We need dead trees. – YEP! Right up to the Moment, that the members of ‘Call Another Land Manager’, roll up & prescribe burn the forest coup – to the ground ( except larger flora)= “To Lower ‘Fuel Loads’, So that it doesn’t ‘Çatch fire’!” Of course CALM, HAS sent a text/ email/ brochure( maybe good old Carrier pigeon, in case the NoBloodyNetwork is ‘Offline’), to ALL of the Forest critters, ‘Notifying’ them, of the upcoming ‘E Vents’ & Pyro Soiree! – LOL.

    1. Yay! And the Yale crowd could bury some calcium along with carbon…in the form of their satanic Skull & Bones.

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