December 5, 2023

6 thoughts on “Free shingles vaccine coming for millions of Australians

  1. Nothing is changing….. make them sick and keep them managed and we always have a medication for any side effect. Don’t worry, Trust me…… ??? (:

    1. Exactly, jen. Shingles is another effect of the poison quax. No vaxxes do any good and all do harm, so the shingles vax will be no exception. And far from being free, it is very expensive poison for taxpayers. Your final comment reminds me of Nick Takos, who was at a meeting this evening to plan our National Free Media Summit in Adelaide on 11/11/23, at which Ethan will speak. When Nick, an Adelaide Crows AFL board member, decided not to submit to the quax in 2021, he got a call from Crows Brownlow medallist Mark Ricciuto, who told him: “Nick, you need to trust the men in white coats.” Yeah, look where that has ended for so many people.

  2. They will keep trying to kill off Earth inhabitants
    that’s Satan’s armies in human face’s promised to their Master in darkness

  3. So the Government is handing money to Big Pharma once again. Of course more poison you put in your body, it will then react with things like rashes and pain, and lets call it a name, another disease, no it is a man-made virus. Any vaccine is poison, it does not prevent any deaths or any disease, there is absolutely no proof.
    Have a read of this:

    1. Spot on Lin, spot on, although there is more to this and an easy fix.
      From my experience (50+ years) and for brevity; You cannot immunise through any vac., All immunity starts from the gut – thus eat healthy; No vaccine has ever worked – it’s an assault on your body; Most shingles are a result of mercury poisoning – usually from either previous vaccines, or from some seafood etc.. (Seafood has other minerals that neutralise the toxicity via their selenium content.); Vitamin C, zinc and L-lysine will knock out shingles and cold sores – period. Pay attention to this last list, and must be used on a regular basis, not a one-off job folks. Vaccines? – Nah not for me thanks. Cheers and good health. Mr J.

      1. Thank you Jeff, great to know which supplements you can take, Anthony Williams the medical medium does recommend those same supplements. Yes mercury is a problem for many people eating seafood and also dental fillings. We are a vaccine free family here, even my 86 year old mum refuses it all and she is still in good health. Take care.

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