October 4, 2023

5 thoughts on “Military contractor brags about directed energy weapon capabilities

  1. The world gets scary when conspiracy theories of this nature become true. When will the pychopaths stop this madness on never ending possibilities of weapons to maim and kill everything? War creates enormous wealth for some and complete distruction to others (mostly innocent victims caught in the crossfires).

  2. These lasers put Kate Bush’s “Experiment IV” (1986) in the shade:

    “They told us all they wanted
    Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance
    So we go ahead and the meters are over in the red
    It’s a mistake in the making…”

    And who is the enemy? WE are.

  3. Of course the real purpose of these weapons are not to protect the people from external threats, but to protect the elite from the people! Once the people find out what’s been done to them!

  4. ‘In Australia, The Department of Defence’s ‘Science & Technology’ Unit – IS that like the U.S of A’s ‘Science & Technologies’ which ‘Extends thru’ to Bio ILL-Logical ‘Deployments’ against it’s ÓWN’ Populations ? = YOU BET!!
    Pre Apologies. looked at below and was tempted to Scrub the Lot. My typing hand went completely off the Reservation, & reminisced about being a Stunt double to Dr Strangelove’s Gloved hand. ON! >
    When ‘Anyone’ from the Raft of Entities of C.O.M.I.C’s SIN CITY, ‘Publicly AIR’ such – OR ANY, ‘Technical Information, You just KNOW, that’s it’s NOT the Latest Tech! It’s obviously at least a Couple of generations behind – ‘Drones’- Not The Australian Organic Pollies & Crats Operating CAN’TBERRAs & other A4 Empires, but the Inanimate Tech available to the Peasants, over the Counter, IS a perfect example. THE DoD AREN’T going to release the Generations in Front Drones, with their A.I. real time ‘Onboarding weapons’ (Including Bio War)/ Swarm capabilities/ Optics/ ‘Depopulation’- Er sorry, that’s Deployments/ Delivery Capabilities to Joe Public! Note; ‘Unmanned’ Drones & CIA ‘Involvements’ have been kicking around since the early 1960’s – See OXCART Area 51
    Note; Area 51. Nevada, Test area of Many ‘Maverick’ designs including Lockheeds ‘Skunk Works Offerings’, ‘Home’ of the USAF ReCon group ( Apt, because the CIA – Which DOES NOT have a Mandate to ‘Operate’ INSIDE the USA. reports the Correct name for Area 51 is ‘Groom lake’ [J Epstein Missed out] & Homey Airport [ KXTA] – YO BRO! ‘Forte’ – Deployment capabilities, – Administration by Edwards Airforce Base Sth California. YES FOLKS, the SAME Airforce Base that brought us, in Australia, the 1st Áuto’ CONtrolled Boeing 767, running from Douglas Airforce base to Adelaide (1997)- Landed/ taxied, Refueled / taxied/ takeoff back to Douglas Base – NO Pilots! Happy Days – 4 Years before Sept 11th ‘Surprise attack’!
    Back to Donald Duck Inc. DEWey, the NON Solid projectile ‘Systems’, inclusive of lasers, particle beams, Microwaves & ‘Sound Beams’ (- ALREADY ‘Used’ against S.Hussein’s combat forces by the USers of A – Can’t remember trendy Acronym associated with ‘program’)
    {Sub Note; THE Federal Bullies & Investigators {FBI} Utilised Psych warfare techniques & Sleep deprivations via Systemmatically/ consistent production of loud Noises & recordings of Animal torture over Directed Speaker Systems at WACO Texas, before, – NOT Punching Holes in the Prevailing windage sides of the Buildings with Tanks [Caught ironically by Private drones with Night vision capabilities – Buggar!]- Then NOT pumping in ”Flammable Propellants’ – & NOT ‘ARC’d UP’ with 2 Incendiary rounds ‘at the appropriate moment’- Thank God for our ‘Watchers & Protective’ Agencies!},
    Back > DEWs are ALREADY deployed Domestically around the Civilian Populations Infrastructure – or IS everyone just NOT ‘Aware’ of this ‘TECH’ IN PLAIN SIGHT ( Anyone Else got Neo ‘Noticeable’ back ground Cranial humming, possibly not noticed prior – Tinnitus Folks Exempt – Apart from CCTV Installments Central ‘IN League’)? AND, DO, these ‘Structures’ actually ‘Need’ ALL of those Electrical Power ‘Feeds’ into the ‘Systems’ ( Be ‘Interesting’ to Collate ALL of the Telcos & Assoc Infrastructure on Energy USAGE & CONtributions to Swindle Globule warming- Version # Something), considering 1 watt of power can get a peasant 15- 20 Kms of Cell phone range? This also grifts into CorpoRAT Arrogances, along with Others, on ‘Dealing’ with Public ‘Safety & Health INTRUSIONS’, WITHOUT PROPER ‘SCIENCE’ to back up ‘SAFETY CON-CERNs'(Yep! ‘THEM’ as well Going by CERN ‘Installation Opening CereMonies’- To Rival the Warped Olympic opening ceremonies!!’- WHO knew?!) WHY would ‘They’ Care? = TELSTRA. Telstra group Ltd(TLGPY) U.S. Corporation- U.S.SEC # CIK 0001947542. TELSTRA CORP LTD # CIK 0001046126 – Just a ‘local’ like the NOT COMMONWEALTH! – LOL! Apparently Also, NO ONE seem to Notice that Whilst WE were ALL being ‘Locked Down’ for Our ‘Protections’- Including Social Distancing & RESTRICTED Travel , THE 5G ‘Network’, along with ALL required ‘Personnel’, was rolled out UNHINDERED! >>
    [ Meanwhile in an EWP somewhere over the City – MelBoria perhaps;
    Fred/ Technician; “George, your TOO close Mate! We’ll need to be 1.5 Metres apart, in this Basket that’s only 1.2 Metres TOTAL width – Hang off the side!”
    George; “WHAT? You mean Social distancing, just like Pilots & aircrews? & Politicians in the Parliamentary Bar
    – Bar /- Bah/ BBQs?”]
    JEWs again – OOps, ApolloJesus- Didn’t mean to bring up U.S./ Israeli ATIC Co Ops & ‘HAVE’ programs! No, that’d be DEWs- In the U.S., groups such as the pentagon, DARPA ( our friends involved in TRANS humanisms & the odd HAARP ‘interactive Onboarding wet ware’ CONtributions (Battlefield Asset Neutralisation program -for Home Side wounded Assets NON Retrieval ‘Negation’ – Join the Military Today! If WE can’t have you, then the Enemy CAN’T have You! If Your JABBED, Then Your Family Can’t have EWE Either!- HOORAH!), Also includes The Airforce research Labs, The U.S. army’s Armament/research/Development/ Engineering Centre & of Course The Navy, which has been trick or treating since The Wireless invention (Pre 1900) thru the Philadelphia experimentations/ Thru RADAR/ > To Today = The Army of NONE!

    Extra; Military.Com – USerofA of Course; The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a study to determine whether three types of cancer are linked to environmental exposures for U.S. troops who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.
    Recent; 25/07/2023 ; The Dept of Veterans Affairs has launched a study to find out if 3 types of Cancer are ‘related’ to Operational Environments of U.S. troops. = NAH! (DON’T worry about other Associated Thugs of the AoTW Troupe!) The DoVA announced Tuesday that it will explore a possible link between acute leukemia, chronic leukemia and multiple myeloma and service in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Uzbekistan and all of the Southwest Asia operational theatre. (Just in case, Folks were Told by the MSMedia, that ‘They were Never THERE’, or WEREN’T ‘INvited’! – LOL.)
    The PACT Act, which went into effect last August, designated 23 conditions as presumed to be related to veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic pollutants (MASSIVE Dioxin Productions & ‘Other’ – Obviously NOT a Threat to ‘ClimbApe Change!!) while deployed to the Middle East and elsewhere. These included cancers of the head and neck – (Don’t worry about Respiratory, Lymphatic & Reproductive Systems). The new research will focus solely ( Sounds like THE Narrow ‘Brief’ on Australian EXPENSIVE Toothless ‘Royal CONmission’ Gravy Train Fests) on leukemias and multiple myeloma that originated elsewhere in the body. – NO Mention of Depleted ( NOT) Uranium Ordinance deployments @ Est 1200 Tonnes in Iraq alone! ( NO Mention about Effects of this Crap on ‘Local Populations’ per Cancer/ Generational Birth defects – Humans & animals/ Food & Other Crop effects.). Hmm. I wonder IF they’ll wait until they ‘Die’, then come up with a Positive PDF [Plausible Deniabilty Factor], then pass it onto their PETS in Australian AOF [Australian Offence Forces – we DON’T DO ‘Defence’].
    Last – Thank god!; With the passing off into ‘Written History’ – Or- Current CONtrived ‘Myths & Legends of the 20th/21st Century & Beyond’ (Google & META vetted Versions of HIstory), we have, with relevance to above, THE Sept 11th PHENOMENA =’911, a Less than Subtle Psych ‘Trigger / Reminder’, or Maybe ‘wake up’ Call for Civilisation IN peril. the SAME ‘Tech’ Utilisation of 911, is CONSISTANTLY in usage over Many Continents – Nth American Land mass AND Australia [ Maybe the Odd ‘Misfire’ in the TheaTRICKS, that is the NON CONflict of Ucranial!] – Quasi Voldimort StolenSkyy & ‘Putin on the Ritz’! – Move over Circus de SoldOut, another WEF/IMF/ U.N front of House ColourAbative ‘PROduction’!]
    One only has to ‘Look’, & NOT to deeply, to see THE obvious signs; AKa, ‘Molten Metallurgic infrastructures & Glazing [ WHERE is the radical ‘HEAT’ source component for materials Involved Denegration, whilst Localised or Adjacent ‘Organics’ ( Vegetations, Synth textiles & materials STILL intact) are Mostly Unaffected – Different to ‘Targeted’ Forest Fires. Folks will Notice ‘PRE CONditioning’ of Targeted ‘Assets’ & Infrastructure with Alumina [Fire/ Flame & Explosives ‘Booster’] ‘Aerial Aerosoled curtain’ deployments [Geo Engineering Programs]. Folks should also Note, That the SAME CorpoRATS ‘Providing’ The Technologies above, are ALSO the SAME Major players in said Geo Engineering – Australia inclusive! – COINcidence – Again!
    SEE photo Gallery of Santa Rosa fires / California 2019, & Check Similarities with Australian fire ‘outbreaks’ on Our Eastern seaboard – Especially Vehicle & Building ‘Details’, compared to ‘Standard fires’!
    Reading Materials; Sept 11th 2001. ‘Where did the towers go?’ – Evidence of Directed free Energy Technology By Judy Wood – A little Technical or Construction knowledge is Beneficial, But, photo comparisons between
    9/ 11 & Santa Rosa/ Australia, & others are obvious!
    As usual, Great article from TOTT crew! Always ASK, & encourage others – Especially the Youth, IF we are to Advance Together!

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