September 27, 2023

5 thoughts on “Post-COVID Victoria begins to come apart at the seams

  1. He’s a disgusting evil looking man. Has that look about his eyes and that crooked smile. If only people hadn’t rocked up for everything in the first place this would never have happened. Shows you how easy it is to frighten the bejeebers out of everyone.

  2. Of Course Caesario Dan, Emperor of The DARFed Side – VicTopia, is going to
    Get rid of ALL of his CONveyances & ComeForts, Grab a pushbike/ Pedal Chariot, Sell off ‘His’ & His Colleagues (Equal Opportunity ALL round to the Same 2.5 Party Govt) crates of Moet Champa’s & EweCranial Caviar from the Parliamentary Bar stocks, Salary SacriFace & ‘Give’ their Collective Super DivideEnds Back to the Public purse, for some form of CONvid Penance – —— HAH, HAH,HAH = THE FLUCK THEY WILL!
    SeeCsar Dan surveys the Vacuous Rubble of The Former VicTopian CivilLieSation & the Simpering Masses of Humanity, beneath his Melboria Stage;
    “My Fellow Victopians, I SEE You – Argh! The UNwashed throng – Revolting! Now then- SHTUM!
    EWE of the 262 Day lockdown Club – Ask NOT what Your Bought Govt, Banking, Medical & Press Morons, can DO for you,- That we HAVEN’T ALREADY FUCKED YOU, YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR PREVIOUS INDEPENDENT MIDDLE CLASS STATUS, YOUR PARTNER, YOUR FAMILY UNIT, YOUR VISION OF THE FUTURE – Pre CONjab – 19/ 19 A/ 19A + Booster/ 19A Booster + Booster – OH, & Another BOOSTER that WE, Couldn’t GIVE AWAY – BUT, WAIT- THERE’S MORE! Just when you thought it IMPOSSIBLE, to SCREW YOU ANY MORE, MY/ I/ He/ Me / Identify They (Singularity), I – Son of THE Divine Benevolency Gravy Train – HAVE, MIS/ DIScoveted MORE!! With The VatiCAN’T not making ANY Representations to Defend the Meek, EWE should arseK – ArseKiss – Sorry, I’VE ALREADY HAD YOU THERE, Compliments of My ‘Ground Forces’!! – No, ASK, What You Have NOT Declared to THE ‘State’ on Any Latent ARSetts, that WE/ I, CAN strip from Ewe, – FOR The Greater Good of Course! ( Dan Muses the 10 CONmamndments Wet Dream with a Systemmatic Mental ‘Box Ticking’ on FoolFilled Agendas, in Their Alternate CONtext, ‘[-10], Before ‘Getting into Character’ For his Next ‘Crisis Actor’ Delivery.) “Something that WILL Cost You, without SufferRants by ME! Mmmm That child looks good! Seeing as MelBorn, IS RevArse ILLUMINATIng the Satanic Child ‘UseAGE’ of HoleyWood, WE/ I, see a great Future in Marketing, an U.N.Touched ‘Resource’, for ‘Tears’ DownUnder! WHAT Jeeves? Ah yes. That was in fact ‘Tours DownUnder’, where the Global exchange rate,Dire as it is, WILL work in our favour, to enCUR-rage ForReigners of this Destitute nation to take what is ‘Left’ (Politic Persuation/Pervation Orient-Ed). Thankyou Our/ MY SINO Friends, for the Extended Insightful Orders of Things!
    The last item on My CurRent agenda IS after the IVY league- [In Vogue Youth] SDGs [Sudden Death Generators], IS/ARE The States Coup de Grace Finances. With the Finalising of My medical procedures to Reduce Cranial & EweCranial pressure, I am leaving THE ‘Bill as usual on this & Others, along with ANY & ALL Penalties involved with Former CON&Worthless Games, to You, the STALWART, Still Vertical CONJOB – 19 Survivor Inhabitants of the Victopia Empire. Good News!! CON&Wealth Govts Operating across the FrontTier in The 1 ACT Play known as CAN’TBERRA, Still CONsider ME, -Er-Um,ConsideRed US, still to be able to Supply Amore Vehicles for The other Visionary/Diversionary Theatre – BushMasterbaits for the Ucranial /Russo SIMS Metal CONtributions! At least 1 IndusTRY is Currently employed, where thousands before MY Reign of Strategic Terror, once stood! HOORAH! I say Jeeves, is that right, that the Vehicles are made in BendOver&Go, in our Owned State?
    (Dan walks passed a reflective surface & contemplates) Um Jeeves, the Cranial Ego reduction appears to be successful, do think the public purse could stretch to My ears reduction, & surgery to remove this Mr bean look, that I seem to have acquired?”
    Jeeves Aide; “Well My Idiot Darkness, it appears the State Vaults are SOOo empty, that The Security Guards have left their posts! Some because of Mysterious Health issues acquired after being associated with the CONVID BUFFOON BioUnitedFunFestOriginOperatingNationally, Medical/ Health(Loose term operations)/ Govt CoOp ‘JabbeRoos’, & others because They, can only be Entertained for so long, by Echoing their respective voices, into a Void! Apologies my junior Anti Christ, but it appears some of your Foreign tours incorporating Your/ He/ Identified as Him, having acquired extra ‘OnBoarding’ – Policy DiRectalAves perhaps,- , even deVoid of the Jackal MSMedia presence, appear to be SINOnyMouse with your CurRent Policies, especially ResiDual VicTopia! As for the Farcial Reconstructions, My PreciArse Tyrant, I’m afraid that Even with the miracle of Modern plastic surgery, there’s only SO Much, that even ‘They’ Can do with a Complete Arsehole!
    & while we’re at it, it appears that, with Prime Minstrel Albino ForeverBendDaKneesee pushing U.N.natural Agendas in CAN’TBERRA, & the other States ‘LaborRing’ along the same Lines in a LockStep Tango, I’m not sure that Even the Zombies of the land, Are going to Dance to the Tune – FOREVER,- Football, Endless reruns of Old American T.V. shows, The Tour De Frog, THE Ucranial/ Russkie Diversion Comedy, & J.P. Morgan CHASEing Failed Subs on RMS Olympic propeller DIY ‘Masking’, are ALL on the Tick Tock Road to desolation boulevard! – Mad Max -1 Melboria – Who Knew!
    Now – Sorry Sir, Have you pulled your Underware OVER your head, or is that the New ‘Spank Da green Monkey Virus’ Protection Cap from the Next Gen CONVID Culture Club? You’ll never make it as the New Boy -George, My Twin OTC regisTurd Dish eared, Homicidal Synthetic Also- Ran! I think it’s about time I left your service Sir. Pray tell, can I grab you your Lute – No my flamboyant Armageddon features, I’ve told you, that Loot is MIA. Your Harp Sir, & No need to produce a Pyre – VICtopia is ALL yours. I’d produce some Headphones to drown out your Musical ineptness, but you’ve NOT heard Anything Else over the last 8 Years, so I feel that this is of No benefit! Good Bye – bye- bye- ye- e. There’s STILL NO Loot in the Vault! – Matches the Hollow Man!

    [-10]. Dan’s Alternate 10 CONmandments
    -1) I AM your Caesar! Thou shalt not bring other Competitors NOT Vetted by ME, before ME!- Except G.Soros [SCN], U.N./WEF/IMF & CCP figure heads.
    -2) Thou shall Not take the Name of Caesario [Including My Overlords] in Vain, whether by Mis/Dis references!
    -3) Keep The Satanic day & ANY ‘Deemed’ Emerging – Ooh- Arr,- Émergency’ Lock Downs holy.
    -4) Honour ME. I, am the Neo Family Unit. Your Father & Chest feeding Mother, to MY EXTENSIVE TRANS offspring!
    -5) Thou shall Kill via ALL Methods necessary – With Good Positive ‘Cover’ P.R.. I am the Loyal Servant of the 1%ers Globalists, until UNderverse Comes!
    -6) Thou shalt commit Adult-erations. Maybe female Associated relatives. Avoid stair Cases. See Assoc., # -9).
    -7) Thou shalt not Steal – More than 1 can carry, Unless Progressive/ Aggressively over 4 Years. Maybe Elections, Or CONplete State’s Population & Commerce- UNless you bring- OR are ‘Supplied’- ‘Friends’ = 2.5 Party Co Operative Government.!
    -8) Thou SHALL bear FALSE witness against Thy Neighbour! Politicians/ THE Media/ THE Law = IT IS EXPECTED Standard Ops! AND, It’s CONvid- VICtopia- Citizens Get Tyranny FlyBy points for EXTRA ‘DOG’ operations! Please read the PDF for DOGpoints by ‘Redemption’.
    Note; Not currently Taking individual’s or Fingered ‘Souls’ as Bonus Digital Buy now, Pay later program – Soon! Ancillary in League AlLied Body Parts sharing Program/ Projects, covered in Bio TRANSfer ACT, being Devised/ ForMutilated/ Crown Law processed/ ‘Authenticated’/ And Enacted in Secret as usual NON Public CONsultary process. Extra Bonus points for Medick/ Media/ Staffers Entrepreneurs.
    -9) Thou Shall Covet Thy Neighbours or Parliamentary female Staff – opportunism.
    -10) Thou SHALL GRAB AS MUCH SHIT AS POSSIBLE OF/OFF THY NEIGHBOUR – Standard Political/ Banking Operations!! – AH BLISS!

  3. Predictable programs from KJD Andrews, the “perfect puppet” of the global-parasites. We severed ties with Danistan and have consolidated in Qld…where next when that follows the same path (already well on the way)?

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