November 29, 2023

7 thoughts on “90 Minutes of 9/11 Predictive Programming

  1. A lot of refs could be ‘circular’ in nature, but there are certainly some very specific ‘coincidences’.
    Ie, examples of circular:
    – You would expect to see a lot of refs to 9-11 as that is code for ’emergency’, so its natural for it to come up in any comics, films, tv on a regular basis
    – Any large iconic thing will always be targeted in ‘schlock’ fiction – so in NY, these come to mind: Statue Liberty, Empire State, and WTC – which is most modern and spectacular?
    – Large buildings, ships, aircraft are common fare for disaster movies – its easier to mix an aircraft and large building than a ship!
    On the other hand, you could ask the question, that perhaps *anything* iconic enough, once built, will naturally become the top target for terror/horror/drama – and it then naturally follows that since this is brought to everyone’s conciousness, than that gets chosen as the best target by the bad guys.
    But I agree there are certainly plenty (lots) of other fishy things surrounding the lead-up and aftermath of that disaster.

  2. They did the same for the pandemic, look at all the films that were made prior. We can see this in other things like AI acceptance, wars, famine, list goes on.

  3. The U.Ser Of America, has programmed False flagging long since past. 9/11 is NO different to 7 Dec 1941 – Apparently ‘Pre Emptive Striking’ IS only O.K., when DONE by;
    THE ‘Allies of The Willing@Ancestory.Com.GenocideForBucksOrCONtrol‘R’Us. Why muddy the waters, when Reps from back room Boys, Girls & IT’S from Walle St, to BlackWaterXE to DarkWaters Chems are ALL on board!
    Furthermore, whilst Modern Engineers & Scientists, wrestle with Mayan-Aztec/Egyptian/Roman/Greek Architectural innovations & engineering, slipping underneath the ‘Inventive & Predictive Radar’ – & closer to Modern times, WHO is ‘Asking’ about the Colossal ‘Builds’ (& Mostly ‘Temporary’ at that), of The Great ‘Expos’ of the 19th Century? Not only ‘Housing’ the latest in ‘New’ Sciences, Technologies & Engineering Marvels, but WHO ‘Built’ these Amazing gargantuan ‘Infrastructures’ in nigh on record timing, & Resources of Materials/ Man/Machine – Only to have a relatively short Lifespan?? & where – apart from The Chrystal palace – 1 Year [1851], before being Relocated & Reassembled [1852], & the Eiffel tower Unit itself – Permanent, Did all of the Materials (& Deductive Dreams & Broad Enquiring Minds) AFTER ‘Deconstructions’ go (ADD to this the Cost of Constructions/ Deconstructions & Availability of ‘Skilled Manpower & ALL appropriate Materials & ‘New Technologies’??) ?
    And So, WITHOUT current Chinese manufacturing bases, HOW did they ‘DO IT’ (Including ALL costings, Practical acquisitions’ & ALL Ground works/ Clearances/Surveys/ Stabilisations), & if so, Were these magnificent 19 th Century ‘Industrial prowess Expos’, a Pre programming of current population ‘Diabetic -Neurological issues’? Aka; Withdraw the technologies & ‘Access’ (Gradual removal of Hard interfacing – Books/ Literature & Scholastic removal of History as a regular-Important subject of learning FOR the General Public, BY Govt Ed depts, provide a Synthetic (Or SINthetic) substitute – The Government/COMIC Narrative, reinforced by MSM Jackals & Googles ‘Redacted Version’ of ‘History’, ‘Reinforced’ by the same ‘E’ Medias Leveraging of Emotion over Facts!
    The Atlantic Council’s ‘Sponsored’ Poynter Institutes in League, now provides the Eternal F*cked Checks, to shore up the ‘Directed’ False Narratives & appropriate ‘Flagging’!
    Last; CONspiracy Theory- ALL Pre invasion Iraq/ Afghanistan; Sept 11th – 911= sub conscience Psychological reminder of Twin towers [NOT forgetting, & inclusive ‘Impossible/ Implausible’ WTC 7 ‘Dropping’] – By ‘DESIGN’ NOT a Coincidence! Operations – NORAD SAME DAY Exercise (CONR & CONUS ‘Agencies’ [appropriate – CON+] – Operation – ‘Noble Eagle’; Scenario; Eastern seaboard U.S.A. – Aircraft Hijacking of Commercial airliners & crashing Aircraft into Buildings! – Amazing!
    London 7/7 Operation Theseus; Apart from ‘Excessive Anomolies’ In Physics, Chemistry, Timing, CoOp ‘Stories’, CCTV (The units NOT CONveniently ‘OFFLINE’) ‘evidence’ & ‘Official’ Psychological Profiling. U.K./London Security Forces ‘Exercise’ SAME DAY- Scenario; Terrorists bombing, including usage of back packs bombs, of Public transport systems, in greater London. – Amazing!
    Not to be left out, Australia; Bali; Another CONvenient (Not for Victims -All Natonalities- or their Kin). THE ‘PerpeTRAITORS’ of said Event, apparently ‘hated’ the U.S.A SOOO much, that they ‘Waited’ for an ‘Opportune Moment’ to hurt as many Americans as possible! SO, A) Do you bomb the same Bar/ Nightclub when it’s FULL of broad spectrum U.S. Military personnel on their Collective ways to the Middle Eastern ‘Muslim’ CONflict? OR B) Wait 1 – 2 Weeks to ‘Clear’ said ‘War Required Military’, & Bomb predominantly Tourists from ‘Required War Support Leveraging’ Nations, maybe South of the Indo Archipelago?
    C) Do you Exploit a Naive Solicited local vehicle owner, to park their preloaded manifest outside a Nightclub, ‘Explode’ it to Corral patrons to a Concentrated predetermined area, and then explode the main ‘Device’ for Maximum Multi Spectrum ‘Outcomes’ (Special Forces technique)?
    I’ll CONsult NATO’s ‘Operation Gladio’ stratagem; In short;
    “It may be necessary to Enact activities & Events AGAINST a war weary Home population, to Leverage that population to support, or fight in Unsavoury wars in/ on Foreign soils/Lands.” Circa mid 1960’s protocol – STILL ‘Operational Today’!
    THE Govt/C.O.M.I.C. Cabal ALWAYS choose B) & C)!! – WITH appropriate ‘Directed’ Emotional ‘ADVERTISING’ of course, proudly sponsored by MSM – Again!
    Wellness as always to the 25%ers

  4. There were so many subliminal references to 9/11 in the media pre-9/11 it’s incredible that we failed to connect the dots until after the event. Whether it’s a case of synchronicity or foreknowledge I can’t say definitively. But, I am of the view that it was a combination of both. One good source I found quite comprehensive and is still available online was the ebook “Imagining 9/11” (

  5. 9/11 had been planned for a long time just as was the Y2K bug. Predictive programming was then used to implant it into the mind of the current generation that had been weakened by the education system and are no longer able to exercise critical thinking. The plan for these crises, was to make sure that stringent laws were passed to stifle and destroy a piece at a time, the freedom of humanity in every way shape and form. These laws that were passed had so many vague definitions and loopholes that it created avenues for broad application, overreach, and abuse such as during the CONVID-19 pandemic.

    All had been planned for centuries and with the release of the Agenda21 document in the mid-nineties, it became obvious to the savvy eye that they were planning the enslavement of humanity and the laws needed to do it. What a better way to pass these than during engineered crises, in the name of “helping humanity”.

    As Winston Churchill first said and reprised by Hilary Clinton as well as Rahn Emmanuel during the pandemic “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Unbeknownst to many, even more stringent and extreme laws have been passed during the CONVID-19 pandemic that totally obliterates any freedom. These laws contain even more vague definitions and loopholes. Some analysis can be found here.

    But that has been the plan all along. The final plan,hidden from all the conspirators and Government of this world, is to force the whole world into the worship of the Papal System, which is none other than the worship of Satan by keeping the Sunday holy, and to obliterate those that do not worship on the Sunday using the draconian laws passed. Satan impersonation as Christ walking the earth in the near future, is not a Conspiracy theory but has already been predictively programmed by the Jesuit Theatre ( Hollywood ) and confirmed by Alice A Bailey, the Satanic prophetess, in her book, the “Externalisation of the Hierarchy” where she reveals the following plan.

    “Thus a great and new movement is proceeding and a tremendously increased interplay and interaction
    is taking place. This will go on until A.D. 2025. During the years intervening between now and then
    very great changes will be seen taking place, and at the great General Assembly of the Hierarchy—held
    as usual every century—in 2025 the date in all probability will be set for the first stage of the
    externalisation of the Hierarchy.”

    And who is the “hierarchy” you ask? The book clearly defines it ain the very first chapters as being Lucifer and his fallen angels. The world has been and still is being predictively programmed for Satan’s return impersonating Christ.

    1. ‘Jesu’IT’ Theatre’ Hollywood – Paramount Pictures (Founded 1912) – Current logo/ Mt Herron & the odd (Maybe even #) ‘Fallen Angels’ = ‘Who’,as a ‘Balanced spiritual person’, comes up with this ‘Stuff’? Rhetorical.
      Amazingly in Collaborations & deals with Certain ‘Groups’, Paramount is apparently producing ‘horror Movies’ for 2023 – Maybe CONVID & TRANS Doco- Reality Movies, WILL NOT require ‘Special Effects’, to carry Real (Reel) Time – Current ‘REALITIES’!

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