November 29, 2023

3 thoughts on “Prestigious journal agrees to new review of 9/11 paper a decade after censoring it

  1. Houdini was ALWAYS History. ‘Seeing is Believing, NOT Illusion’. ‘Directed’ Emotion replaces Fact! ‘Monday’s M.S. Programmed Population’ now Replace ‘Actual Experts!’ History/ Science are Consensus, & written by THE Winners. & Providers of Funding/ Resources, then indoctrinated into New Generations.
    Main stream Media, AS USUAL, @ the ‘Scene of the Crime.’
    Does anyone know, where I can get some of that Aircraft ‘Gouge Proof’ Pentagon Lawn? Must be GMO. &, When are those 2001 Bin Laden ‘Access all Areas’ mobile phones coming on the Market? My 4/5G phone is Crap, & that’s near a tower, NOT in an Afghan Cave!

  2. How is it that so many experts have not discussed the distribution of steel down the Twin Towers? Doesn’t every structure over 1000 ft tall have to support progressively more weight from top to bottom? But we are supposed to believe that the weaker, smaller, lighter portion destroyed more than 4 times it’s own size in less than 30 seconds.

    The Twin Towers Affair is absurd.

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