June 6, 2023

5 thoughts on “CARTOON: ‘Straight Off The Cliff..’

  1. That’s THE ‘Result’ of 200 PLUS Years worth of ‘EXPERT Govt’ Education ‘Programs’ ! The MS Media can take some of the Laurels for CorpoRAT ‘Services Rendered’, for over Half a Century!!
    ALL those Masks – The ‘Flock’, MUST BE A.M.A ‘Trained Professionals!’
    One sheep to another;
    “It’s the Shearer’s Shed, OR, the shear Drop – Which 1 are Ewe choosing?”
    “The agony of choice! Since sexuality is currently in Vogue,I don’t know Wether I’m a Male or a New-be Female. I guess CONsendSuss of the Mob is the safest & most effective way Forward, for the CONmon good! Why ISN’T the ‘Shepherd’ & his ‘DOGS’ Coming with US?? – YAY! I’m IN with the IN Crowd! BAAAAHHHH & AWAY!”
    VACseen. So very hard to observe a Cranial VOID. – Maybe this is the Result of C.E.R.N. – ConCERN or not = Operation Dark Matter!

    1. Passing out celebrations, of a New batch of pHARMa sponsored Australian Medics, Scientists & Politicians, masked as ‘Intelligent’. This ‘Passing out’ ritual is commonly referred to as;
      The CorpoRAT ‘Leap of Faith’! LOL.

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