June 6, 2023

7 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: BioNTech Downplayed Harms of Lipid Nanoparticles

  1. All vaccines are toxic and no proof that any even work. All made just to keep the the elites rich. Detox by using Anthony William the medical medium protocols. We are bombared with chemicals daily and our liver is overworked, no need to add more work for it.

  2. Welcome to the World of CABAL Strategically deployed ‘Cytokine Storms’
    A cytokine storm, also called hypercytokinemia, is a physiological reaction in humans and other animals in which the innate immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokines. Normally, cytokines are part of the body’s immune response to infection, but their sudden release in large quantities can cause multisystem organ failure and death.
    Cytokine storms can be caused by a number of infectious and non-infectious etiologies, especially viral respiratory infections such as H1N1 influenza, H5N1 influenza, SARS-CoV-1/ SARS-CoV-2, Influenza B, Parainfluenza virus. Other causative agents include the Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, group A streptococcus, and non-infectious conditions such as graft-versus-host disease. The viruses can invade lung epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages to produce viral nucleic acid, which stimulates the infected cells to release cytokines and chemokines, activating macrophages, dendritic cells, and others.
    H5N1 has ALREADY BEEN ‘FUTURE WEAPONISED =Gain of Function’ Year 2011!!- See work by Yoshihiro Kawoaka- U.S. Backed Research; Influenza virus – molecular mechanism of interspecies transmission of the virus leading to influenza pandemics in humans; molecular pathogenesis of influenza in poultry (See research using ‘Infected Migratory Birds’ as Long range ‘Viral Deployment platforms’) and mammals. Ebola virus – role of viral proteins in pathogenesis and viral replication.
    More ‘Gain of Function Research’ from 2011/12 – Chinese H5N1. Dutch Groups have expanded on H5N1 with Inclusion work on H7N7 Avian bird flu & SARS coronavirus. And German scientists experimenting with K9 Distemper virus to see what it takes to spread IT from dogs to Humans – SICK PUPPIES! = Year 2012/13 = 10 YEARS ago!
    SO, ‘IF’ it’s about ‘Public HEALth’, WHY does the U.S. Military (Dept of Defence & DARPA ‘Wet Ware’),Play such a Large part in Proceedings – Including ‘Research Directives & Deployments’ In league with Wuhan ‘Viral institutions’ – Separate to CSIRO Collaborations, OF Course!, U.S..DOD (Come on down to Chapel Hill, Nth Carolina) INSTEAD of the U.S. NIH or CDC. & WHY would the DOD refer to said ‘Vaccines’ as Deployment ‘Counter Measures’?
    And Just for Australians; Apart from being completely Illiterate, THE TGA – THE State/ Federal Health Ministers – Prime Minister/Premiers & Cabinets – CMO’s- VAXX Commanders – AMA Collaborators & of course the COMPLETE MS Media Hierarchy OBVIOUSLY, CAN NOT read a Simple Pharma Corporations Safety Data Sheet!!! Moderna Pharma per CONVI 19 Jabs in 2019/20 ‘Stated’ in Plain sight on their SDS near the beginning of Text, under the Subheading COVID-19 Vaccine;
    ‘There are NO approved COVID- 19 Vaccines that will prevent anyone acquiring, nor prevent Transmission of COVID -19 to others.’ NO ONE that I shared the actual SDS data with, including HSEQ safety personnel, wanted to ‘Know’. – Thank you THE Resource Sector of Australia! = PROFIT IS ALL – ‘The Spice MUST FLOW!’

    Back to our Pfizzer/BioNTech BNT162b2 COMIRNATY CONJAB-19.The ‘Above’ Cabal, obviously are Incapable of reading this either! I better add in the Health insurers @ this point as well – do THEY not have ANY Medics/ Co Ordinators/ Stats Collaters perusing ALL Health/ Illness ‘Outfall data’??
    Per Attachment A; – BNT162b2 COMIRNATY
    Important information for Health Providers & Consumers. – This IS Australia!!
    * This vaccine is new and experimental and has not been fully validated for safety or efficacy.
    *This vaccine has not been safety-tested for medium term and long term side-effects.
    *This vaccine has not been tested for genetic impacts.
    *If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, immune compromised, otherwise ill, frail or taking other medications, or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you should not take this vaccine.
    *This vaccine may not prevent infection or give lasting protection from infection.
    *This vaccine may not prevent viral transmission.
    *This vaccine will not reduce symptoms.
    *Before taking this vaccine, you should carefully weigh the risks and benefits against the risks associated with infection, including mortality and morbidity data.
    *You should carefully consider whether this vaccine is right for you in all circumstances.

    Other; WA.gov.au Home web page. #4; Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation- Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19) VACCINE-Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021.
    Page reviewed 10 March 2021.
    Definition of a ‘Poison’; A substance Natural or synthetic, Whether Inhaled, Ingested, absorbed or injected into the skin, that can cause Damage to Bloods, Organs, Tissues, Anatomical systems or DNA, down to the Cellular levels, resulting in harm, Illness or Death. – Safe & ‘Effective’.

    IS THIS what Folks QUACK Factor ‘Fully Informed’ them per the ‘Dangers’ involved BEFORE ‘Pricking them’??
    = I DOUBT IT! Safe & Effective – From the Manufacturers own Text!
    Good article, but MIA is the DARPA ‘Wet Ware’ – Electrically ‘Activated’ for Construction/ Destruction.
    Please check- ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD for her collaborative works on Nanotech in CONVID jabs (Don’t have link available), But this is some of the research ongoing- Images not included here. Subscribe to her Newsletter;

    Comparison Images of Live Blood Analysis and Nanotechnology Coming Out Of The Body With Anti- Nano Devices
    APR 10
    Image: Comparison of a filament exited the body via anti nano tech and live blood analysis of unvaccinated blood

    In this post, I wish to share some comparison images of nanotechnology that has exited human bodies via anti nano devices and the live blood analysis of C19 unvaccinated individuals in my office. Many doctors and scientists are denying the presence of nanotechnology that has invaded all of humanity. Since they do, no treatments for the nanotechnology removal is recommended in mainstream medicine.

    People need to make up their own mind. I cannot explain what I see in the blood by natural means, neither can I explain the accelerated aging process clearly visible in people. I can explain it in the understanding that humanity is being poisoned by artificial intelligence self assembly nanotechnology and synthetic biology. I do not subscribe to the notion that nothing can be done about this. There are solutions, and the detoxification of these structures by every means available, while supporting the body nutritionally – is important. The more of this technology is in people, the more rapid the symptom development is.

    I get feedback from doctors and scientists from all over the world, stating how limited our research is, and what I should do to convince other researchers to have more credibility. Why don’t all of those who have these recommendations for improvement do their own research? Please get a microscope and publish what you find. Why don’t more people look at meat under the microscope? Why don’t others try to find out what they can about the chemical composition of these structures? If people think the self assembly nanotubes are yeast, please do the work to prove they are. That might actually evolve the conversation for the world. We share these findings that are based on our volunteer work so it might alert others. We work to find out what is happening entirely self funded, with limited resources and very limited time. The best thing you – who may be way more qualified then us to do this work – can do for humanity is not educate us but contribute yourself. Go on your own journey of discovery. Maybe the results will shock you into action.

    In the following slides, I show images taken from the below linked video explaining what anti nano devices have removed from the body. On the right side I have posted live blood images from my office for comparison.

    Image: whitish filament extracted with anti nano device and classic Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood

    Image: Filament development and microchip connection C19 Pfizer vial Dr. David Nixon

    Image: Red and black filament extracted with anti nano device and red Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood surrounded by unknown degradation product

    Image: Bluish filament extracted with anti nano device and blue Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood

    Image: C19 Pfizer vial Dr David Nixon. Bluish optical communication between microchips

    Image: white filament extracted with anti nano device and white Hydrogel/ Graphene/ CDB structures cultured from in C19 unvaccinated blood

    The images were taken from this video below, which shows the many types of nanotechnology extracted.

    I have seen how these devices can take the nanotechnology out of the body. Ionizing footbaths work. These devices demonstrated in the video work. I have also seen culture work of what came out of C19 injected people in the water of ionizing foot baths, that are used with different salts, white vinegar, borax and other solutions. The nanotechnology continued to grow outside of the body when cultured. I recommend people use every modality possible to rid themselves of this nanotechnology and synthetic biology. God bless anyone who has a solution to this.

    I highly recommend this video. Look at what is being pulled out of people’s body. Whatever your position is, can you explain how this got there? The authors in the video call the ribbons fullerenes. Whatever the name, this looks similar to what I see.

    Here is the most recent video by the group “ La Quinta Columna” – please note they found the same filament like structures developing the C19 vials. What I call Hydrogel/ Graphene – they call Graphene Oxide. I do not care what you want to call it until it has been chemically quantified – the point is this does not belong in a vaccine, nor into the human body.

    The game is over – La Quinta Columna

    Here is the article about Graphene oxide in the Pfizer vials:

    BREAKING: Secret Documents published by order of the U.S. Federal Court prove Pfizer, the FDA & Fact Checkers lied when they said Toxic Graphene Oxide was not inside the Covid-19 Vaccines

    Here is what I have for a long time been talking about – shedding that in the medical literature has been proven via antibodies.

    Vaccine Shedding & Graphene Oxide: Secret Pfizer Documents & Studies prove Graphene is in the COVID Vaccines & Shedding is sadly occurring with Deadly Consequences

    This is what Dr. Philippe van Welbergen found in human blood – exactly the same filament structures that I have been finding too, and this structure is shedding to others.
    Here is what I have been doing with EDTA Chelation, that happens to work against Graphene, Metals and Hydrogel:

    Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
    Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation – Live Blood Documentation
    Image courtesy: Case 6. 1 week after treatment. I often am heavily criticized for advocating for EDTA Chelation as a successful modality to clear the blood from this transhumanist assault. Since not many practitioners are doing it or even using Live Blood Analysis, they cannot verify my results. In my practice, many people come from out of town, they sta…
    I encourage anyone again, to please do their own research. If you can, contribute to solutions.
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    EDTA Chelation is extremely interesting & appears advantageous for ‘Bloods’ cleansing per CONVID jabs.
    I hope Dr Ana’s info is of much benefit & interest – Wellness as always.

  3. Perhaps we should start a competition: What is the most criminal outfit in human history? Entries could include The British East India Company; the inner core/upper echelons of the Jesuits and Freemasons; the global banksters (in particular their Bank for International Settlements and Federal Reserve)…but I would put my money on “big pharmaceutical”, “Big pHARMa”, “Harma”…which of course is an appendage of several of the aforementioned. The sight of Harma CEOs like Bourla, Bancel, Soriot et al elicits a particular disgust that I usually need a punishing run up Mt Lofty to dispel. Interesting, isn’t it, that all of these evil scum are members of “the Khazarian mafia”.

    Turning to more agreeable matters, last night I spent an enjoyable evening with the ASO at the Adelaide Town Hall, which featured Berlioz’s “The Corsaire”, the world premiere of Elena Katz-Chernin’s violin concerto (a complex and satisfying work based on a 1920s German vaudeville theme, played well by Emily Sun), and Saint-Saens’ symphony #3. The last was played with such gusto that I thought the lead violin and cello would saw their valuable instruments in half. And the “great beast” of an organ was put through its paces in the final movement. The only negative was the absence of the gorgeous Sharon Grigoryan at second cello, replaced by just a young bloke. A jolly good night out, where I could briefly forget about the current clown show world run by satanists.

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