September 27, 2023

7 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: Dubious Monkey Data Led to Human Trials

  1. Covid exists only on tv. Remember ‘flu like symptoms’ when flu virtually disappeared in 2020 & excess deaths were down on other years WOW devastating plandemic. 5G at the optimum 60GHz that is 60 billion pulses per second makes the covalent bonds of oxygen spin so the haemoglobin can’t take up oxygen into the blood. Wuhan, Italy, S Korea & New York all had 5G. Remember low oxygen levels in patients, ventilators etc. Here’s an ICU lead doctor video he put out himself in 2020 in desperation saying the symptoms he is seeing is not acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) but something resembling ‘high altitude sickness ie lack of oxygen = 5G
    The jab didn’t come along for covid, covid came along for the jab. This is a depopulation/Transhuman agenda & the the biggest wealth transfer and genocide in human history

    1. Exactly SO!
      The Pfizzer Papers; ‘Dubious Human Trials Led to Monkey BUSINESS’.
      Lack of Oxygen to the Brain = They NO GO, in Short Order! Add in Poor Air/Enviro qualities & PRE ‘Health’ issues such as ‘Industrial Interactions-Chems’, Pharma Intake, Stress- Broad spectrum Political /Financial/EMFs (Large 24/7 Saturations of 3/4/5G ALL operating @ various Frequencies ‘Independently’ of each other), Tobacco Usage, Lack of Sunshine, Poor Diets, Insomnia issues Plus ‘Time’.

    2. Thanks for the link Marcus. I saw this video when it was first posted; I considered it to be a profound truth at the time, and I still do.

  2. Any comments on farm animals being routinely ‘inoculated’ with mnra to ‘combat’ diseases. What would the consequences be for consumers? ( remember Mad Cow Disease)

    1. Not sure how far along ‘Deployment’ of mRNA Jabs for Livestock in Australia. Tried enquiring at Coles, per same = Either They Do NOT know what I’m talking about, OR, They Don’t know, OR, It’s another ‘Health Issue/ Required protocol’ on DODGY Science. Alas, carrying on the same ‘Sciences’ by CONsendSUSS, Afflicting the Planet, via Human MIA ‘Hard Evidences’ and ‘FACTS’! – Without the PRE Purchased ‘Fact Checkers’. Perhaps the mRNA ‘Jabs’ for Livestock (Non Humans), is the ‘Shedding/Transferences’ of Disease, to Infect ALL Stocks – Just as they have done with UNjabbed Humans, thereby Giving ‘Excuse’ for Livestock ‘Testing’ / ‘Forced Destruction’ (For the ones Who didn’t Perish at Jab Time or shortly thereafter), & further Exacerbating Food Supplies/ Strategic Leverages, & getting Rid of Natural Bio Diversity? – Corralling Supply of ALL Species from Set ‘GMO Dealers’.
      I’m still prodding ‘Market Suppliers/ Retail chains’ on mRNA question.

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